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We at RS Components & Controls (I) Ltd., can help you with anything to everything in Electronics, Electrical, Industrial & Maintenance products. Our unrivalled product range and unbeatable freight facility is supported by exceptional service levels. You can be confident that RS can provide your business with the products you need wherever and whenever you need them. The biggest brands - The widest choice Over the years we have built our product range from the world's best known manufacturers, so you can trust RS to bring you high quality products you can rely on. Our range of over 550,000 products covers the following areas. Once you have made your selection, ordering with RS is easy. Our new & improved website ensures that ordering component online is as easy as sending us an email. You can also visit our Help hub section by simply and get help on how to register, order, finding products and lots more. Moreover, we are only a phone call away for anything that you may not find on this website, call our toll free number at 1800-103-5282. Finding product is easy. Even with such a huge selection of products, it's easy to find the products you need fast by either using the RS Catalogue, or our new & improved website. The advanced search functionality offered by our website together with the traditional printed RS Catalogue provides powerful ways to find the products and information you need.

Industry Electrical and Power
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We Are One of the Leading Traders And Exporters/Importers Of everything in Electronics, Electrical, Industrial & Maintenance products.

Electronics Components, Power & Connectors -:
Batteries -
Automotive Battery Maintenance
Battery Chargers & Battery Accessories
Non-Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries

Connectors -L
Audio & Video Connectors
Circular Connectors
Connector Tools & Accessories
General Purpose Rectangular Connectors
IC Sockets
Mains & IEC Connectors & Accessories
Network & Telecom Connectors
PCB Connectors
Power Connectors
RF & Coaxial Connectors
Terminal Blocks & DIN Rail Terminals
Terminals & Splices
USB, D-sub & Computing Connectors

Displays & Optoelectronics -:
Displays & Industrial Monitors
Fibre Optic Components
IR Emitters & Receivers
Laser Modules & Components
LED Indicators & Accessories
LED Lighting System Components
LEDs & LED Accessories
Optocouplers, Photodetectors & Photointerrupters

Passive Components -:
Ferrite Cores
Fixed Resistors

Passive Filters
Rotary Encoders

Sounder, Buzzer & Microphone Components
Surge Protection Components
Variable Resistors

PCB Prototyping -:
EMI & RFI Shielding Materials
PCB Cleaning
PCB Cutting, Punching, Forming & Drilling
PCB Etching & Developing
PCB Handling
PCB Spacers, Pillars & Supports
Printed Circuit Boards - PCB

Power Supplies & Transformers -:
DC-AC Power Inverters
DC-DC Converters
Portable Generators & Accessories
Power Conditioners
Power over Ethernet - PoE
Power Supplies - PSUs
Renewable Energy
Uninterruptible Power Supplies - UPS

Semiconductors -:
Amplifiers & Comparators
Audio Processor Circuits
Chip Programmers & UV Erasers
Clocks, Timing & Frequency Control Circuits
Crystals, Oscillators & Resonators
Data Converters
Discrete Semiconductors
Display Drivers & Controllers
Interface ICs
Memory Chips
Power Management ICs
Processors & Microcontrollers
Programmable Logic Circuits
Radio Frequency & Microwave Circuits
Semiconductor Development Kits
Sensor ICs
Standard Logic
Video Processor Circuits

Electrical, Automation & Cables -:
Automation & Control Gear -
Circuit Protection & Circuit Breakers
Control Relays
Electric Motors, Motor Controllers & Peripherals
Fluid Control Systems
Industrial Push Buttons, Pilot Lights & Control Stations
Industrial Switches
Machine Guarding & Safety
Panel Meters & Components
PLCs, HMI & Data Acquisition
Sensors & Transducers
Sounders & Beacons
Temperature Control & Process Heating
Timers & Counters

Cables & Wires -:
Audio Video Cable
Cable Accessories, Ties & Tools
Cable Conduit, Trunking & Routing
Cable Glands, Strain Relief & Grommets
Coaxial Cable
Computer Cable Assemblies
Electrical Power & Industrial Cable
Network & Communication Cable
Ribbon & Flat Cable
Wire & Single Core Cable

Enclosures, Storage & Material Handling -:
-Inch Racking
Cabinet Hardware
Door Hardware
Knobs, Equipment Handles & Hand Wheels
Ladders & Steps
Material Lifting
Material Transport - Castors & Wheels
Material Transport - Conveyor Components
Material Transport - Drum Transport & Stands
Material Transport - Load Restraint
Material Transport - Trucks & Trolleys
Structural Systems & Handrails
Transit & Equipment Cases
Workshop Equipment & Storage

Fuses, Sockets & Circuit Breakers -:
Circuit Breakers
Consumer Units & Accessories
Electrical Installation Accessories
Fuse Holders
Fuse Tools & Testing
Fuses - PCB

HVAC, Fans & Thermal Management -:
Air Conditioning & Climate Control Units
Air Filters & Accessories
Air Management Accessories
Electronics Heating & Cooling
Electronics Humidity & Pressure Control Devices
Fan Parts & Accessories
HVAC Ducting
HVAC Sensors & Controllers

Lighting -:
Emergency Lighting & Safety Lighting
Fluorescent Lamps & Tubes
Halogen Lamps
HID Lamps
Incandescent Light Bulbs
Indicators & Indicator Components
Infrared Lamps
LED Lamps
Light Fittings & Luminaires
Lighting Components & Accessories
Neon Lamps
Torches & Handlamps
UV Lamps

Relays -:
General Purpose Relay Accessories
General Purpose Relays
Interface Relay Modules & Accessories
Reed Relays
Solid State Relays & Accessories

Switches -:
Detector Switches
DIP & SIP Switches
Foot Switches & Accessories
Hall Effect Switches
Joystick Switches & Accessories
Key Switches & Accessories
Keyboard Switches & Accessories
Keypads & Accessories
Microswitches & Accessories
Modular Switches & Accessories
Piezo Switches
Push Button Switches & Accessories
Reed Switches & Accessories
Rocker Switches & Accessories
Rotary Switches & Accessories
Slide Switches & Accessories
Switch Development Kits
Switch Mounting Accessories
Tactile Switches & Accessories
Thumbwheel Switches & Accessories
Toggle Switches & Accessories
Touch Switches & Accessories

Mechanical Products & Tools -:

Abrasives & Engineering Materials -:
Aluminium Tubes, Sheets & Angles
Brass Tubes, Sheets & Rods
Bronze & Gunmetal Tubes & Rods
Carbon Fibre & Felt Sheets
Ceramic Rods, Sheets & Beads
Copper Rods, Sheets & Bars
Insulation Materials
Machine Sanding & Grinding
Manual Sanding & Sharpening
Mild Steel Tube, Sheets & Angles
Plastic Rods, Sheets & Tubes
Polishing & Finishing
Rubber Sheets
Shim Stock
Stainless Steel Tubes, Sheets & Angles

Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes -:
Adhesive, Sealant & Tape Dispensers
Adhesives & Glues
Hot Melt Glue Guns & Accessories

Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance -:
Brooms, Mops, Buckets & Dust Pans
Car Care & Polishes
Cleaners, Degreasers & Removers
Cleaning Brushes
Cleaning Wipes & Cloths
Desktop Cleaning Equipment
Electronics Cleaners & Protective Coatings
Facility Maintenance Equipment
Floor Scrubbers & Accessories
Greases, Oils & Lubricants
Paint & Painting Supplies
Traffic Management & Crowd Control
Vacuum Cleaners & Carpet Cleaners & Accessories
Washroom Equipment & Supplies
Waste Removal Bins & Accessories

Fasteners & Fixings -:
Channel Support Systems
Fastener Kits
Girder Fixings
Hooks & Eyes
Levelling & Vibration Control
Magnets & Magnetic Strips
Nuts & Washers
Pins, Keys & Retaining
Rivets & Riveting Tools
Screws & Bolts
Sheet Metal & Panel Fasteners
Spacers & Standoffs
Threaded Rods & Studs
Wall Plugs, Anchors, Fixings & Kits
Wire Rope Suspension Systems

Plumbing & Pipeline -:
Central Heating & Process Pumps
Pipe & Tank Insulation
Pipe Fittings & Accessories
Pipe Sealants & Cements
Pipes, Tubing, and Hoses
Pipework Repair & Maintenance Supplies
Radiator Valves & Controllers
Sinks & Toilets
Solar Thermal & Electric Water Heating
Valves & Taps
Water Meters, Thermometers & Pressure Gauges
Water Supply Filters

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Power Transmission -:
Electric Actuators
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tools
Hydraulic Adaptors, Fittings & Couplings
Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps & Power Units
Hydraulic Fluids & Filtration
Hydraulic Instrumentation & Switches
Hydraulic Tubing & Hose
Hydraulic Valves & Manifolds
Pneumatic & Hydraulic Pressure Gauges
Pneumatic Adaptors, Fittings & Couplings
Pneumatic Air Compressors, Boosters & Vacuum Pumps
Pneumatic Air Preparation
Pneumatic Counters, Logic Controllers & Timers
Pneumatic Cylinders & Actuators
Pneumatic Instrumentation & Switches
Pneumatic Tubing & Air Hose
Pneumatic Valves & Manifolds
Power Transmission - Linear Bearings, Housings & Blocks
Power Transmission - Bearing Tools
Power Transmission - Belts
Power Transmission - Bushes & Collars
Power Transmission - Clutches & Brakes
Power Transmission - Couplings
Power Transmission - Gaskets, Seals & Packings
Power Transmission - Gears
Power Transmission - Linear Shafts, Rails, Ball Screws & Lead Screws
Power Transmission - Linear Slides, Guides & Positioning Tables
Power Transmission - Pulleys
Power Transmission - Rod Ends & Spherical Bearings
Power Transmission - Roller Chains & Accessories
Power Transmission - Rotary Bearings
Power Transmission - Sprockets
Vacuum ComponentsTools

Tools -:
Air Power Tools
Cable & Connector Tools
Chalk Lines & Refills
Clamps & Vices
Corded Power Tools
Cordless Power Tools
Deburring & Finishing Tools
Hammer, Punches & Chisels
Knives, Scissors & Multi-tools
Machine Tools & Accessories
Manual Grease Guns & Accessories
Manual Saws & Planers
Milling Cutting Tools
Mini Power Tools
Plumbing Tools & Pipe Benders
Positioners & Retrieval Tools
Power Grinders
Power Tool Accessories & Drill Bits
Pullers & Extraction Tools
Screwdrivers & Screw Extractors
Shovels & Trowels
Soldering & Desoldering Tools
Spanners & Sockets
Threading Tools
Tool Kits & Tool Storage
Turning & Boring Tools
Vehicle & Tyre Tools
Welding & Brazing Tools

IT, Test & Safety Equipment -:
Computing & Peripherals -:
D Printing & Scanning
Audio & Video
Barcode Readers & Accessories
Data Storage & Memory
Embedded Systems
Keyboards & Mice
KVM, Splitters & Extenders
Mobile Computing
Networking & Connectivity
Optical Drives & Media
Photography & Imaging
Printers & Printing Supplies
Wireless Components & Modules

Office Supplies -:
Audio Equipment
Books & Training Materials
Clocks, Timers & Stopwatches
Food & Beverage Preparation
Furniture & Desk Accessories
Labelling, Binding & Laminating
Microphones & Headphones
Notice Boards, Wall Planners & Posters
Package Strapping, Sealing & Opening
Paper Supplies
Presentation Tools
Speakers & Components
Video & Visuals Equipment
White Boards & White Board Accessories
Writing & Drawing Instruments & Accessories

Safety, Security, ESD Control & Clean Room -:
CCTV & Security Surveillance
ESD Control & Clean Room
Fall Arrest Harnesses, Kits & Equipment
Fire Alarms, Systems, Accessories & Testers
Fire Extinguishers, Equipment & Supplies
First Aid & Emergency Equipment, Kits & Supplies
Floor Mats, Markings & Accessories
Impact Protection
Keys, Safes, Locks & Lockouts
Personal Protection - Welding
Personal Protection Clothing & Footwear
Personal Protection Equipment
Safety & Security Signs & Accessories
Security Alarms, Detectors & Accessories
Security Identification Badges & Accessories
Spill Clean Up

Test & Measurement -:
Air & Gas Measurement
Bench Power and Power Measurement
Data Acquisition & Logging
Data Cable & Network Test Equipment
Electrical Installation Testing & Accessories
Electrical Test Equipment
Electronic Component Testing
Environmental Measurement
Laboratory Equipment
Level & Angular Measurement
Light & Electromagnetic Radiation Measurement
Linear Measurement
Liquid Analysis
Multimeters & Accessories
Oscilloscopes & Accessories
Portable Appliance Testers & Accessories
Power Measurement
Pressure Measurement
RF Test Equipment & Accessories
Rotational Measurement
Signal Generators & Analysers
Sound & Vibration Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Test Connectors
Test Leads
Weight & Force Measurement
Workshop Inspection & Accessories

PCB Connectors -:
Backplane Connectors
FPC Connectors
IDC Connectors
Jumpers & Shunts
PCB Connector Contacts
PCB Connector Housings
PCB Headers
PCB Sockets
PCB Terminal Blocks
XFP & SFP Cages
XFP & SFP Connector

Enclosures -:
Consoles & Desktop Enclosures
Development Board Enclosures
DIN Rail Enclosures
Enclosure Accessories
Enclosure Mounting & Installation
General Purpose Enclosures
Hand Held Enclosures
Instrument Cases
Pedestals & Plinths
Wall Boxes

Circular Connectors -:
Circular Connector Adapters
Circular Connector Contacts
Circular Connector Seals
DIN Connectors
Industrial & Automation Circular Connectors
Mil Spec Circular Connectors

Fixed Resistors -:
Panel Mount Fixed Resistors
Resistor Mounting Brackets
Surface Mount Fixed Resistors
Through Hole Fixed Resistors

Cable Conduit, Trunking & Routing -:
Cable Conduit Fittings
Cable Conduits
Cable Tray Accessories
Cable Trays & Baskets
Cable Trunking
Cable Trunking Accessories

Discrete Semiconductors -:
Bipolar Transistors
Bridge Rectifiers
Darlington Transistors
Digital Transistors
IGBT Transistor Modules
IGBT Transistors
JFET Transistors
MOSFET Transistors
Rectifier & Schottky Diodes
Switching Diodes
Thyristor Modules
TVS Diodes
Varactor Diodes
Zener Diodes

Circuit Breakers -:
Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Sensors & Transducers -:
Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Current Transducers
Encoder Measuring Wheels
Fibre Optic Sensors
Hall Effect Sensors
Inductive Proximity Sensors
Infrared Sensors
IR Infrared Temperature Sensors
Light Intensity or Colour or Contrast Sensors
Linear Transducers
Load Cells
Magnetic Pickups
Photoelectric Sensors
Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensors
Pressure Sensors
Rotary Encoders
Sensor & Switch Cables & Connectors
Sensor & Switch Magnets
Sensor & Switch Sockets
Sensor & Switch Software & Programming Accessories
Sensor Mounting & Fixing Accessories
Sensor Reflectors
Temperature Sensitive Labels
Temperature Sensor Accessories
Vibration Sensors

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RS Components & Controls (India) Ltd

B-74, Sector-60,
Noida, 201301 (Uttar Pradesh) - (India)


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