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As long as Rhiannon Waits can remember she was multi gifted, so it is assumed she was gifted at birth. As a child she didn't know when to speak what she saw, so comments were not always at the time or appreciated by those receiving them. One of her earliest childhood memories is of climbing the steps to the attic with her bottle in between her teeth and her diaper getting in the way. In the attic was a small red rocking chair that she and he doll would rock, sing and speak with the spirits and her guides. Raised in a secluded rural farm, she made animals friends and spoke with spirit guides while playing in the woods. One of her favorite pets was " Bobbie Darrell", a bobcat that befriended her. Much of her childhood is based around farm work, playing in the woods and communicating with nature. She is the youngest of four siblings. There is a 9 year lapse between her and her brother and a 15 year lapse between her and her oldest sister. Her birth place was very close to where Edgar Cayce was born and is now buried. This is also close to were the supernatural phenomena of The Bell Witch occurred.

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We provide Services of Rhiannon Waits is a renowned Psychic/Medium, Author and speaker. Rhiannon travels doing speaking engagements and Shows.

Rhiannon's CD :-
July 21st Rhiannon will be making her first meditation CD. Many of her clients had expressed the desire for such. Now you will be able to use Rhiannons meditation techniques to achieve spiritual grounding, clearing, relaxation and healing. The CD will be offered on this site at a special discounted rate. To order online from this site, you may purchase one for 12.99. Shelf price is $16.99

If I was only allowed to say one word to you, I would have to say "awaken". For it is time we all awaken and realize what our existence truly is. We are made of two parts. Physical and spiritual.
The spirit is the energy that dwells inside of our physical bodies. When our bodies cease to function, our spirit merely crosses over.
Our aura's are the illumination of our spirit shining past the walls of our physical bodies.
Each day is a new beginning and it is up to you to waken and bring positive change to your life.

Laura Lian is a world renown Artist and I consider her a personal friend of mine. I am proud to present on my web page - Laura's concept of the young Buddha. I love her sculptures and find great peace and love when looking at her Buddha. I have a poster in my office she mailed to me from England and I admire it daily ...... Rhiannon.

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