Business overview

After working with for several multinationals such as Grace, Union Carbide and several others, in 1976 Rafael Velez H. Founded Rafael Velez & Cia. Ltda., a company dedicated to serve as manufacturer's representative mainly for North American companies in the auto part market. He succesfully introduced lines from Bacharach Inc. (USA), Presto Cutting Tools (England), Nova Clutch Inc. (USA), and Facet-Purolator (USA) for which he worked during 25 years until 1999. His dedication, responsability and customer service set the standards by which we work today.Established as company of chemical engineers dedicated to serve multiple markets in Colombia with emphasis in the chemical industries for agro, food, textile, pharma and general industries, as sales representatives we persue the establishment of long term business relationships between our customers and worldwide suppliers. We are always open to proposals from manufacturers of raw materials, chemicals, auto parts, medical disposables and others who want to position themselves in our local economy, introduce their brands in neighboring countries or develop new markets in Latin America, targeting specific wholesale importers for your lines. We invite you to send us your inquiries. Our knowledge of the market will provide your company with direct and effective sales contacts Our excellent customer service and expertise will generate additional value to your products.

Industry Services
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1999
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers & Importers of Chemical industries for agro, food, textile, pharma and general industries.

Auto Parts :

Electric Fuel Pumps

Car and Motorcycle Battery :
? Auto Batteries
? Traction Batteries
? VRLA Batteries
? SMF Batteries



Lights Warning

Back Up Alarm Relay


Push Buttons


Agrochemicals :

Herbicides :
Alachlor 90% tech 48% EC
Atrazine 97% tech 50% SC
Bentazone 95% tech
Bensulfuron-methyl 95% tech
Bromoxynil 96% tech 24% EC
Butachlor 90% tech 60% EC
Chlorimuron-ethyl 95% tech
Clopyralid 95% tech
2, 4-D acid 98% tech
2, 4-D amine 720, 860 g/l
Dicamba 98% tech
Diclofop-methyl 95% tech
Diuron 95% tech 50%, 25% WP
Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 95% tech
Glyphosate 95% tech, 62% IPA
Metribuzin 95% tech 70% WP
Oxadiazon 94% tech 25% EC
Oxyflourfen 95% tech
Paraquat 42% tech
Propyzamind 95% tech
Pendimethalin 97% tech
Picloram 92% tech
Picloram + 2, 4 D
Pretilachlor 95% EC
Propanil 97% tech 20% EC
Simazine 95% tech 50% WP
Triclopyr 98% tech

Fungicide :
Benomyl 95% tech 50% WP
Captan 92% tech
Carbendazim 98% tech 50% WP
Chlorothalonil 96% tech 75% WP
Cymoxanil 98.5% tech
Cymoxamil 8% + Mancozeb 64% WP
Difenoconazole tech
Dodine 98% tech
Hexaconazole tech
Imazalil 98% tech
Mancozeb 90% tech 80% WP
Maneb 90% tech 80% WP
Zineb 90% tech 80% WP (blue/white color)
Metalaxyl 96% tech 25% WP
Myclobutanil 98% tech 25% EC
Penconazole tech
Prochloraz 98% tech 50% WP
Procymidone 98% tech 50% WP
Propamocarb 98% tech
Propiconazole tech
Thiabendazole 98% tech 42% SC
Thiram + Carboxin
Triadimenol 95% tech
Tricyclazole 95% tech 75% WP

Insecticides :
Abamectin B1 96% tech 1.8% EC
Acephate 97% tech
Acetamiprid 95% tech 25% WP 20% SL
Aluminium phosphride 57% tablet
Amitraz 98% tech 12.5%, 20% EC
Bacillus thuringiensis
Bifenthrin 95% tech 10% EC
Carbofuran 97% tech
Carbosulfan 90% tech
Carbaryl 98% tech
Cartap 98% tech
Cynomazine 99% tech 75% WP
Deltamethrin 98% tech
Diflubenzuron 95% tech
Imidacloprid 95% tech 25% WP
Lambda-cyhalothrin 95% tech 5% EC
Malathion 95% tech 50% EC
Methiadathion 95% tech
Methomyl 98% tech
Methyl parathion 80% tech
Permethrin 92% tech
Phenthoate 90% tech
Profenofos 85% tech
Propargite 90% tech 73% EC
Propoxur 97% tech
Tebufenozide 94% tech 20% SC
Tetramethrin 95% tech
Thiamethoxam 95% tech
Thiodicarb 95% tech 75% WP
Zinc Phosphide 80% tech

Plant Growth Regulator :
Ethephon 90% tech 40% SL
Mepiquat Chloro
Gibberellic acid GA3, 90%, 95%
Paclobutrazol 95% tech

Intermediate :
CCMP 98%
DETC 98.5%
DMPAT 90%, 93%
MPBA 98%
NPB 99.5%
OCP 99%
PHT 98%

Biochemical / Natural Herb Extracts :
Belladoonnae Extract 25 kg drum
Chondroitin Sulphate 25 kg drum
Green Tea 25 kg drum
Inosine 25 kg drum
Kallikrein 25 kg drum
Lavender Oil 25 kg drum
Oleanonic Acid 25 kg drum
Pancreatin 25 kg drum
Pepsin 25 kg drum
Peptone 20kg Box
Resvertrol 25 kg drum
Sulindac BP98/USP23 25 kg drum
Saponin 25 kg drum
Tea Pigment 41% min 25 kg drum
Tea Polyphenol 95%min 25 kg drum
Tea Polysaccharide 15% min 25 kg drum
Theophylline BP 98 25 kg drum

Detergents :
Caustic Soda (Flake/Prill) 99%
E.D.T.A. 99% min
Fluorescent Brightener
Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
Soda Ash Light/Dense 99.2% min
Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous 99% min
Sodium Tripolyphosphate 94% min.
Sodium Silicate Ratio:2.0-2.1
Sodium Toluene Sulphonate
Sodium Percarbonate 13.50%
Sodium Phosphate 98%
Sodium Phosphate 98%min
Sodium Perborate Tetra/Monohydrate 96.5%min

Food Additives :

Acidulants :
Citric Acid Anhydrate BP93 / USP23
Citric acid Monohydrate BP93 / USP23
DL-Malic Acid DL- FCCIV
L-Malic Acid L- FCCIV
DL-Tartaric Acid Mono / Anhy DL- Food Grade
L-(+)-Tartaric Acid L-(+)- FCCIV / BP98

Amino Acids :
N-Acetyl-L-Cystein USP24
DL-Alanine DL- Food Grade
L-Aspartic Acid FCCIV
Betain Hydrochloride USP23
L-Cystein Free Base USP24
L-Cysteine HCL Anhy /Mono / FCCIV / USP24
L-Cystine FCCIV / USP24
Glycine BP93 / USP23
L-Isoleucine FCCIV / USP24
L-Leucine FCCIV / USP24
L-lysine HCL FCCIV / USP23
Taurine BP98
L-Tyrosine FCCIV / USP24
L-Valine FCCIV / USP24

Flavor Enhancers :
Disodium 5?- Guanylate AJI92
Disodium 5?- Inosinate AJI 92
Inosine+Guanosine (50/50 blend) / AJI92

Flavor Ingredients :
Ethyl Maltol FCCIV
Ethyl Vanillin USP23 / FCCIV
Methyl Salicylate BP98 / USP23
Vanillin FCCIV

Gelling Agent :
Agar Agar strip / powder Food grade
Carragreenan Food grade
Conjac gel Food grade
Sodium CMC Food grade
Xathan gum Food grade

Minerals :
Calcium Citrate BP98 / USP24
Ferrous Fumarate BP93 / USP24

Nutrition Supplements :
Alpha-Lipoic Acid BP98
Creatine Monohydrate 99% min
Pancreatine Food grade
Pepsin Food grade
Peptone Food grade
Soy Lecithin Food grade
Soy Protein Isolate 90% min
Soy Protein Concentrate 48% min

Preservatives :
Calcium Sorbate Food grade
Nisin Food Grade
Potassium Sorbate FCCIV
Sodium Benzoate Powder/ Granular BP98
Sodium Diacetate FCCIV
Sodium Erythorbate VC FCCIV
Sorbic Acid FCCIV
TBHQ 99% min

Sweeteners :
Aspartame Granular / Powder USP23 / FCCIV
Erythritol 98% min
Isomaltooligosaccharide-900 (IMO-900) -900 45% min
Maltol FCCIV
Xylitol FCCIV

Vitamins :
Ascorbic Acid C BP98 / USP24
D-Calcium Pantothenate D- 98-101%
DL-Calcium Pantothenate DL- 45% min
?-Carotene Oil suspension / powder - Food grade
Folic Acid BP93
Inositol FCCIV
Niacin BP98 / USP24
Niacinamide USP24
Pyridoxine HCL B6 BP98 / USP24
Riboflavin (VB2) BP98 / USP24
Vitamin E Powder ( Synthetic ) E BP93 / USP23
Vitamin E ( Natural ) E USP24 / FCCIV
Water soluble Vitamine E(TPGS) E 25% min

Inorganic :
Ammonium Bicarbonate 99.5% min
Aluminium Powder 85/93% min
Ammonium Chloride 99.5% min
Ammonium Persulphate 98/99% min
Aluminium Hydroxide 84% min
Aluminium Sulphate 16% min
Barium Chloride 99% min.
Boric Acid 99.6% min.
Calcium Carbonate Light/Dense 98% min
Calcium Chloride( Flakes, Powder) 74%, 95% min
Calcium Hydroxide 93-95% or 96% min
Calcium Hypochlorite 60/65% min
Calcium Nitrate Tech / Agro
Caustic Soda (Flake, Solid, Prill) 96-99% min
Cobalt Oxide 72%min.
Di-Ammonium Phosphate 98% min
Di-Calcium Phosphate (I~P) Feed Grade
Ferric Chloride 96% min
Glycine Feed/FCC/BP/USP
Hydrofluoric Acid 55% min
Iron Oxide Yellow 85% min.
Lead Oxide Red / Yellow 97/99.3% min
Lithium Bromide 55% min
Lithium Aluminium Hydride 96%min
Lithium Hydroxide 56.5% min
Lithium Carbonate 99%min
Lithium Chloride 99%min
Lithopone 28-30%
Magnesium Oxide Dense / Pure Light 90 - 95%min
Magnesium Nitrate Agro / Tech grade
Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrate Agro / Feed Grade
Magnesium Sulphate Hepta Tech / Pharma
Manganese Sulphate 98% min
Nickel Sulphate 22%min
Nickel Chloride 24%min
Oxalic acid 99.6%min
Phosphoric Acid Food/Tech 85% min
Phosphorous Acid Crystal 98% min
Potassium Carbonate 98.5/99% min
Potassium Citrate BP98
Potassium Ferrocyanide 99% min
Potassium Permanganate 99.3% min
Potassium Nitrate 99.6 % min.
Sodium Citrate BP98
Sulfamic Acid 99.5% min
Sodium Ferrocyanide 99% min
Sodium Bicarbonate 99% min
Sodium Hyposulphite 99% min
Sodium Hyposulphite monohydrate 99% min
Sodium Persulphate 99%min
Sodium Hydrosulphite 85/88/90% min
Sodium Hexametaphosphate P2O5:68% min
Sodium Hydrosulphide 70% min Flakes
Sodium Metabisulphite 65% min
Sodium Nitrite 99% min
Sodium sulphate Anhydrous 99% min
Sodium Sulphide (Flakes, Solid) 60% min
Sodium Sulphite 96% min
Sodium Tripolyphosphate 94% min
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Powder, Granular 95 / 92%min
Sulphur Black 521 or 522
Trisodium Phosphate 98% min
Talcum Ponder Tech / Cosmetic
Titanium Dioxide Rutile/ Anatase
Zinc Oxide 99, 99.5, 99. 7% min
Zinc Chloride 98% min
Zinc Sulphate Mono; Hepta 98% min

Organic :
M(o, p) - Aminophenol 98 / 99% min.
Benzoic Acid 98% min BP93
Bon Acid 98.5% min
Chlorine Chloride 55 ? 70% min
Citric Acid Mono/Anhydrous BP98/ 93
Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC) 55%min
Cyanuric Chloride 99%min
Dicyandiamide 99.5% min
Formic Acid 85% min
Fumaric Acid CWS 99% min
Lactic Acid 80 / 88 % min
L-Glutamic Acid 96% min
Oxalic Acid Powder & Flakes 99 % min
Chlorinated Paraffin 42 ? 70%
Poly tetra Fluoroethylene (P.T.F.E.7)
Sebacic Acid 99.5% min
Sodium Acetate 58-60%
Sodium Benzoate BP98
Sodium DichloraIsocyanurate (DCCNA) 60% min
Sodium Saccharin BP/USP
Sodium Toluene Sulphate (S.T.S) 78% min
Thiourea 99% min
Tri-Butyl Phosphate 99% min
Trichlaroisocyanuric Acid (TCCA) 90% min

Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Materials :
Acesulfame BP98 / FCCIV
Aspartame FCCIV
Calcium Sulphate CP95
Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate CP95
Color Coating Powder CP95
Hydroxypropyl Methyl cellulose (HPMC) CP95
Ls-Hydroxypropyl Cellulose CP95
Magnesium Trisilicate CP95
Magnesium Stearate CP95
Microcrystalline Cellulose CP95
Polyacrylic Resin CP95
Silicon Dioxide Powder USP24/INF19
Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch CP95
Sodium Carboxymethyl Starch CP95
Stearic Acid CP95

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials :
Allopurinol BP98
Aluminium Glycinate USP23
Ascorbic Acid USP/BP
Acesulfame-K BP98
Ammonium Citrate USP/BP
Aciclovir CP95
Amrinone USP23
Analgin DAB10/8/6
Aspirin 8P93/USP23
Atenolol BP98
Anhydrous Pieperazine 99%min
Active Calcium USP23
Betaine Hydrochloride USP23
Carbamazepine BP98/USP23
Chloramphenicol. BP98
Calcium Acetate USP23
Calcium Carbonate USP23
Calcium Citrate USP/BP
Calcium lactate USP23
Chloramine T BP98
Chloramine B BP98
Chlortetracycline BP98/USP23
Creatinate 99%min
Creatine Monohydrate 99%min
Creatine Citrate 98%min
Cimetidine USP23
Cinnarizine CP95
Citric acid Anhy/Mono BP98
D(-)-P-Pydroxyphenylglycine 98.5%min
Erythromycin BP98/USP23
Erythromycin Ethyl Succinate U5P23
Esmoloa Hydrochloride 99%min
Famotidine BP98/USP23
Folic acid BP98
Furazolidone BP98
Furosemide BP98
Glibenclamide BP98
Glimepiride 98-102%
Gliclazide BP98
Glipzide BP98
Glyoxylic Acid 40%min
Glycine USP/BP98
Hydrocortisone Base USP23/BP98
(S)-3-hydroxy-r-Butyrolactone 97%min
Iburofen BP98/USP23
Indomethacin BP98
Insulin BP98
Isoniazide BP98
Lanolin Anhydrous USP23
Lactic acid BP98
Leucovorin Calcium USP23
Lisinopril U5P23
L-Carnitine USP23
L-Phenylalanine 98.5%min
Maleic Acid BP98
Metronidazole BP98
Methyl Salicylate USP/NF18/BP
Methotrexate USP23
Milrinone 98-102%
Nabumetone BP98
Naproxen BP98/USP23
Neomycin Sulphate BP98
Paracetamol USP/BP
Potassium Permanganate BP98
Potassium Citrate BP98
Phentolamine BP98
Prednisone BP98
Ranitidine CP95
Rifampicin BP98
Rutin NF11
Snowwhite Vaseline BP98
Sulfadiazine Sodium USP/BP
Sodium Benzoate USP/BP
Sodium Lactate BP98
Sulfadiazine BP98
Synthetic Camphor USP23/DAB10/8/6
Sodium Erythorbate FCC
Taurine JP12
Thiamin Hydrochloride USP/BP
Thiamine Mononitrate USP/BP
Valsartan 98.5%min
D-Xylose USP/BP
Xylitol USP/BP
Diethyl D- Tartrate 98.5% min.

Rubber Additives :
CZ Accelerator CZ (CBS) 98 ?.C
DM Accelerator DM (MBTS) 165 ?C
M Accelerator M (MBT) 171 ?C
D Accelerator D (DPG) 145 ?C
TMTD Accelerator TMTD 142 ?C
PZ Accelerator PZ 240 ?C
BZ Accelerator BZ 103 ?C
ETU Accelerator Na-22 (ETU) 195 ?C
ZDC Accelerator ZDC (EZ or ZDMC) 145 ?C
TMTM Accelerator TMTM I00 ?C
Magnesium Carbonate 42-45%
Magnesium Oxide 95%min
Petroleum Resin 80-90?.C, 70-80 ?.C
Talc Powder
Zinc Oxide 99.7%min, 99.5%min
Chloroprene Rubber CRI2l, CR232, CR244, CR321, CR322

Water Treatment / Disinfectants :
Aluminium Sulphate 15.8%min
Calcium Hydroxide (lime hydrated) 93-96%
Soda Ash Light 99.2%min
Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (DCCNa) 55/60%min
TrichloroIsocyanuric Acid (TCCA) 90%min
Ferric Chloride 96%min
Potassium Permanganate BP98
Lactic Acid 80/88%min
Ammonium Persulphate 98.5%min
Potassium Persulphate 99%min
Sodium Persulphate 99%min
Chloramine T BP93
Copper Sulphate 98%min


Products for Kitchen use :
Nylon Scrubbers
Sponge with nylon Scrubber
Cellulose Scrubber
Stainless Steel Scrubber
Brass and Copper Scrubber
Steel Wool
Brass and Copper Scrubbers
Polyester Film & Polyester Thread With P.U. Foam Kitchen Cleaners

Products for Bath and Toilet use :
Nylon Bath Towels
Bathroom Cleaners
Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Black Concentrates

Carbon Black Concentrates: 55 - 38% available
Applicable Resins: ABS, EVA PA, PC, PE, PP, PS, A, PBT, PET, TPU
Applications: General Purpose, Film/Blow Molding, Film Blowing, Pipe Extrusion, Extrusion/Injection Molding

White Concentrates :
TiO2 70% Anatase - Carrier LLPDE
TiO2 60% Anatase - Carrier LPDE
TiO2 50% Anatase - Carrier LPDE
TiO2 45% Anatase - Carrier LPDE
TiO2 40% Anatase - Carrier LPDE
TiO2 50% Anatase - Carrier PP
TiO2 60% Rutile - Carrier PP
TiO2 60% Rutile - Carrier LPDE
TiO2 60% Rutile - Carrier PEC
TiO2 60% Rutile - Carrier ABS
TiO2 50% Rutile - Carrier LPDE
TiO2 50% Rutile - Carrier HIPS
TiO2 40% Rutile - Carrier LPDE

Applications: Film Blowing, Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion

Color Concentrates :
Standard Effects: Opaque, Translucent, Transparent,
Special Effects: Fluorescent, Luminescent, Marble Effect, Metallic Effect, Pearlescent, Speckle/Fleck, Stone, Wood. Applications: General Purpose, Film/Blow Molding, Film Blowing, Pipe Extrusion, Extrusion/Injection Molding

Additive Masterbatches and Compounds :
Biodegradation additives
Conductive Compunds
Flame Retardant (Halogenated/ Non-halogenated)
Nucleating Agent
Optical Whitener
U.V. (Absorber / Stabilizer)

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TRANSVERSAL 27 No. 37 - 29
Bogota, 0000 () - (Colombia)


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