S.B.Enterprises Pune (India)

Business overview

M.H.A.H Trading has been selling tools and technology to the professional and Do-it-yourself trade since 1992 in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Since the very beginning, we have concentrated exclusively on the marketing, sale and distribution of quality tools imported from worldwide. As the booming economy we planned to open a new venture in INDIA so Maharashtra was the best option and Pune was the best destination to trade in so in the year 2013 we inaugurated with S.B ENTERPRISES We maintain a high level of availability from stock. We strive to provide our customers 100' fill rates and lead times of three to five working days. Our Goals Supply products that offer the best value in price and quality. Establish long term relationships with customers. How YOU can benefit if you buy from us. Low Minimum order quantity requirement Exclusive dealership agreements possible Variety of products under one roof Quick sourcing of products not in stock Quick delivery Product Range The main scope of our business is the import of quality tools from all around the world. Our most popular products are Rothenberger (pipe tool technology at work), Fein (Power tool) In addition to the above, we can also procure products locally and supply them to you at very competitive prices. Pune'''s position as a major wholesale market and re-export hub allows us to source products at very competitive prices and pass on the savings to our customers. Service of Products To complement our extensive range of products and competitive prices, we also offer regular delivery to PAN INDIA Through land cargo, Quality Assurance You can benefit from brand names you trust, backed by performance, high quality service and strong distribution, all originating from one source. Most of the products we import meet international quality standards. Customer Service Our aim is to increase our product range on a regular basis. We can update you by e-mail (or regular air-mail) whenever new products arrive. Our trained, experienced staff and modern inventory management system ensure that our products and services meet the customer'''s highest expectations. Our staff is always reminded that our customers are the most important part of the business. With this in mind, our sales team will be more than happy to give any assistance you may require. Our quality products, coupled with excellent service, high fill rates, quick shipping, and competitive pricing make us your profitable choice. Why Us? Some of the factors that distinguish us from our competitors include: Premium quality tools Availability of wider variety Customization provision Proficient team of industry experts Well-equipped production unit Prompt delivery of consignment Reasonable pricing

Industry Engineering
Business Type Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1992
Firm Type Partnership
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We have concentrated exclusively on the marketing, sale and distribution of quality tools imported from worldwide.

Our Products-
System Carrying Case Rograt-Msr
Deburrer For Msr
Chamfering Unit
Spare Deburrer
Pipe-Prep And Deburring
Internal Deburrer With Ratchet
Universal Internal And External Deburrer
Deburrer Adaptor I / Ii
Universal Tiger Saw Blade With L-Shaft
Special Saw Blades With U-Shaft
Special Pipe Saw Blades With L-Shaft
Universal Saws
Trennboy 300
Tct Disc
Rotiger Vario Electronic
Diamond Disc
Chain Tensioning Device
Ceramic Disc
Universal Saw Blade For Metal
Uni Small Saw Puk
Robo Mini
Metal Saw Frame
Hacksaws And Blades
Plasticut (Msr)
Tube Cutter For Plastic Pipe
Plasticut Pvc
Jacket Pipe Cutter
Spare Stainless Steel Blade
Spare Cutter Wheels
Super 1.1/4" And 2"
Stainless Steel Pipe Cutter
Pipe Cutter 2"- 4" For Steel
Rotrac 28 / 42
Minicut I Pro / Ii Pro
Minicut 2000
Mini Max
Copper Tube Cutters
Copper Tube Cutter
Chain Pipe Cutter
Automatic Tube Cutter
Chamfering Unit For Plastic
Band Saws
Diamond Core Drilling & Cutting-
Diamond Core Drilling
Wall Slot Cutter
Dry And Wet Vacuum Cleaner
Rodia Cleaner 1400 Set
Accessories Rodia Dry Cleaner 1200
Accessories Rodia Cleaner 1400
Water Supply
Water Collection Ring
Support Plate For Centering Pin
Quick Change Adaptor R 1/2
Masonry Fixing Set
Extraction Rotor Rodiadust
Extension Rods
Drill Bit Adaptor
Copper Ring
Concrete Fixing Set
Centering Tip Quick-Out Icw. Ff35097
Centering Pin For Extraction Rotor
Adaptor For Rodiadrill 1800 Dws/Dry
Vacuum Pump Rodia-Vac
Galvano Drill
Drill Motor Rodiadrill
Quick Clamping Column
Speed Star Dx Space Welding Wet And Dry Drill Bit
Dx-High Speed Plus Universal Drill Bits
Duramant Pro Universal Drill Bits
High Speed Plus Natural Stone
Drill Stand Rodiacut
Rodiadrill Ceramic Eco
Rodiadrill 1800 Dry
Hss Bimetal Hole Saws

Tube Bender
Robend 3000 Bending Formers
Robull Type Me Bending Segments Large Bending Radius
Robull Type Me / Robull Msr Type Me
Robull Type E Bending Segments With Large Bending Radius
Bending Segment Robull Type E/Me Small Bending Radius
Robull Type E Support Segments
Robull Type E Bending Frame
Robull Type E / Robull Msr Type E
Locking Pins
Hydraulic Oil 1 Litre
Bending Segments Robull Msr Type E
Rolub Anti-Block Special Guide Shoe
Robend H W Plus Bending Sets
Robend H W Plus
Msr Internal Bending Springs
Bending Spray
Copper Tube Bending Springs
Standard Two Handed Bender 90 Degree
Standard Bender 180 Degree
Multibend Standard Bender 180 Degree
Tube Bender Support Segment
Tube Bender Maxi Msr Set
Tube Bender Maxi Msr Bending Segment
Tube Bender Maxi Bending Segment
Tube Bender Maxi
Tube Bender Bending Segments
Steel Carrying Case
Robend 3000 Ss Pipe Bender
Tube Bending Springs
Manual Pipe Bender
One Handed Bender

Wing-Lever Cutting Attachment
Re 17 Welding Attachment
Re 17 Three-Gas System Ams 5/5
Re 17 Three-Gas System Ams 5 10
Re 17 Three-Sas System Ams 10/10
Re 17 Pipe Welding Set
Re 17 Pipe Welding Attachment Flexible
Heating Nozzle
Cutting Tip
Three-Gas Welding
Welding Tip Holder
Welding Attachments
Roflash Welding Attachments
Roflash Set
Roflash Handle
Mixing Nozzle With Union Nut
Juego Roxy 400 L
Handle Allgas 2000
Dispersion Nozzle For Warming Up
Allgas 2000 Welding Tips
Allgas 2000 Ps 0 5 / 2 Set Compact
Allgas 2000 Ps 0 5 / 2 Set Basic
Rotherm 2000
Rod Electrodes
Flat Electrode
Soft Soldering Electric
Wind Protector
Soft Soldering Torch
Soft Soldering Iron With Handle
Small Cylinder 0.5 Kg With Foot
Safety Propane Handle
Safety Igniter With Rolling File
Replacement Flints
Refilling Adaptor
Propane Regulator
Propane Hose Failure Protection
Iron Holder With Foot
Handle With Hose Coupling
Cylinder 5 Kg
Copper Head
Accessories Soft Soldering Cylinders
Multi 300 Propane Soft Soldering Kit
Soft Soldering Cylinders
Turboprop Set
Turboprop Brazing Torch With Push-In Nipple
Rocolt Handy Piezo Set
Rocolt Handy Piezo Cyclone Torch
Rocolt Handy Handle
Airprop Brazing Set
Airprop Brazing Burner With Threaded Coupling
Airprop Brazing Burner With Push-In Nipple Coupling
Airac Safety Handle
Airac Brazing Torch
Airac Brazing Set
Brazing Cylinders
Roflame Piezo
Rofire Piezo
Propane Gas 2000
Multi Mobile Set
Maxigas 400
Mapp Gas
Easy Fire
C 200 Supergas
Soldering And Brazing Torches
Super Fire 4 7/16"-Eu
Super Fire 3
Power Fire Compact
Nozzle For Super Fire 3
Brazing Cartridges
Welding Goggles
Welding Blanket
Transport Trolley
Torch Spanner
Steel Wire Handle
Soldering Flux And Container For Hydrochloric
Soapstone Marker
Silver Hard Solders Ag 106 S 34 Cu
Silver Hard Solders Ag 104 S 45 Cu S 45 Cu U Flux-Covered
Silver Hard Solders ...
Silver Hard Solders Ag 104 S 45 Cu
Salmiakstone Pressed
Rosol 3 In Plastic Bottle
Rosol 1 S
Rolot S 94 Xncp 203
Rolot S 5 Cp 104
Rolot S 2 Cp 105
Rolot S 15 Cp 102
Rolot S 1 Cp 203
Protective Rubber Cap
Protective Guard For Pressure Reducer
Oxygen Refilling Bend
Oxy-Acetylene Hoses
Nozzle Cleaner
Magnet Welding Mirror
Lightweight Steel Cylinders Filled With Oxygen
Lightweight Steel Cy...
Lightweight Steel Cylinders
Internal Brushes For Copper Pipe
Hard Solder Powder Hkm In Plastic Bottle
Hard Solder Paste Lp 5
Hand Wire Brushes Standard Steel
Flux Brush
Flame Reflector
Fittings Soft Solder Flux
Fitting Solder
External Brushes For Copper Pipe
Cylinder Pressure Reducer
Blowback Prevention
Accessories Soldering And Welding
Roll Groove Set For Rogroover 2 - 12"
Rogroover 2 - 12"
Rogroover 1-6"
Hand Roll Groover 1 - 12
Diameter Measuring Tape
Roll Grooving
Threading Dies
Supercut Ratchet Threader Die Heads
Safety Foot Switch
Rothenberger Standard / Manual Die Heads
Rothenberger Die Heads And Threading Dies For Plastic Coated Pipes
Rothenberger Die Hea...
Ronol Syn
Rofix Adaptor
Pipe Supporting Column For Pipes Up To 6"
Pipe Supporting Colu...
Pipe Roughing Wrench 3/8" - 2"
Nipple Max
High-Performance Die Heads
Hemp Dispenser
Automatic Die Heads Suitable For Ridgid Threading Dies
Accessories Threading
Supertronic 2000
Supertronic 2 Se 3 Se 4 Se
Supertronic 1250
Ropower 50 R
Pipe Clamp For Supertronic 1250
Collins Rhino 4"
Collins Classic 22 A
Threading Electric
Super Cut Ratchet Arm
Super Cut
Sani Kit Tool Set
Monoblock Adaptor
Threading Manual
Rogliss 20
Axial Crimping
Romax 3000 Main Adaptor 230 Volt
Romax 3000 Li-Ion Battery
Romax 3000 Charger For 110-230 Volt
Pressing Collars Standard
Press Jaws Standard Sets
Press Jaws Standard
Press Jaw Standard Typ M
Press Jaws Compact
Interchangeable Press Jaws Compact Sets
Press Jaws And Interchangeable Press Jaws
Romax 3000
Romax Ac Ec
Press Machines Standard
Press Machines Compact
Universal Flaring Tool
Rotorque Aircon / Refrigeration
Roflare Revolver
Reeling Flaring Tool
Ratchet Reeling Flaring Tool
Flaring / Bending Set
Double Flaring Press Db 10
Unidrill Automatic 28 / 42
Tee-Extractor Ratchet
Spare Extractor Hook
Extractor Support
Extractor Cam Pincer
Tee-Extractor Sets
Combi Kit
S-Head Adaptor For H 2
Hydraulic Expander System H 600
Expander Heads H2
Electro-Hydraulic Expander Pistol H2
Electro-Hydraulic Expander Pistol H1
Adjusting Tool Fur H2
Adaptor Type S
Romax Expander Compact Accessories
Romax Expander Compact
Standard Expander Head
Rocam Expander Power Torque
Rocam Expander Pex
Flanged Riveted Expander Heads
Expander Head Typ S
Expander A0

Testing & Leak Detection-
Testing And Leak Detection
Rotest Electronic 3
Leak Detection Unit
Leak Detection Accessories
House Connection Test Set
Leakage Testing In Accordance With Din En 1610
Rotest Gw 150/4
Cylindrical Shape With Pneumatic Connection
Conical Shape With Pneumatic Connection
Conical Shape With Hose Coupling
Conical Shape With 2 Ball Valves
Conical Shape With 1 Ball Valve
Adaptor / Cut-Off Valve With Pn. Connection
Analogue Testing Device
Tp 25
Rp Pro Iii Electric Pressure Testing Pump
Rp Pro Iii
Rp 50-S / Rp 50-S Inox
Rp 30
Maintenance Package For Valves Tp 25
Extra Pressure Gauge
Extra 16 Bar Pressure Gauge With Drag Indicator R1/4
Testing Pumps

Testing And Leak Detection
Rotest Electronic 3
Leak Detection Unit
Leak Detection Accessories
House Connection Test Set
Leakage Testing In Accordance With Din En 1610
Rotest Gw 150/4
Cylindrical Shape With Pneumatic Connection
Conical Shape With Pneumatic Connection
Conical Shape With Hose Coupling
Conical Shape With 2 Ball Valves
Conical Shape With 1 Ball Valve
Adaptor / Cut-Off Valve With Pn. Connection
Analogue Testing Device
Tp 25
Rp Pro Iii Electric Pressure Testing Pump
Rp Pro Iii
Rp 50-S / Rp 50-S Inox
Rp 30
Maintenance Package For Valves Tp 25
Extra Pressure Gauge
Extra 16 Bar Pressure Gauge With Drag Indicator R1/4
Testing Pumps
Inspection & Locating-
Inspections And Locating
Rocam Rolling Skids
Rocam Guidance Skids
Rocam Brush Attachments
Rocam 4 Inspection Camera
Rocam 3 Multimedia Camera Heads
Roscope I2000 Modules

Drain Cleaning -
Drain Cleaning Machine Up To 100-600 R 140 B
Drain Celning Machine Up To 50-250 R 100 Sp
Rospeed 3f
Rodrum S
R 750
R 650
Drain Cleaning Machine Pipe 20 - 150 Mm
R 550
High-Pressure Hose
High-Pressure Cleaning Lance For Rojet
Flat Nozzle For Rojet
Deflector Rollers
Cleaning Lance With Wide-Angle Nozzle For Surface Cleaning
High Pressure Cleaning Units
High-Pressure Drain Cleaner
Spirals 8 Mm / 10 Mm
Saefety T-Couplings For S And S Smk Spirals
Reducing / Extension Pieces
Spiral And Tool Set
Two-Way Root Cutter
Straight Auger
Spiral Sawtooth Cutter
Spade Head Cutter
Serrated Forked Cutter
Retrieving Auger
Grease Cutter
Funnel Auger
Four-Blade Cutter
Drop-Head Auger
Cross-Blade Cutter
Chain-Spinning Heads With Spikes
Chain-Spinning Heads
Carbide-Tipped Cutters
Bulb Auger Short
Bulb Auger Long
Ball Head Cutter
Hdpe Pipe-
Hdpe Pipe Welding 40mm To 160mm
Transport Box For Rocut Uks 160 / 355
Spare Hm Saw Blade 180 X 30 Mm
Rocut Uks 160 / 355
Electrical Cutting
Rocut 110 / 160
Rocut Xl
Plastic Carrying Case For Rocut
Internal Deburrer With Blade For Rocut 110 / 160
Hm Cutter Blade Inserts Rocut 110 / 160
Cutter Blade Shaft With Cutter Wheel For Rocut 110 And Rocut 160
Clamping Set Rocut 160
Clamping Set 58 Rocut 110
Manual Cutting
Roweld Manual Welding Extruder
Squeezing Device
Rounded Clamps
Quad Clamps
Peeling Device For Electric
Double Clamp Short
Clamping Device For Electric
Roweld Rofuse Sani 160
Roweld Rofuse
Without Data Recording
Roweld Rofuse Print
Roweld Rofuse Ii
With Data Recording
Roweld He Heating Plates
Heating Plates
Heating Spigots / Heating Sockets For Roweld P 125
Heating Spigots / Heating Sockets (Form A) For P 63 S-6 Sword
Accessories For Roweld P 110 / P 125
Roweld P 125
Roweld P 63 S - 6 Sword
Y - Piece Clamping Device
T - Piece Clamping Device
Reducer Clamping Inserts Pipe / Pipe P 315 W
Reducer Clamping Inserts Pipe / Fitting For P 630 W
Reducer Clamping Inserts Pipe / Fitting For P 315 W
Flange Adaptor
Basic Clamping Tools For Pipe-Fitting Connections
Roweld Workshop Machines With Cnc Control
With Automatic Control (Cnc) And Data Recording
Roweld Workshop Machines With Manual Handling
Timer Lcd
Roweld Reducer Clamp Inserts For P 250 B / P 355 B
Roweld Pipe Roller Galvanized
Roweld Four Jaw Tension Disks
Reducer Clamping Inserts For Roweld P 160 B / P 200 B

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology-
Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Technology
Torque Spanner Set
Schrader Valve Tool
Sanifresh (Contains 12 Bottles)
Plate Fin Comb
Adaptor 1/4" Sae F - 5/16" Sae M Connection.
Cleaning Tools Adaptors
Roscale 120
Refrigerant Scale
Refrigerant Recycling Bottles
Refrigerant For Air-Conditioning Units
Recycling Bottles Refrigerant
Rorec Pro
Refrigerant Recovery Device
Mineral Oil 1 Litre
Vacuum Pumps
Leak Detection Device
Nitrogen Set
Nitrogen Set Vacuum Gauge
Tool Set Climate I
Tool Set
3-Piece Pressure Hose Sets 1/4" Sae R22 R134a R407c R404a
Pressure Hose
Manifold Set
Analogue Manifolds 4-Way 1/4" Sae
Analogue Manifolds 2-Way 1/4" Sae
Analogue Manifold
Rocool Vac-Probe
Rocool 600
Red Box
Digital Manifold
Rocaddy 120 / Rocaddy 120 Digital
Evacuation And Charging
Roklima Multi 4f
Commissioning And Maintenance
Oscillating Tools
Plaster Cutting Saw
Tools For Reworking
Tools For Trimming And Fitting
Tools For Installation
Tools For Shortening Door Frames
Tools To Remove Damaged Tiles
Tools To Cut Out Panels
Tools For Heating And Sanitary
Tools For Interior Construction
Tools For Complete Renovation
Tools For Grout Renewal
Sheet Metal Cutter
Tools For Removing Insulation Glass
Fiberglass Cutter
Repairing Tool For Bodywork.
Tools To Replace Windows In Cargo
Tools To Remove Glass
Tools For Automotive Workshops
Workshop Tools
Car Maintenance Tools
Windshield Remover
Windscreen Glass Remover
Tools For Cargo Vehicles
Tools For Vehicle Glazing
India Wood Tool
Plywood Tool Set
Repair Tools
Film Studio Tools
Event Management Tools
Pipe Fitting Tool
Bathroom Fitting Tool
Construction Tools
Grout Removing Tool
Removing Grout Tool
Hobby Tools
Artist Tools
Interior Fitting Tool
Furniture Manufacturing Tool
Electricians Tool
Plumbing Tools
Boat Maintenance Tool
Marine Tools
Ship Building Tool
Boat Construction Tool
Doors And Windows Tool
Tool For Flooring Works
Tool For Interior Decorator
Interior Construction Tool
Interior Work Tool
Model Building Tool
Tiling Work Tool
Furniture Assembly Tool
Diy Electric Hand Drill
Sculpturing Tools
Tools For Installations
Tools For Interior Fittings
Power Tools For Repairing And Replacing Windows
Power Tools For Interior Works
Tools To Sharpen Blades And Cutters
Tools For Filing
Tools For Cleaning And Polishing
Deck Renovator
Tools For Boat Renovation
Tools For Boat Building
Tools For Machining Aluminum Rims
Tools For Glossy Finish
Paint Sander
Tools To Repair Damaged Vehicles
Tools For Vehicle Repairs
Tools For Renovating
Tools For Hobby Works
Tools For Polishing Work
Cordless Cutter
Compact Tools
Cordless Multi Tool
Tile Joint Remover
Tools To Renovate Kitchens
Tools To Renovate Bathrooms
Tools To Cut Floor Coverings
Tools For Dismantling
Tools For Restoring Furniture
Tools For Modular Kitchen
Mini Circular Saw
Tools For Cutting Pipes Flush
Surface Sander
Tools For Cutting Cable Ducts
Tools For Cutting Plastic.
Wood Cutter
Accessories Of Oscillating Tools
Cut- Outs Maker
Plasterboard Cutter
Glass And Putty Remover
Profiles Sander
Rasping Machine
Sanding Machine
Cutting In Tight Spaces
Cutting In Metal
Cutting In Wood
Multifunction Tool
Multi Power Tool
All In One Tool
All- Rounder
Multi- Cutter
Multipurpose Power Tools
Multi Master
Wood Working Tools
Tools For Interior Renovation
Tools For Interior Decorators
Oscillating Power Tools
Supercut Automotive
Oscillating Tools Multimaster
Oscillating Tools Supercut

Drilling Machines-
Accessories Of Drilling Machines
Cordless Drilling Machine For Interior Construction
Cordless Hammer Drills
Cordless Drilling Machine For Wood Assembly
Cordless Drilling Machine With Reversible Rotation
Two Speed Cordless Drilling Machine
Cordless Drilling Machine For Installation Works
Cordless Precision Drilling Machine
Cordless Masonry Drilling Machine
Cordless Impact Drilling Machine
Battery Operated Drilling Machine
Precision Tapping Machine
Drilling On Pipes
Twist Drilling Machine
Drill For Wood Fabrication
Drill For Sheet Metal Workers
Drill For Roof Fitters
Drilling In Concrete
Machine To Cut Threads
Drilling In Stone
In- Line Motor Angle Drill
Cordless Drilling Machine
Masonry Drill
Tapping Machine With Speed Control
Drill For Difficult To Reach Areas
Angle Drilling Machine
Drill For Countersinking
Magnetic Drill Jig
Drill Jigs
Hammer Drilling Machine
Drill With Tapping Capacity
Drill For Reaming
Heavy Duty Drilling Machine
Drill With High Torque
Drilling In Stainless Steel
Drilling In Aluminum
Drilling Machine
Precision Drilling Machine
Drilling In Wood
Drill With Reversible Rotation
Drill For Carpentry
Drill For Onsite Installation
Drill For Metal Construction
Spade Handle Drills
Four Speed Drilling Machine
Slow Speed Drilling Machine
Two Speed Drilling Machine
Compact Single Speed Drilling Machine
Hand Drilling Machine
Rotary Drilling Machine
Sheet Metal Working -
Accessories Of Sheet Metal Working
Burr- Free Cutter
Distortion Free Cutter
Power Tools For Roofing
Stainless Steel Cutter
Cutter For Corners And Edges
Power Tools For Dismantling
Punch And Die Nibbler
Nibbler Dies
Punching Tool
Nibblers For Sheet Metals.
Groove Cutter
Power Tools For Cutting Trapezoidal Sheets
Power Tools For Cutting Corrugated Sheets
Cut Out Tools
Power Tools For Trimming
Power Tools For Cutting Sheet Metal
Power Tools For Cutting Metals
Trimming Sheet Metal Shears
Sheet Metal Shears For Cutting
Sheet Metal Shears For Stainless Steel
Sheet Metal Shears
Slitting Shears For Pipes
Slitting Shears With Chip Clipper
Slitting Shear For Rolled Sheets
Slitting Shears For Spiral Seam Pipes.
Curve Cutting Machine
Power Tools For Curve Cuts
Profile Cutter
Cutting Machine
Slitting Shears
Slitting Machines

Sawing And Cutting
Surface Processing
Drilling Machine
Hammer Drill
Tapping Works
Fastening Dry Wall Screw Guns
Straight Grinders
Slitting Shears
Shears Tools
Drill Nibbler
Jigsaws and Hacksaws
Automotive Tools
Genetic Balancers
Middel Balancers
High Balancers
Pipe Milling Machines
Flange-Mounted Motors
Power Tools
Wood Working Tools
Interior Construction
Construction Tools
Hand Drill
Cordless Screwdrivers
Cordless Hammer Drill
Boat Polisher
Griding Angle Grinders
Drivers Tools
High frequency power tools
Broach Cutting Machines
Stationary Belt Grinders

Contact Details


416, Ganesh Peth, Near Grudwara Road, Opp Metro Bakery Shree Chamber, Shop No-1,
Pune, 411002 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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