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Business overview

Ocean International the industry leading Manufacturer and Supplier was founded in 2003. Being an ISO 9001:2001 certified company; we are catering a quality approved product portfolio of highly demanded products, including Rivet Nut, Blind Rivet, and Multi Grip Rivets. Our products are highly customer-oriented and widely applauded for its robust design, sturdy construction, rust resistant benefits and longer serviceability. Moreover, owing to our concern for equitable price range, we are actively garnering the needs of a wide range of sectors including automobile, textile, marine and heavy engineering industries. Our proactive business strategies and quest for excellence earned us the trust of distinguished clientele. To enhance our brand equity, we leverage prevailing technology and most advanced manufacturing practices. Our commitment to deliver unrivalled quality plays a pivotal role in our day to day operations. Moreover, we are committed to adopt best business practices that not only empower our people, but also earn us strong trust from our valued patrons nationwide. Owing to our decade long leading success and client centric approach, we have achieved a milestone of being a dominant player in the industry. The inspiration and vision of our leader Mr. R.C. Jindal spearheaded growth and reputation to the company. He is backed with a wealth of entrepreneurial spirit which motivates our team members to set a level for quality and create a hallmark in the competitive industry.

Industry Engineering
Business Type Manufacturers & Trader
Establishment Year 2003
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level National

Products & Services

Manufacturers and traders of rivets and fasteners. We are manufacturer of multi grip alloy rivets & exclusive of riveting solution & one of the largest stockist of north india as per application.

Our Products:-

Rivet Nut
-Plate Rivet Nuts
-Blind Rivet Nut Hand Tool
-Rivet Nut Power Tools
-Nut Inserts
-Blind Rivet Nuts (Inserts) Flat Head-Round Aluminium
-Blind Rivet Nuts (Inserts) Countersunk Head-Round Aluminium
-Blind Rivet Nuts (Inserts) Reduced Head-Round Stainless stee
-Blind Rivet Nuts (Inserts) Flat Head-Closed Steel zinc plate
-Blind Rivet Nuts (Inserts) Flat Head- Semi-hexagonal Steel
-Pop Nuts
-Rivet Nut
-Ss Nut Inserts
-Brass Inserts
-Steel Nut Inserts
-POP Nut
-Blind Rivet Nuts (Inserts) Reduced Head-Hexagonal Steel zinc
-Blind Rivet Nuts (Inserts) Flat Head-Hexagonal Steel zinc

Blind Rivet
-Blind Rivet Nuts & Nut Inserts
-Aluminum Steel & Stainless Steel Blind Rivets
-Blind Rivet Inserts
-Blind POP Rivets
-Blind Rivet Nuts
-Blind Rivet
-C.S.K Blind Rivets
-CSK Head Blind Rivets
-Aluminium Blind Rivets
-Standard Blind Rivets
-Steel Blind Rivet

Multi Grip Rivets
-Alloy Multi Grip Rivets
-Multi Grip Rivet

Colored Rivets
-Industrial Colored Rivets

Insert Tools
-Blind Rivet Nut & Insert Tools
-Heavy Duty Rivet Nut Tools

Riveting Tools
-Hydro-Pneumatic Pop Riveting Tools
-Heavy Duty Riveting Tools
-Pop Riveting Tools
-Riveting Tools

Lock Bolt
-Mono Bolts

Industrial Rivets
-Rivet D602
-Rivet D603
-Automotive Rivets
-CSK POP Rivets
-CSK Rivets
-Dome Rivet
-G.I. Rivets
-Industrial Rivets
-Joint Rivets
-M.S Rivets
-M.S. Inserts
-Steel Rivets
-Steel POP Rivets

Aluminium Rivets
-Aluminium Round Head Rivets
-Aluminium POP Rivets

Standard Blind Rivet
-Coloured Blind Rivets
-Blind Rivets Countersunk Head
-Blind Rivets Domed Head
-Blind Rivets Large Head
-Blind Rivets Dome Head
-Blind Rivets Dome Head Copper

Grooved Blind Rivets
-Grooved Blind Rivets Domed Head Stainless Steel
-Grooved Blind Rivets Domed Head Steel zinc plated Steel zinc
-Grooved Blind Rivets Domed Head Aluminium

Go Inox Go Bulb
-A-inox Domed Head With Grooved Mandrel
-A-BULB Domed Head with grooved mandrel

Sealed Blind Rivets
-Sealed Blind Rivets Large Head Stainless Steel
-Sealed Blind Rivets Domed Head Copper alloy Stainless steel
-Sealed Blind Rivets Domed Head Steel zinc plated
-Sealed Blind Rivets Countersunk Head Aluminium
-Sealed Blind Rivets Domed Head Aluminium
-Sealed Blind Rivets Domed Head Stainless Steel
-Sealed Blind Rivets Domed Head Copper Alloy Steel
-Sealed Blind Rivets Domed Head Aluminium Alloy
-Sealed Blind Rivets Large Head Aluminium Steel
-Sealed Blind Rivets Large Head Steel Zinc Plated

Triple Claw Blind Rivets
-Colored Triple Claw Blind Rivets
-Triple Claw Blind Rivets Domed Head

High-Strength Blind rivets Domed Head
-High-Strength Blind rivets Domed Head Aluminium
-High-Strength Blind rivets Countersunk Head Aluminium
-High-Strength Blind rivets Domed Head Steel zinc plated

Premium Lock Domed Head
-Premium Lock Domed Head Steel zinc plated

Blind Copper Rivets
Anodized Metal Rivets
Large Flange Metal Rivets
FRP Tri Fold Rivets
Aluminum Sealed Rivets
Stainless Steel Speed Rivets
Manual Nutsert Tool
Spin Pull Tool
Peel Blind Rivets Dome Head Aluminium
Solid Rivet Aluminium Aluminium
Tubular Rivet
Rivet Nut Inserts.

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Contact Details

Ocean International

D - 8, Sector 23 - 24, Dividing Main Road, Near Payal Cinema,
Faridabad, 121005 (Haryana) - (India)


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