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Ningbo Donghai Plastics Co., Ltd., established in 1958, is a member of Plastic Injection Molding Association of China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA), and is an enterprise that specializes in producing electric trolling motor and engineering plastic products. It mainly produces: Electric trolling motor , plastic fuel tank for hydraulic power units, plastic turnover box, engineering plastic parts, home appliance plastic parts and industrial plastic parts etc. We started to study, develop and manufacture electric trolling motor from 2006 . According to Chinese domestic market and global business development in this line, we mainly focus on: Transom mount electric trolling motor with telescoping handle and variable fixed speed. This kind of electric trolling motor is the best choice for small & medium-sized boat: Small Fishing Boat, Inflatable Boat, Canoe, Kayak, Fiberglass Boat etc.; RIB Boat, Rubber Boat, Bass Boat, Jon Boat, Small V Hull Boat, Yacht Tenders, Dinghy etc.. The electric trolling motor is suitable for fishing & leisure sports. We have 4 styles, and each style includes 6 models. You'll have more choices from the various thrusts, basic and advanced features and multiple functions. The brand "POER" means "Power" which is for our motor industry. About our domestic market in china, more than 10 regional agents distribute "POER" in nationwide, and get great public praise of quality ; Meanwhile we cooperate with our clients which from Taiwan, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Japan, Thailand etc. Not only we sales in china and abroad, but also invest in industrial project and eco-friendly products. Our hydraulic power unit and quality plastic oil tank will help your hydraulic machinery more perfect. Our company is the only first to manufacture plastic oil tank for hydraulic power units in China. By advanced injection molding technology and welding technology elaboration, the plastic oil tank for hydraulic power units has advantages of reasonable structure, nice appearance, clear oil sight, high intensity and impact resistance, and has good appraise from hydraulic machinery professional companies and factories in European and American countries and at home. The plastic oil tank for hydraulic power units has completely eliminated kind of defects of affecting the service of hydraulic equipment, such as metal oil tank corrode easily and uneven inner wall of blow molding oil tank, etc.; so the product is popularized throughout the world and at home constantly. The company owns large, middle and small injection machines, plastic moulds, is equipped with special facilities such as plastic heat transfer printing, silkscreen printing, and hot fusion welding etc., which can meet all kinds of special requirements to process plastic extensively. The company customizes products according to specific requirements from customers on raw materials, color, logo and etc. The website does not include all products so please contact us when needed. The company also welcomes orders like plastics processing. Please send us your engineering drawings, samples or molds for processing.

Industry Plastics and Rubber
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1950
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Ningbo Donghai Plastics Co., Ltd., is a member of Plastic Injection Molding Association of China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA), and is an enterprise that specializes in producing electric trolling motor and engineering plastic products.

Our Product List :
Hydraulic Power Unit for Plastic Oil Tanks :
- Plastic Tank
- Tank Accessories

Trolling Motor :
- VPM Series Large Power Electric Trolling Motor
- EM Series Electric Trolling Motor
- TM Series Electric Trolling Motor

Trolling Motor Accessories :
- 0 Type Ring
- Snap Spring
- 28 Carbon Brush
- Plastic Base
- Stainless Steel Screw
- Power Parallel Lines
- 54 Speed Regulating Coil
- 12V Display Device
- Plastic Adjuster Ring
- Plastic Cover
- Handle Set
- Carbon Brush set

Plastic Turnover Box :
- 54 Carbon Brush Set
- Electronic Product Containers
- Plastic Tool Box
- Plastic Basin For Meat Stockpile And Transportation
- Plastic Crates Stackable Turnover Box
- High Duty Open Weave Stackable Plastic Basket For Fruit
- Plastic Box
- Plastic Storage Box
- Best Selling PP Plastic Circulation Box
- Industry Plastic Turnover Box
- Batter Plastic Crates
- Hardware Plastic Containers

Plastic Pallet :
- Double Side Pallet
- Plastic Goods Pallet
- Warehouse Use Plastic Pallet
- DH-1250 Standard Pallet
- Plastic Standard Pallet
- Plastic Single Side Pallet

Plastic Dustbin :
- 60L Plastic Waste Container
- Plastic Medical Dustbin For Hospital
- Plastic Outdoor Dustbin With Thickening Rubber Wheels
- Classic Euro Type Plastic 2 Wheeled Bin (240L, 120L, 100L, 80L Wheelie Bin)
- Plastic Dustbin 240L
- Out Door Waste Bin 240l

Plastic Processing Products :
- Plastic Square Plate
- Outdoor Plastic Dustbin
- Nylon Gear Sleeve
- Plastic Cushion Plate
- Industry Plastic Pallet
- Medical Trash Can
- Plastic Wire Spools
- Plastic Buckets with Lid
- Plastic Universal Wheel
- Plastic Fence Panels
- Plastic Assemble Grill
- Plastic Cover Shell.

Contact Details

Ningbo Donghai Plastic Co, Ltd

NO. 399 South Cihai Road, Tuanqiao Luotuo, Zhenhai, Zhejiang,
Ningbo, 315202 (Other) - (China)


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