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Today’s era of seamless economic and social engagement that ignores nationalities, political boundaries and geographical distance, MWH is truly one global community. We are a 24-hour-per-day enterprise. Distances are collapsing. Globalization is going forward. We are better, stronger and more capable because of the blending of cultures, work ethic, intellect and education – and together we accept our solemn responsibility. Our goal is to remain the gold standard of the wet infrastructure sector – where engineering and construction are only part of what we do. As a fully integrated worldwide company, our organization and our people are aligned with the critical needs of a fast-changing planet. Our global platform allows us to move the best technologies around the world to the point of need for our clients, no matter where they are. Our position and service offerings in countries around the world are broad, deep and respected by both our peers and our clients. At MWH, Building a Better World is more than a feel-good statement. It is our commitment to more sustainable and efficient use of resources in our own communities and throughout the world. It’s about doing our work better to help ensure that we keep our planet blue for future generations. A rich and diverse history, our heritage stems from three companies that joined to form MWH as it is known today: James M. Montgomery Consulting Engineers (JMM), Watson Hawksley and Harza Engineering Company. These mergers – JMM and Watson Hawksley in 1992 and Montgomery Watson and Harza in 2001 – galvanized the company’s rise to prominence on the world platform where we are now a true leader and a formidable competitor in the water infrastructure industry. JMM was founded in 1945 in southern California. In the early 1990s, JMM merged with English firm Watson Hawksley, Ltd. Of High Wycombe, England, which originated in London in the 1850s. This created a company of global scope with similar corporate cultures that honored individual expertise and encouraged teamwork, innovation and initiative; and a common view of the industry’s future. The name was eventually changed to Montgomery Watson Harza then to MWH Global in 2001. In 2010, MWH acquired United Kingdom (UK) based Biwater Services Ltd, a leading UK water construction and engineering firm. The acquisition afforded MWH a broader range of skills to address the creation, management and optimization of existing water infrastructure assets and enhanced our ability to service the full asset life cycle of our clients from feasibility through commissioning and operation. The companies have a shared heritage in the UK market that dates back to 1820. Today, MWH is comprised of more than 180 global offices in 35 countries, operating on six continents bringing highly trained engineers, managers, consultants, policy and project advocates, informational technologists, economists, statisticians, public relations professionals and financial experts together. We continue to be dedicated to innovation and committed to mastering and applying emerging technologies to create client-focused results. We have engaged in the engineering, construction, financing and management of some of the world’s largest and most technically significant water and natural resources projects in the world. We continue to build on our strong foundation and are constantly improving our services by delivering projects faster and more efficiently through our global resources, aggressively sharing knowledge at an accelerated pace and demonstrating our willingness to change and adapt. Company Heritage Timeline: 1820 – Ames Crosta Company founded and later acquired by Biwater Services, Ltd. 1844 – T. Hawksley established practice in England 1866 – T&C Hawksley International engineering partnership established 1890 – Dodd & Dodd Public health engineering firm established in the UK 1920 – Harza Engineering Energy and environmental engineering in Chicago 1934 – JD & DM Watson Partnership formed for municipal wastewater treatment 1945 - James M. Montgomery Environmental engineering firm established in California. 1978 – Watson Hawksley Formed after merger of JD & DM Watson and T&C Hawksley 1992 – Montgomery Watson Global environmental engineering company formed after merger of Watson Hawksley and JMM 2001 – Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) Established after merger with Harza Engineering Company 2010 – Biwater Services Ltd. MWH acquires UK water construction and engineering firm inShare Corporate Responsibility - Taking on Sustainable Engineering, Renewable Energy, Climate Change and More At MWH we believe in the core ethos of sustainability. Our business has a heritage founded on the principles of providing improvements to the environment and proves its dedication through sustainable environmental engineering projects, renewable energy development projects, wastewater recycling efforts, climate change planning and beyond. In addition, with corporate responsibility at the top of many of our clients’ agendas, we believe we can nurture and provide assistance to help them meet their own goals. At MWH we take corporate responsibility seriously. Our mission is to engage and advance our staff and stakeholder partners toward a sustainable future. We behave responsibly and continually improve in all our activities within the workplace, the marketplace, the environment and communities. Building a Better World is an inherent principal in the way we do business and live our lives as individuals. We aspire to leave a positive, lasting impact on people and the planet. Our organization and our people are aligned with the critical needs of our fast-changing planet and environment. Our global footprint allows us to move the best technologies around the world to meet the needs of our clients, no matter where they are. Our position and service offerings in countries around the world are broad, deep and respected by both our peers and clients. As the global leaders of the wet infrastructure sector, we see firsthand how critical water is for life on Earth. We continue to partner with organizations who strive to ensure every single community—and every human being—has access to clean water. That’s why responsible wastewater recycling and effective environmental water treatment are so important to us. A sustainable future for our planet and its people remain a top priority. To that end, we conduct and support educational outreach programs designed to address climate change and encourage sustainable practices. We also recognize that the health of our planet is deeply rooted in the health and well-being of its people. We support global humanity by spearheading efforts to cure disease, fight poverty and lend a hand to the many charitable organizations dedicated to causes that fuel our passion. We pride ourselves on being stewards of the planet and look forward to you supporting our efforts. We strive to provide a company that people are proud to work for, recognizing the importance of sustainability and showing respect for the communities in which we work. InShare

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Engineering & Design
Environmental, Health & Safety Management
Sustainability & Climate Change
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Applying Global Consulting, Engineering and Construction Expertise to Every Project.

Program Management

Global Program Management Skyline
Bringing Global Best Practice Solutions and Local Integrated Teams to Clients Worldwide

In recent years, utilities and organizations are facing a large increase in workload as a result of regulatory, aging infrastructure, natural disaster recovery and customer-focused capital and operational improvement plans. As a result of the large influx, many organizations are turning to program management experts to help deliver these new plans. Our proven services and experienced staff provide expertise in the three major aspects of program management:

Supplementing and transferring project delivery knowledge to your existing staff
Developing and embedding a program delivery process based on your in-house requirements and global best practices
Developing program systems and tools to enable you to have any desired level of control, visibility and participation in program delivery

The MWH approach to program management provides governance that results in consistency and efficiency while also allowing innovative ideas to be tested and incorporated into the overall delivery process. Our experience has been gathered on over 60 global capital programs totaling approximately $80 billion (USD) in value, producing cost savings in the excess of $10 billion (USD) and reducing combined program schedules by more than 10 years through innovative solutions that address the multi-disciplinary nature of our clients’ challenges.

From upgrading and expanding aging water and wastewater infrastructure to revitalizing a city’s urban areas to rebuilding after a natural disaster, our program management approach helps clients:

Develop and implement strategies that align to organizational goals and desired outcomes
Create, shape and prioritize the program to meet business needs
Exploit innovation to deliver best value
Establish program management processes, tools and expertise during start-up activities
Engage with the local community and key stakeholders
Identify and mitigate program risks
Optimize procurement and delivery mechanisms across a portfolio of projects
Perform design and construction management oversight
Implement project controls systems for managing schedule and budget

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Management Consulting

Management Consulting Night Skyline
Implementing Global Best Practices in Local Businesses

Increasingly, the challenges faced by governments, utilities and businesses are not just technical. Rather they involve redesigning organizations, optimizing processes and procedures, harnessing technology and “big data, � addressing financial and risk constraints, and making decisions under uncertainty and increasing scrutiny – all with the goal of creating a sustainable business.

At MWH, our group of more than 200 global management consultants partner with clients on their toughest challenges – offering a holistic approach to tackling business challenges. Coming from a diverse professional and educational background, our consultants bring perspectives as scientists, economists, organizational experts, technologists, former chief financial officers, former chief risk officers and former military officers. This diversity of thinking enables our teams to develop innovative solutions in collaboration with our clients.

We build on nearly 200 years of experience in the wet infrastructure and energy businesses to deliver global solutions at a local level. Our clients include water and wastewater utilities; federal, state and local governments; energy utilities; transportation authorities; private industry; and insurers and reinsurers.

Analytics & Research
Analytics & ResearchProviding Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges Through Research

MWH provides innovative and sustainable solutions to global environmental issues and natural resource limitations through specialized analytics and research. Our multi-disciplinary staff offers state-of-the-art capabilities including pilot equipment fabrication and pilot testing. Areas include water-energy nexus and sustainability, treatment facility optimization, development of best management practices for emerging contaminants, treatment of industrial wastewater and produced water, and emerging technology development and evaluation.

Engineering & Design
Innovative Water & Storage TreatmentEngineering the World’s Most Technically Innovative Projects

Consistently ranked at the top by industry publications, MWH experts in water and natural resources are skilled at leading and executing highly successful, multidisciplinary projects. We use proven methods of coordination and collaboration with strict management of quality, value, schedule and cost. Our engineering and design services range from planning and permitting through preliminary and detailed design to start-up and commissioning for all types of projects.

Our worldwide engineering and design expertise is unparalleled:

We have provided innovative engineering and design solutions to our water and wastewater clients for more than 150 years, helping them with their water treatment, wastewater treatment, water distribution, water resources and wet weather/stormwater needs.
Our reputation for innovative, quality, sustainable engineering for all types of dam design, construction and rehabilitation is unmatched.
We provide world-class solutions for our clients energy needs, including hydropower engineering and other renewable energy projects, as well as power delivery.
We are at the forefront of planning, designing and constructing sustainable coastal, port, and waterway projects to support safe and efficient waterborne transportation.
Our sustainability and environmental services expertise helps clients assess their operations, providing the tools necessary to solve environmental challenges and improve our clients’ efficiency and business performance.
We provide practical and reliable solutions to help mining and oil and gas companies meet difficult technical challenges unique to their industry.
Our transportation expertise includes the planning, design, management and delivery of transportation networks and infrastructure.

Clean Energy & Sustainability
Coastal, Ports & Waterways
Oil & Gas
Pipelines & Tunnels
Power Delivery
Remediation & Closure
Water Resources
Water Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Wet Weather/Stormwater

Environmental, Health & Safety Management
Environmental Planning Ducks SwimmingEnvironmental Planning and Assessment

MWH helps clients navigate through the maze of complex regulatory challenges by providing detailed environmental impact assessments that quickly identify and refine alternative solutions. We provide rigorous environmental risk assessments, environmental monitoring, ecological assessments, remedial investigations and feasibility studies to identify and evaluate options and validate mitigation strategies.

We have a proven track record in partnering with our clients to create and maintain a cooperative working environment with regulators to ensure ongoing compliance and facilitate waste management, pollution control and cost-effective closures.

MWH helps create and shape sustainable communities through urban design assessments and research, stakeholder engagement plans, growth management strategies, plan reviews, policy development, identification of infrastructural needs investments and land use responses.
Environmental, Healthy and Safety Services

MWH provides environmental, health and safety (EHS) management services to assist clients through each stage of their business lifecycle. We routinely support our clients in issues related to EHS due diligence, compliance assurance, contaminated land, water conservation, climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Sustainable Engineering and Construction – Right for the Planet, Right for the Bottom Line

MWH provides innovative, affordable and sustainable solutions that reduce costs through more efficient use of resources and pave the way for future generations to meet their own needs.

Our water, clean energy and sustainable solutions experts turn conventional infrastructure into efficient infrastructure.

We are at the forefront of environmental best practice with decades of experience on some of the world’s most complex and technologically advanced environmental projects that address the environmental pressures of resource scarcity, population growth and climate change. We offer a strategic approach and a wide range of innovative solutions to help our clients:

Comply with stringent and demanding regulations while maintaining profitability, reputation and brand.
Employ the latest industry research and technological advances.
Set overall strategic direction and align supporting sustainable initiatives.
Measure and reduce carbon and water footprints, improve efficiency, and reduce cost and risk.
Optimize the use of energy, water and other valuable resources while minimizing waste.
Increase competitive advantage through tactical development of environmentally, socially and economically sound processes supported by innovative resource management.

Our services range from strategy and policy development to tailored solutions for corporate social responsibility, water resource management, renewable energy, sustainable power generation, energy efficiency and energy management, environmental management, greenhouse gas reporting and management, green design and sustainable construction, climate change mitigation and adaptation and more.

Following are some recent examples of our environment, sustainability and climate change successes:

We partnered with a regional centre in Australia which relies heavily on the coal industry as a source of employment to develop a comprehensive policy and action plan which prepares the region for a low-carbon future and carbon tax.
We support the European Commission’s Global Climate Change Alliance, which helps developing countries that are vulnerable to climate change to increase their mitigation and adaptation capabilities, in alignment with the Millennium Development Goals.
We researched and analyzed carbon markets for one of the largest cities in the United States in order to help the city determine how to best optimize carbon planning and meet emission reduction targets.
We have assisted government and private clients with numerous ecological and environmental assessments to obtain regulatory approvals.
Our work in analyzing extreme weather events, such as bushfires and flooding, has allowed authorities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to prepare for such events with a list of prioritized actions and early warning mechanisms.
For several years, we have been assisting the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in identifying and developing energy efficiency and sustainable technology investments, mainly in Eastern European countries.
Through our feasibility studies, technical and financial assessments and design, we have provided more sustainable solutions for the modernization and rehabilitation of several power plants in Asian countries.
We have partnered with a client operating in the energy industry in China which aimed to assess implications of the registration of its coal-related emissions as Clean Development Mechanisms and/or Joint Implementation projects under the Kyoto Protocol.

Construction & Construction Management
MWH Global Sustainable ConstructionSustainable Construction – Building Confidence Based on a Foundation of Trust

MWH offers a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish� preconstruction, construction and construction management services. We provide engineering, design, construction, commissioning, and start up for projects ranging from water treatment and conveyance to environmental remediation and renewable energy. We have the necessary capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital to offer our clients fully-integrated project delivery services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency.

We consistently rank among the top contractors and construction management service providers in project excellence and construction safety, as demonstrated by the numerous awards we win every year from the most prestigious organizations in the world. On every project, we use cost-effective, sustainable construction methods and innovative thinking to meet our clients’ needs while preserving and protecting resources and causing less pollution and waste for future generations.

On the Austin WTP4 Project, for example, we are grinding the cleared trees into mulch we can use for dust control on the 92-acre site. And, prior to clearing the trees, we had two native plant relocation days where the public was invited to the site to remove and transplant as many plants and trees as they wished. This process saved money, eliminated waste and reused materials already on the site.

MWH is a proven leader in developing comprehensive, cost-effective and adaptive solutions for projects and programs ranging in size from $500, 000 to more than $3.3 billion. Examples include:

An $873 million utility and facility expansion project in Florida.
$11 billion of environmental restoration and construction for the United States Air Force around the world.
A $3.3 billion water and wastewater capital asset improvement program serving 20 percent of England’s population.

Drawing from our global presence, our construction management experts share the best of our international experience, innovative technology and repeatable solutions. For our clients, this means:

A single point of responsibility to consolidate liability and avoid engineering/contractor conflicts.
Proven budgeting, scheduling and cost-control systems to effectively manage complex design and construction programs or large construction management-at-risk programs
Integrated project management control systems to help our clients consistently meet regulatory deadlines and strict budgetary requirements on PM/CM programs.
Cost savings through streamlined procurement processes and national or global purchasing agreements.
Local and regional expertise to tackle permitting requirements, regulatory concerns and challenging local political and economic issues.
Proactive community outreach measures to build trust and provide jobs to local firms, leaving a lasting, positive legacy long after the project is complete.

We offer a full range of alternative delivery methods and pricing options tailored to fit client and project needs, including construction management-at-risk, design-build, design/construction management-at-risk, construction management-as-agent and flexible pricing approaches. We tailor the specific delivery system, project approach and pricing structure to fit client and project needs, for successful project solutions and outcomes.
Construction Services Preconstruction Services Products & Spares

MWH Construction Management Services Build it Right

That’s why our clients around the world come back to us year after year. They know we are a licensed, bonded contractor that can get the job done. Specializing in wet infrastructure projects using alternative delivery methods, MWH is the construction leader in the water industry. Our clients know that we have their best interests in mind. At the end of the day, it’s all about confidence and trust, listening more and talking less – and delivering successful, high-quality, on-time, on-schedule, safe projects that will pay dividends far into the future.

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