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Established in 1956 we are one of India's oldest Pest Control & Fumigation company and a pioneer in it's field, having a Pan - India presence. PCMW is India's FIRST ISO Certified Pest Control & Fumigation Company We are a specialist company, dedicated to solving your pest problems, while meeting the new environmental challenges that we face. We strive to provide you with Preventative & Curative methods, using latest technologies, methods & Means to treat your infestation problems, ensuring that there are no undesirable pests, no excessive residues, and no adverse ecological effects. We have set for ourselves a standard of excellence above the industry standards, by meeting the demands of a rapidly changing market and exploring new procedures by participating with industry to ensure that best possible results are achieved at minimum costs. We do our utmost to ensure that nothing stands in our way of completing a job. In many a case, our flexibility enables us to succeed where others have failed. We maintain a great sense of Loyalty, Accountability and Duty towards all our customers Big & Small. PCMW on it own & As part of the IMFO group have presented papers at various International & Domestic Scientific & Commercial Conferences. PCMW for its clients carries out Fumigations & Supervisions in many countries over the world. PCMW has been requested to be an expert adviser on fumigation matters on delegations abroad by Govt. Companies. PCMW have had the privlege to have 2 of it's partners elected unopposed to become the Only Presidents from India of the Federation of Asian & Oceana Pest Managers Association (FAOPMA). PCMW are the Pioneers of "IN-TRANSIT" Fumigation in India & the first & probably still the only company in India to offer their services on a "GUARANTEE BASIS" . PCMW has entomologists, trained &. Certified personnel on staff to understand your critical environment &. To provide for your special needs. PCMW understands that every location is different, both in its layout &. How it functions. We develop a special customised program of material & methodology to effectively handle your problems. PCMW carries out specialized services to satisfy the unique pest management & fumigation needs of: FOOD / AGRI PROCESSING FACILITIES MILLS BEVERAGE PROCESSING PHARMACEUTICALS HEALTH CARE - Hospitals, Path Labs etc. RESTAURANTS HOTELS FLIGHT KITCHENS OFFICES RESIDENTIAL PREMISES WAREHOUSES FACTORIES SHIPS CONTAINERS RIGS BAGGED / BREAK BULK CARGOES - Ships & Warehouses QUARANTINE TREATMENTS DOMESTICALLY STORED PRODUCT

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We do Pest control, Termite control( pre and post constructiion) , Rat control, Bird control, Cockroaches control. We also do fumigation according to ISPM, NSPM, AQIS for pallets , container.We are Pioneer in Transist Fumigation. We Provide Fumigation, Pest Management, Pheromone Monitoring , Additional Services, Bug Guide.

Fumigation Services - What is Fumigation, What is a Fumigant & Why should one Fumigate?

Fumigation - very simply put is using a fumigant to control infestation in a particular commodity or place. A fumigant is a chemical which, at required temperature and pressure, can exist in a gaseous state in sufficient concentration to be lethal to a given pest organism. This definition implies that a fumigant acts as a gas in the strictest sense of the word. (Monro, 1961). Put very simply by The National Pest Control Association of America (NPCA) Fumigation is the introduction of a toxic gas into a space in a high enough concentration so that the gas fills all areas to kill target insects.

Fumigants are toxic to all forms of life. Therefore it is possible to control all life stages of the pest.
Fumigation is often the quickest way of controlling an infestation, saving time& money
Fumigants can reach where sprays, dusts, aerosols etc cannot reach, such as deep into a stack, ship hold etc. Therefore highly penetrating
Reduced residue problems in the cargoes..
Fumigants are used where standards call for " Zero Insect Tolerance " in products or living environments.

Therefore Fumigation is the preferred and acceptable way of treating cargoes that today are being shipped in large quantities from one country to another, over long distances. As these cargoes are prone to get infested during these long voyages. These infested cargoes on arrival at discharge ports can lead to many problems for the sellers and receivers. A few such problems are listed below.

Acceptance of infested cargoes by the Receivers due to insect infestation, and damage.
Acceptance of cargo by Quarantine and other Regulatory Authorities at discharge port.
Re-fumigation costs
Vessel demurrage costs
Claims on Sellers by Receivers.

To avoid these and many other problems that could surface due to lack of and improper fumigation, and to ensure that your cargoes reach in good condition, we offer various Fumigation Services such as :

In-Transit Fumigation

Bulk/Bagged Commodities Fumigation

Containers Fumigation

Empty hold Fumigation

Ship Fumigation

Stored Grain Fumigation

Factory Fumigation

Quarantine Fumigation

Pest Management

Commercial Food & Property Protection

Our Commercial Pest Management Service offers the highest level of Protection to the Food, Pharmaceutical, Non-Food Industries, Warehouses, Offices, Residential Premises etc. We are a Specialist Company who are dedicated to solving Pest Problems while meeting the new environmental challenge to ensure that we provide you with Preventative and Curative method to treat infestation and to ensure that there are No Undesirable Pests, No Excessive Pesticide Residues, No Re-infestation and No Adverse Ecological effects.

PCMW uses the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to solve your pest problems.

Simply put IPM, incorporates the use of all applicable & practical methods of controlling pests to stop the destruction of food & property. These methods include:
(A). Identification (B). Monitoring (C). Sanitation
(D). Exclusion (E). Extermination (F). Documentation

The IPM approach in full or part is applicable for use in any type of facility such as
Warehouses, Empty Stores, Factories, Machinery, Food & Beverage Processing Facilities, Mills, Hotels, Restaurants, Food Service Areas, Flight Kitchens, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Path Labs
Ships - Accommodation & Holds, Rigs, Off Shore Vessels(OSV's), other Sea Going Vessels etc.

Ffollowing is a list of Commercial Services Provided by us in Pest and Hygiene Management.

General Insect Pest Control

Rodent Control

Bird Control

Termite Control under Guarantee Scheme for Pre & Post Construction

Timber Treatment under Guarantee Scheme

Weed Control

Residual Applications

Disinfestation against Stored product Pests

Warehouse / Godown Disinfestation

Prophylactic Treatments

Microbial and Bacteria Sterilization / Control

Pheromone Monitoring

Pest Control M. Walshe, the first company in India to bring in & use Pheromones as a tool for monitoring in the Pest Management industry. PCMW works in close co-operation with Insects Ltd of the USA, who are one of the pioneers in pheromone technology.

What are Pheromones ?
Insects use certain chemical scents to communicate. These chemicals were first discovered over 100 years ago by entomologists who captured female moths in boxes & placed them near an open window, only to find male moths of the same species aggressively attracted to this window. Man has competed with insects since he has been on this planet & will continue to do so as long as he exists. What a human being posses in intelligence, insects overcome with persistence, reproductive capacity, size & adaptability. Insects know how to survive. Some insect species have been on this planet for over 300 million years. Stored product insects are the most damaging insects because they feed upon products that have been grown, harvested, & many times gone through processing stages, packaging stage, marketing stage, transportation stage & finally the storage stage.

Products that become infested have to be discarded causing huge financial losses.

Pheromone monitoring today is the most important step in progressive pest management strategy as it helps by detecting the presence of insect pests at an early stage.

But keep in mind that installing of pheromone traps does not mean that other measures such as sanitation of an effective pest control program are reduced or abandoned.

Services related to Pheromone Traps

Pheromone traps are mostly used in food warehouses & food processing plants (can also be used in your kitchen at home). Place traps in a grid pattern to pinpoint new infestations. Vertical support beams exist in warehouses, use them to set a grid pattern. Some warehouses do not have support beams, in such cases for example the pallet racking or other means can be used to secure a natural grid. The size of the grid will vary with the facility. As a general rule, intervals of 25 ft to 30 ft produce good results. If an area seems to have an infestation, more traps should be placed around that location to help zero in on the infested goods. Traps should also be placed near insect harbourage areas such as corners, beams, entry & exit points. Do not place traps (inside) near exterior door or windows to prevent luring of insects from outside. It is however advisable to keep outside especially near the loading/unloading area. This will prevent the entry of pests from the outside inside i.E. The idea to place the traps outside is that id any pests are trying to make their way inside the pheromones will attract them outside & try to prevent them from entering the premises.

Record Keeping

Good Record keeping are critical for effective use of pheromone traps. A grid map location of should be maintained & updated regularly. A regular log of inspections carried out must be maintained. On locating the infestation source, implement control measures & continue monitoring to evaluate effectiveness of action/control measure carried out.
Additional Services

Disinfestation Services Offered :

Empty Hold Disinfestation

Disinfestation of Ships

Deratting of Ships

Prophylactic Treatments of Stored Cargoes

Empty Store Disinfestation

Inspection Services Offered :

Ship Holds

Cargoes for Infestation

Supervision of Fumigation being carried out by other Fumigation agencies

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