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Est Control (India) Pvt. Ltd., PCI, was established in the year 1954 and is the first and largest pest management company in India. PCI offers a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products and Equipment through a countrywide network of over 150 offices and 3500 employees. Our own product formulation and manufacturing (liquid and gas) facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art quality control, analysis and research and development (R&D) facilities. Bio-Control Research Laboratories (BCRL) is a modern facility engaged in the propagation and production of various biological control agents and bio-pesticides and spearheads the company’s commitment towards environment-friendly pest management techniques. Over the years, PCI has constantly endeavoured to introduce better and more cost-effective pest management technology for both services and products. Vision and foresight coupled with the desire to constantly improve has enabled us to retain our premier status in the country today. With over 50 years of experience, we reaffirm our commitment: that of providing comprehensive, one-stop solutions in our field of expertise. ExoroachPCI, together with Exosect® Ltd. UK, introduced a new and highly- effective cockroach trap to India – Exoroach™. As exclusive agents, PCI has made this a part of our commercial GoldSeal service, when required. It is so effective that during trials the trap caught upto 6000 roaches! It is a great tool for PCI since it is 100% eco-friendly and is accredited with all the food safety standards. BCRL launches another new product, called Lastraw™. This product is a specially formulated concoction of natural salts to tackle all soft-bodied sucking pests of plants. It has been highly successful and completely eco-friendly! PCI constantly strives to expand and has finally done so in Thailand. What started out as a technical consultancy has now grown into a strong joint venture with PCS©, the largest facilities management company in Thailand. Together, PCS & PCI have named the JV Cannon Pest Management©. PCI aids in the pest solutions side to the business. This collusion has allowed PCI to start several functioning and successful branches in Thailand, equipped with a variety of our products, services, and expertise. Intelligent Pest Management. Every living creature is engaged in a constant competitive struggle for food and shelter. Some of these creatures represent the top of their evolutionary chain, having remained unchanged for millions of years, long before the first humans walked the earth. We, on the other hand, are the one species that have crossed almost all our natural barriers; compounded by our burgeoning population, we keep placing ever-increasing demands for means of food and shelter. And wherever we settle down, we create these means not only for ourselves but also for others, some of which are already there, and some which move in later. As their populations grow, they come into open conflict with us, eating our food, destroying our shelter, causing disease. That’s when they become a nuisance or “pest.� These pests, however, play an important part in the natural eco-system and will be around for a long time to come. A blanket application of chemical pesticide only provides a temporary solution - the inherent side effects to our environment render this option unacceptable in the long run. PCI believes in an integrated approach towards pest management. We tackle pest problems through the use of carefully selected and well-documented strategies. After studying the pest and the surroundings, a conscious and judicious mix of non-chemical and chemical methods is applied. In cases where there is no option but to use a chemical, the choice of chemical and dosage is based on its safety profile: chemicals that are low in human toxicity (good safety profile) yet extremely effective against target pests, are the preferred choice. Most importantly, it is the decision to use or not to use a certain component that often determines success or failure. Common sense has no substitute; true IPM as we believe, is nothing but Intelligent Pest Management.

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Establishment Year 1954
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
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Products & Services

We offer a comprehensive range of Professional Pest Management Services and Quality Products & Equipment. We provide Termiseal ServiceT, Pied Piper ServiceT, GoldSeal ServiceT : Household Pest Mgnt, Fumigation, Vector Management, SIM ServiceT, Sterifumer, Custom Sterilisation, Museum/Fabric Pest Management, Heritage, Conservation, Bird Proofing, Wood/Timber Pest Management, Weed Management, Marine Pest Management, Consultancy. Products dealt in are Household Products, Robanr, PestSealr , PestSealr Aerosol, Termisealr, Trubble Gumr, Pest-O-Flashr, SpiderTM, Industrial Products, Bio-Control Agents & Bio Pesticides.

GoldSeal Service - Gel-baiting system to control cockroaches, ants & silverfish – also available for your car!

WBM Service - Service to control the wood borer/powder post beetle larvae.

Bug Buster Service - Specialised service against the menacing Bed Bug.

TermiSeal Service - A customized post-construction and pre-construction service to control or prevent the attack from termites.

IMM Service - Comprehensive and customized mosquito control services for residential and commercial venues.

IFM Service - Integrated management through specific products and services to ensure control of flies in homes, food establishments, and so on.

SIM Service - This is a specialized service for monitoring insect pests in stored product, food processing and export industries.

ISM Service - Spider control service for commercial and food storage/processing establishments.

Pied Piper Service - Safe, eco-friendly rodent control services for commercial establishments and common areas of residences.

Bee-Safe Service - Eco-friendly removal of beehives without killing the bees.

Flea-Ting Service - Created to help rid your home from your pet’s pests, like fleas and ticks.

AFT Service - Anti-Fungal treatment for commercial and office areas.

Pest Audits - Pest situation/infestation, remedies and preventative measures are documented in report form for our commercial clients.

Sterifume Service - Designed for surface disinfection; kills viruses and bacteria through safe chemicals and methods.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation - Use of Ethylene Oxide to sterilize pharmaceutical, cosmetic grade raw material, food products for domestic and export requirements.

ConServe Service - Combination of several services, as per client requirement, including special treatments for rare and precious museum artifacts.

Integrated Weed Management - Integrated method to tackle destructive weeds from commercial and residential structures.

Sea Transport Pest Management - An integrated approach that tackles the essential and perhaps the non-essential pest issues on board shipping vessels.

SnakePro Service A “snake-safe� service, this provides periphery protection against intrusions from such reptiles.

Housekeeping, Cleaning & Support - This is the facility management extension of PCI, providing cleaning and housekeeping needs to our customers.

PestAware Service - Community and commercial awareness programs to help customers and non-customers build awareness into pest problems and their prevention.

Pro-Guard Service - This service is primarily designed to battle common warehouse pests on surfaces of your structure, and also to prevent them from coming back in.

Car Pro Service - Gel-baiting system to control cockroaches, ants & silverfish for your car!

* Pest Control Products - Range of Pest Control Products by Pest Control (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Residential/Commercial Products

Roban Roban - A ready-to-use wax block for rodent control. Harmless to humans and pets!

Trubble Gum - A safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly glue-based rat and mouse trap.

PestSeal - An effective, ready-to-use liquid formulation against all flying and crawling insects.

PestSeal Aerosol - Special formulation targeted to all flying and crawling insects, in a spray can for home use.

Catch-A-Roach - Glue Based Mass Catching Cockroach Trap.

TermiSeal - Ready-to-use formulation against Termites and other wood-boring pests.

BirdPro Solutions - Spikes, strips, nets & wires – customized, humane products to help keep birds off your property.

Pest-O-Flash - India’s first electrical flying insect control system.

Spider - Silent, safe & hygienic glue-based electric fly and flying insect catcher.

Illumé - Aesthetic, silent, safe & hygienic glue-based electronic fly and flying insect trap.

Sterilising Equipment - PCI offers Ethylene Oxide & Plasma Sterilisation products in various sizes.

Medixair - A first in India, PCI offers quiet, high-quality air sterilisers for Hospitals, offices, etc.

Plasma Sterilisers - New age Humanmeditek Plasma Sterilisation machines provided by PCI.

Thermal Foggers - IGEBA© Foggers provided by PCI.

Mesto Sprayers - High-quality aerosol generating sprayers in many sizes for different uses, available.

GrainPro - Organic storage systems.

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2, 3, 4 Floor, 'Narayani' Ambabai Temple Compound,
Near Bank of Maharashtra, Aarey Road, Goregaon (West),
Mumbai, 400062 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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