P. K. Chemicals & Scientific Co. Karnal (India)

Business overview

Established in 1977, P.K. Chemicals & Scientific Co is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of Diagnostics, Chemical, Instruments and Glassware. Our comprehensive product range covers the entire spectrum of equipment Thanks to the quality of our products, we have made a mark both in the domestic as well as international arena. Quality Quality is controlled by our experts at every step of manufacturing to maintain accuracy and perfection. So we can offer you high quality products equivalent to that manufactured anywhere in developed countries. Our products are being used in Universities, R & D establishments, Quality assurance labs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, clinical labs, colleges and schools etc. in India and abroad. Infrastructure With a separate team for quality check we believe we can claim to have one of the best infrastructure in the industry. What reinforce our infrastructure are the latest machines and dedicated work force we have. Clientele We have a world wide client base. Our clients have been highly appreciative of our products. Our customers are spread in USA, UK, Italy, France, Canada and China. Other Divisions We also have many other divisions like Chemical Division in which we have vast variety of chemicals for industrial, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and general school / college use. Then we also have a long range of products in our Glassware division in which all items made from borosilicate glass is available for any kind of laboratory use.

Industry Engineering
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1977
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

P.K. Chemicals and Scientific Co is a Prominent Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of Diagnostics, Chemical, Instruments and Glassware.

Instrument Division :-
Diagnostic equipment-
BioChemistry Analyser
Cardiac Reader
Urinalysis(Urine Analysis)
Pulse Oximeters
Oxygen Concentrators
Multiparameter monitor
Digital Thermometers
Probes / Sensors
Disposable Sensors
Y Sensors
Finger Sensor
Neonatal Sensor
YSI Temperature Sensor
Ear Sensor
ECG Electrode
ECG Cables
Repair Kits
Medical Chart Paper
Prortable Oxygen Cylinder
Electronic BP Instruments
Blood Sugar Meter
Digital Colorimeter
Slide Projector with Audio Kit
Slide Projector
Over Head Projector
Transcope Compact
Blood Cell Counter
Colony Counter
Micro Pipettes
MultiChannel Pipette
Electronic Pipette
Glass Pipette Filler (Electronic)

Centrifuges Machines :-
Medico Centrifuge
Clinical Centrifuge
Doctor Centrifuge
Compact Lab Centrifuge
General Purpose Centrifuge
Micro Centrifuge
Refrigerated Centrifuge

Laboratory equipment :-
Abbe Refractometer
Air Cutain
BOD Incubators
Ball Mills
Blood Cell Counter
Bomb Colorimeter
Bottle Washing Machine
COD Digestion App
Centrifuge machines
Conductivity Meter
DT machine
Deep Freezers
Egg Incubator
Hot Plate Round
Hot Plate Rectangular
Hot Air Sterilizer
Hybridization incubator
Ice Flaking Machine
Infra Red Moisture Balance
Inoculation Chamber
Kjeldahl Digestion
Kjeldhal Distillation
Lab Willy Mill
Laminar Air Flow
Liquid Filling Machine
Medical Waste Sterilizer
Melting Point App
Moisture Meter
Mortuary Freezer / Chamber
Orbital Shaking Incubator
PH Meters
Film Applicator
Flame Photometer
Formaline Chamber
Friability Test App
Furnance High Temp
Glass Ware Drier
Grinding Mill Hand Operated
Heating Mantles
Roller Pot Mill
Seed Blower / Germinator
Semen Storage Cabinate
Stop Watch
TDS Meters
Temperature Indicator
Test Seives
Timber Moisture Meter
Turbidity Meter
Ultra Voilet Lamp
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Rotary Evaporator
Water Baths
Water Stills
Willy Mill
Chromatograph App
Vortex Shaker
VDRL Shaker
Micro Pipettes
MultiChannel Pipette
Electronic Pipette
Glass Pipette Filler (Electronic)

Pharmaceutical Machine :-
Capsule Counter
Capsule Filling Machine
Ampoule Washing Machine
Clarity Test App
Colony Counter
Tablet Counter
Tablet Hardness Tester
Tablet Making
Tube Filling Machine
Micro Pipettes
MultiChannel Pipette
Electronic Pipette
Glass Pipette Filler (Electronic)

General Surgery Instrument-
Artery Forceps ? Dressing Forceps
Needle Holders
Student's Dissecting Sets & Spare Instruments
Tweezers & Forceps
Surgical Instruments
Dental Equipment
Blades - Surgical, Scalpel, Bistouris Handles
Gynaecological Forceps
Scalpel Handles
Sterilizing Forceps
Suture Needles

Chemical Division
Bio Chemicals
Laboratory / Analytical Reagents
Animal Tissue Culture Media
Plant Tissue Culture Media
Molecular Biology
Dodecadiscs (Antibiotic Discs)
Media Supplements
Buffer Powders
Stains (Microscopical)
Indicator Papers / Solutions
Clinical Reagents
Research Chemicals
HPLC Chemicals

Diagnostic Division::-
Blood Banking Range-
PH& Protein& Glucose
Strip Glutaraldehyde 2%
Hand Disinfectant
Surface Disinfectant
Pregnancy Test Strip
Pregnancy Test Card
Blood Grouping Sera
HIV Test Rapid
HCV Test Rapid
HBsAG Test Rapid
HIV Test Elisa
HCV Test Elisa
HBsAG Test Elisa
Thyroid Kits
Torch Kits
CAPD (Blood Bags) Single
CAPD (Blood Bags) Double
CAPD (Blood Bags) Paediatric
HIV (Rapid / Elisa)
HBsAg (Rapid / Elisa)
HCV (Rapid / Elisa)
Grouping Sera (A B D)
Antisera AB
Antisera Human Comb
Anti A1 Lectin

Syphillis Test -
RPR Test
Trust Antigen
Rapid Test in Strip Form

Typhoid and Tuberculosis and Malaria -
Widal Tube Test
Tuberculin PPD 5 TU
Tuberculin PPD 10 TU
Rapid Test for TB
Rapid Malaria Card Test
Rapid Malaria Strip Test

Rheumatology and Pregnancy :-
RA Kit
Pregnancy Card
Pregnancy Strip

Lipid Profile and Lever Profile
Chloestrol Kit
HDL Cholestrol
Alkaline Phosphatase
Acid Phosphatase

Metabolic and Renal Profile :-
Total Proteins
Total Proteins and Albumin

Electrolyte and Cardiac Profile :-
Sodium & Potassium
Inorganic Phosphorus

Stains and Indicators / Reagents :-
Albert's Stain-A / B
Carbol Fuchsin
Gram's Iodine
Field's Stain A / B
Leishman's Stain
Lugol's Iodine
Methylene Blue
Eosin 2%
Crystal Violet
Acetone Detection Reagent
Alkaline Copper
Barium Chloride 10%
Benedicts's Reagents
Cedar Wood Oil
Drabkin's Solution
Ehrlich's Aldehyde Reagent
Fouchet's Reagents
Hydrochloric Acid N/10
RBC Diluting Fluid
Semen Diluting Fluid
Sodium Citrate 3.8%
Tri ChloroAcetic Acid 10%
Water Deionized
WBC Diluting Fluid
CSF Diluting Fluid
Sulphuric Acid 20%
Sulphosalicylic Acid 3%

Glassware Division :-
Volumetric Glassware
Pipettes (Colour coded according to ISO Standard )
Volumetric Flasks
Measuring Cylinders
Graduated Test Tubes, Centrifuge Tubes, Blood Sugar Tubes, Butyrometers etc.

Tubes :-
Aeration Tube
Aniline Point App U Tube
Blood Sugar Tube
Boiling Tube
Calcium Chloride Tube
Centrifuge Tube
Co-agulation Tube
Colorimeter Tube Connection Tube
Culture Tube
Digestion Tube
Dreyer's Agg Tube
Drying Tube
Durham's Tube
ESR Tube
Filter Tube
Graduated Test Tube
Hydrogen Purity T Tube
Kahn's Antigen Dilution Tube
Kjeldahl Digestion Tube
Kundt's Tube
Leighton Tube
Needle Holder Tube
Organ Tube
Oxygen Tube
Polarimeter Tube
Standard Weston Cell Tube
Stokes Tube
Test Tube Stoppered
Test Tubes
Thistle melting Point Tube
Thumberg Tube
U Tubes
Wasserman Tube
Widal Tube
Wintrobe Tube

Thermometers :-
Alcohol Thermometer
Bi-Metal Dial Thermometer
Brewer's Thermometer
Constant Pressure Air Thermometer
Constant Volume Air Thermometer
Dairy Thermometer
Hydrometers Various
Immersion Thermometer
Industrial Thermometer
Low Temperature Thermometer
Maximum Minimum Thermometer
Mercury Thermometer
Oven / Incubator Thermometer
Precision Thermometer
Soil Thermometer
Thermometer Enclosure Type
Thermometer Stem Type
Thermometer with Cone
Wall Thermeter
Wet and Dry Thermometer

General :-
Air Condensers
Aspirator Bottles
Beaker Low / Tall Form
Beaker Without Spout
BOD Bottles
Buchner Funnel (G0-G4)
Centrifuge Tube
Coil Condensers
Dropping Bottles
Gooch Crucibles (G0-G4)
Graduated Test Tube
PTEF Beaker with Lip
Reagent Bottles Narrow Mouth
Reagent Bottles Wide Mouth
Receiver Adapter
Silica Crucibles with lid
Sp Gravity Bottles
Still Heads
Thistle Funnel
Woulf Bottles

Distillations Apparatus :-
Continuos Water Distillation
Continuos Water Distillation
Distillation Apparatus
Distillation Assembly
Kjeldahl Distillation
Quartz Distillation Double
Quartz Distillation Single
Reaction Assembly
Reflux Assemblies Various
Vacuum Distillation
Water Softner for Distillation
Water Still Double
Water Still Single

Flasks :-
Boiling Flask
Buchner Flask
Claisen Pear Shape Flask
Conical Flask
Distillation Flask
Erienmeyer's Flask
Flask Round Two Neck
Flat Bottom Flask
Kjeldahl Flask
Measuring Flask
Pear Shape Flask
Reaction Flask
Round Bottom Flask
Volumetric Flask

Apparatus :-
Acetylation App
Beckman's App
Carbon Sulphate App
Chromatography App
COD Digestion App
Dairy & Milk Testing App
Electrophoresis App
Extraction App
Hydrogen Test App
Kipps App
Kjeldahl App
Melting Point App
Moisture Determinztion App
Nitrogen App
RM Value App
Soxhlet Extraction App
Victor Mayer App
Viscosity App

Contact Details

P. K. Chemicals & Scientific Co.

33, Karan Gate Market

Karnal, 132001 (Haryana) - (India)


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