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Business overview

Ninabo Yinzhou Yongdun Pneumatic Tool Manufactu ring Co.,Ltd is one of the National TechnicaI Committee for Standardization of Rock Drillinq Machinery and Pneumatic Tools?It is Iocated in Ninqbo,a national historical city beinq rich in culture and an imPortant tradinq Port on the beautiful coast of East China Sea and the Company was founded in 1985 with the oriqinal name of Wuxianq Machinery Accessories Factory in Yin County?In 1998?it converted into Ningbo Yinzhou Yongdun Pneumatic Tool Factory and registered the trademark?“Yongdun”. In 2005?it formed Ninqbo Yinzhou Yongdun Pneumatic Tool Manufacturinq Co.,Ltd. The Production base is Iocated in Wuxianq IndustriaI Park in Yinzhou?Ningbo?China?with modern standard workshop?strong technical force?perfect management system and Professional machinery to develop and manufacture the Pneumatic tools.It has facilities and complete detection methods as well as metaI forming machine?CNC machine?professional processing center?special CNC grinder?automatic heat treatment production line and domestic leading pneumatic test equipment? As to quality?Professional technicians strictly check is applied to make sure that the first-class quality from the process of testing raw materiaIs and components to testing safety of the products?Our company mainly has 5 series of 21 varieties Of impact types pneumatic tools such as pneumatic pick hammer,air shovel,air tamper?air riveters and air breaker?and 7series of 28 varieties of rotary types tooIs such as pneumatic coal borer?straiqht stalk air grinder?transverse air grinder?industrial air grinder?air angle grinder,water-cooled air polisher and air agitator and varieties of matched picks and borers?which are widely used in such industries as quarry?mine-opening?water conservancy?transportation?building?miIitary industry?geological exploration and municipal engineerinq?especially suitable for explosion-p roof requirements of field operation of the coal?mining and chemical and etc?Since entering into the market?Yongdun products have been popuIar at home and abroad and enjoy a high reputation in the industry and earn praise from each enterprise and the dealers? Our company has completely attained IS09001:2008 Quality Management System certification?CE Quality Management System certification of the EU?National CoaI ExpIosion-proof lnspection certification and National Coal Safety Mark Quasi-application certification?Among these?G20B-type pneumatic pick hammer gained the National Patent of “tility Model of Proprietary intellectual property”Our company was rated as a reliabIe and credibIe enterprise in 2011?Nowadays?with rapid development of industry and unceasing improvement of mechanization and automation?the demands of pneumatic tools are increasing. With serialization?diversity and features as the development idea?our company absorbs new technoIogy?new process and new design to bring out new products to cater to the new trends at home and abroad to ensure the Ieading position in the fieId of manufacturing the pneumatic tooIs?We make up our mind to build the brand of Yongdun as an up—rising star in the industry of pneumatic tooIs. Our company is willing to deveIop and advance with our domestic and foreign counterparts under the premise of reciprocity and mutual benefit. Welcome warmly the customers and manufacturers at home and abroad to visit and guide?and to create a brilliant future?Yongdun is the best choice for you and is your most reliable partner.

Industry Construction and Real Estate
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1985
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturers of the National TechnicaI Committee for Standardization of Rock Drillinq Machinery and Pneumatic Tools.

Our Product Range :-
Pneumatic Hammer :
Used In Coal Mine Pit Coal Planer Column Foot Open Ditch Pneumatic Hammer
Used In The Machinery Industry The Impact Of Sports Occasion Pneumatic Hammer
Municipal Construction In Industrial And Mining Enterprises Equipment Installation Damage The Concrete Pneumatic Hammer

Paving Breaker :-
Used For Road Construction And Broken Concrete Paving Breaker
For Other Hard Objects Paving Breaker
Used For Installation And Broken Concrete Paving Breaker

Chipping Hammer :-
Used For Welding To Welding Slag Formation Welding Scar Air Nailer Chipping Hammer
Used For Steel Castings Chipping Hammer
For Large Open Split, Broken Stone, Fix The Chisel Chipping Hammer
Used For Infrastructure Construction Of Transportation Engineering Bridges Shovel Cutting Seam Chipping Hammer

Rivet Buster :-
Used For Metal Hot Riveting Steel Structure Rivet Buster
Used For Boiler Vessel, Bridge And Truss Rivet Buster

Sand Rammer :-
Used For Tamping Core Sand Rammer
Used For Concrete Brick Sand Rammer

Pneumatic Coal Borer :-
Used For Drilling In Coal Mine Construction Engineering Pneumatic Coal Borer
Wet And Dry Drilling Borehole Can Use Pneumatic Coal Borer

Pneumatic Grinder :-
Instead Of Filing Pneumatic Grinder

Air Angle Grinder :-
Used To Shovel Before Welding Groove Seam Welding Surface Grinding Of Air Angle Grinder
Used In Metal Products, Sheet Metal Cutting Cut Air Angle Grinder
Used For Metal Surface Polishing Of Air Angle Grinder

Air Face Grinder :-
Air Face Grinder For Cleaning
This Machine Is Portable Face Grinding Air Face Grinder
Air Face Grinder For Polishing

Air Water-cooling Polisher :-
Used In Grinding Marble And Other Stone Material And Surface Polishing Paint Furniture, Machine Tools, Etc Air Water-cooling Polisher
Shovel Pick Brazing
Crusher Hex Drill Rod
Hexagon Steel Bars And Other Types Of Steel, Can Be Customized To Map

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Ningbo Yinzhou Yongdun Pneumatic Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Wuxiang Industrial Park Road No. 320, Wu Xiang bei Yong dong pneumatic hammer
Ningbo () - (China)


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