Parex Electronics & Computer Co., Ltd. SAN-CHUNG (Taiwan)

Business overview

Parex Electronics & Computer Co., Ltd. Was established in 1986 and our major business is in OEM and ODM keyboards, notebook keyboards, tracking pointers, mice, keypads, and Y-Fork , IR wireless keyboard and remote control unit , Docking keyboard , and device boxes for KB2105 --PDA cradle , memory card reader , smart IC cart reader , finger printing recognition , RF wireless mouse, etc.... ? In 1987, Parex designed/ manufacture capacitive type keyboards and OEM terminal keyboards. In 1988, Parex designed/manufactured mechanical keyboards for LAPTOP (lunch box) PC. ? In 1989, Parex designed/supplied the keyboards encoder IC for notebook PCs in TI 70c40 base SMT type for the majority of notebook PC makers. ? In 1990, Parex was among the first to use the LASER marketing system in Taiwan (a YaGa Laser, a system of using a laser beam to make plastic change color and form legend). ? From 1991-1993, Parex developed the worldwide thinnest mechanical keyswitch with a height of only 8.5mm, and owns the patent from the USA, Germany, ROC, PROC. ? In 1994, we won the award from the Minister of Economy for research and innovation. At this time, we also developed the structure of the 10mm membrane keyboard for notebook PCs. ? In 1995, Parex developed the tracking pointer device for notebook PCs and was the first company to obtain the patent from the USA, ROC, and PROC. ? In June 1997, Parex marketed its special product--- the INFRA RED wireless keyboard with gyro-point device for the web-TV system and the capacitive touchpad for notebook PCs. The company obtained the patent for this product from the ROC, PROC, and USA. ? In 1998, Parex introduced its unique product---the GYRO MOUSE. Using this product allows ?Scrolling without bending your finger and auto scrolling without holding down the button?. ? In 1999, Parex develop and manufacture ODM IR wireless keyboard and remote control for AD- (a company located in UK.) . And UNI---- (a company located in USA). ? In 2000, Parex create the Idea of Docking keyboard , and start the development . In 2001, Parex develop and manufacture the ODM IR wireless keyboard and remote control unit for VIA---- (a company located in USA). ? In 2002, Parex develop and manufacture the ODM IR wireless keyboard and a remote control unit for LIF------- (a company located in Korea) ? In2002, Parex develop and manufacture the OEM ir wireless keyboard and remote for OR---- (a company located in Uk) ? In 2003 Feb., Parex announced its DOCKING KEYBOARD KB2105 , and device boxes -- iPAQ and PALM series PDA cradle, angle adjustable and foldaway. ? In 2003 Mar. Parex announced SMART IC CARD READER / WRITER (GEMPLUS chip set) for KB2105. ? In 2003, Parex is continuing its development for more USB device boxes , such as wireless mouse , finger printing device , Digital camera , USB wiring device ...For KB2105 ...

Industry Computers and IT
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1986
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers of Handy / Handheld Scanners, Keyboards, Mouse/Track, Balls/Joysticks/Touch Pads.

Our products include:-
1)Wireless Mouse
2)Remote Control
3)Wireless keyboard
4)USB Docking
5)Keyboard KB2105
6)Numeric Keypad
7)Pointing Devices
8)Gyro Stick
9)Mouse Module
10)Gyro Mouse

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Contact Details

Parex Electronics & Computer Co., Ltd.

FL.4, NO.11, ALLEY 24,

SAN-CHUNG, --- () - (Taiwan)


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