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Reliant Marking Tools Manufacturer UK is well established in the field of marking tools, engraving tools, embossing tools and stamping tools production equipped with considerable technical knowledge and experienced qualified craftsmen, committed to a high standard of production. We are specialist manufacturers of marking tools, marking stamps, marking punches and blocks, cnc roll marking, die sinking, marking stencils and steel type holders. We can offer you the benefit of our long experience in this field of tooling and marking with the latest CAD/CAM/CNC technology. Individual tools designed and manufactured by us for a particular function, industry standard tooling or made to your own exact specification is our main area of tools production.

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Products & Services

We provide specialist manufacturers of marking tools, marking stamps, marking punches and blocks, cnc roll marking, die sinking, marking stencils and steel type holders.

Our products :-
We are manufacturers of wide range of marking products and tools including component marking, marking stencils, marking stamps and blocks, die embossing, laser marking, engraving tools, marking rolls, steel type and steel holders. All marking products are listed below. We also offer custom tooling solution and technical services. Please use enquiry form to order custom tooling solution according to your specifications.

01. Marking Stamps
02. Embossing/Debossing Tools
03. CNC Marking Rolls
04. Engraving Tools / Machines
05. Die Sinking/Badging dies
06. Production Tools
07. Hot Foil Blocking Dies
08. Marking Stencils
09. Steel Type & Steel Holders
10. Marking Blocks
11. Machines for Products Marking
12. Spark Erosion Electrods
13. Hot Foil Blocking Dies
14. Marking Punches
15. Stamping Tools

Special Marking Products For All Purpose :-
Marking tools, special component marking, line marking tools, Laser Marking Systems, marking stamps and blocks for use in hand tools or machine tools marking processes.
Roll marking, cnc roll marking.
Embossing tools, debossing tools, embossing dies, embossing Stamps, embossing machines and metal embossing tools.
Engraving tools, engraving services, engraving machines, laser engraving machines, steel engraving tools and cnc engraving machines.
Hot Foil printing blocks and hot foil blocking dies.
Interchangeable steel type and steel holders.
Numbering marking wheels and automatic numbering marking heads.
Standards letter marking and figure marking punches
Marking Stamps, inspection stamps and metal stamps.
Marking machines for products marking and component marking.
Die sinking for die casting, moulding and die stamping.
Marking Stencils, plastic stencils, metal stencils, brass stencils, steel stencils, interlocking zinc stencils and custom designed stencils.
Stamping Tools, die hot stamping, hot stamping foil and metal stamping tools.

Marking Stamps :-
Precious metal quality marking punches. (Makers name etc)
Aeroformed Handstamps. (For the aircraft industry etc)
Alphabet stamps– Blocks – Inserts Inspection Punches. (For approval, etc.) Numbering wheels

Embossing Tools :-
Embossing machines
Embossing tools
Embossing dies
Embossing stamps
Embossing stencils
Metal embossing
Non-metal embossing
Debossing tools
Debossing dies,
Debossing blocks.

Marking Punches :-
Hand Punches
Standard Punches
Reverse Punches
Dotstress Punches
Ministress Punches
Heavy Duty Punches
Press Punches

Engraving Tools :-
CAD/CAM/CNC Engraving Machines
Manual Engraving Machines
Engraving Foil Printing on to Plastic
Gold Engraving Tools
Sheets Engraving Machine
Plates Engraving Machine
Metal Engraving Tool
Laser Engraving Machines
Hard Steel Engraving Tools
Engraving services
Custom engraving
CNC engraving machines
Plastic engraving
Steel engraving

CNC Roll Marking :-
Bevelled Rolls
Concave Rolls. (Tube marking etc)
Contiguous Rolls (Hexagon bar marking etc)
Wire Forming Rolls (Decoration etc)
Pneumatic Roll Marking Machines

Marking Stencils :-
All types in metal stencils, plastic stencils, zinc stencils, interlocking (zinc only) and brass stencils to customers' specification.

Die Sinking :-
Pantographing of cavities
For Die Casting Tools
Hot Brass Die Sinking
Plastic Moulding Dies
Coining Dies (Obverse and Reverse) – (for keys etc)
Medal Dies (Obverse and Reverse)
Stamping Dies (cifixes – Brooches etc)
CNC Die Sinking
Rule Marking Dies
Badging Dies

Stamping Tools :-
Hot Stamping Die
Metal Stamping Tool
Hot Stamping Foil
Machine Press for stamping
Non-metal stamping tools
Stamping machines
Leather stamping

Marking Blocks :-
Precious metal quality marking blocks. (Makers name, etc)
Alphabets, words and numbers blocks.
Emobossing, Engraving and stamping blocks, company logos, designs blocks, marking metal parts and components.

Steel Type & Steel Holders :-
Steel type
Stainless Steel holder
Steel type tool kit
Steel stamps

Spark Erosion Electrodes :
All Types- forms and shapes to customer’s specification.

Production Tools :-
Tools for Clipping, formula and Piercing.
Progression tools (follow on tools)
Custom tools for parts and component markings
Line marking tools
Laser Marking Systems

Hot Foil Blocking Dies :-
For Foil Printing on to Plastic
Gold Blocking
Rule Marking Dies

Machine for Product Marking :-
Machines and relevant equipment for marking any component or product (Steel, Plastic, zinc, brass, etc)
Special machines for specialized markings
Laser Marking Machines

Refurbishment service, annealing recutting, and re-hardening services for your existing marking tools to save your time and money. We pride ourselves in offering as a standard, quick efficient turnaround for emergency breakdown and priority jobs. We provide complete marking, stamping, embossing and engraving services.

Engraving Services
Embossing, Stamping And Stenciling Services

Contact Details

Reliant Marking Tools Company UK.

Unit 2 Benson Ind. EST.
Benson Road.
Birmingham, B18 5TS () - (United-kingdom)


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