Samruddhi Industries Ahmedabad (India)

Business overview

Established in the year 2005, Samruddhi Industries, is one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of a comprehensive range of Industrial Testing and Inspection Instrument across the globe. We make use of high grade raw material to design and develop our complete product range to make it in compliance with the industry standards. These instrument are widely acclaimed for optimum performance and yielding accurate result and our product range includes testing instrument, industrial testing instruments, inspection instrument, plain gauges, universal welding gauge, ultrasonic gauge, thread gauges, dye penetration material, dye penetrant testing and radiography film viewer. Besides manufacturing, we are also involved in the trading and importing of this world-class range of instrument that are widely appreciated by our clients. These are sourced from reputed manufacturing companies to who make use of advanced technology in their production process. Moreover, we are bestowed with a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that is well-equipped with advanced machines and equipment that enables us to manufacture a flawless range of instrument. We constantly strive to offer quality to our customers and thus our entire range is tested on various quality parameters such as accuracy, reliability, performance, operation and precision. Furthermore, we also provide calibration certificate and repairing of NDT equipment and measuring instrument traceability by NABL. Progressing under the able guidance of our founder, Mr. Parag D. Patel, we have been able to carve a niche in the industry. His immense industry experience and technical knowledge have been instrumental in guiding our company towards success and growth.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2005
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

We are Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of a wide range of testing instrument, industrial testing instruments, inspection instrument, plain gauges, universal welding gauge, ultrasonic gauge, thread gauges, dye penetration material, dye penetrant testing and radiography film viewer.

Hardness Testing Machine
Portable Metal Hardness Tester
Hardness Tester Time 5100
Portable Casting Hardness Tester MHT100
Digital Portable Hardness Tester MHT200
Portable Rebound Hardness Tester TH110
Hardness Tester TH110
Digital Leeb Hardness Tester TH130
Poldi Hardness Tester Bluesteel
Samsonic Pencil Hardness Tester
Ultrasonic Hardness Tester
Poldi Hardness Tester

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges TT100
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge UTG111
Concrete Thickness Gauge
Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TM8812
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TM210B
Time2110 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector TFD800C

LED Radiography Film Viewers Samsonic
LED Radiography Viewer
Digital Leeb Hardness Tester MHT170

Coating Thickness Gauge
Paint Micron Coating Thickness Gauge CM8821
Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
Elektrophysik Coating Gauge
Digital Coating Gauge FM2
Ferrous And Nonferrous DFT Meter
Flow Cup Viscometer
Coating Thickness Gauge FNF

Rubber Hardness Tester
Bluesteel Shore A Hardness Tester SHR - A - GOLD
Bluesteel Rubber Hardness Tester Shore A And Shore D
Digital Shore A Hardness Tester
Rubber Hardness Tester Shore A
Shore D Durometer
Shore A Durometer

INSIZE Precision Measuring Instruments
Accud Measuring Instruments
Digital Microscope
600MM Digital Verniar Caliper
Combination Square Set
Universal Bevel Protector
Digital Protector
Torque Screwdriver
600mm Verniar Caliper Accud
150Mm Digital Depth Vernier
Digital Tyre Depth Gauge
Disk Micrometer
Inside Micrometer
Tube Micrometer
Outside Micrometer
Digital Level
Dial Indicator 0.001mm
Digital Micrometer
Three Point Inside Micrometer
0-25MM Blade Micrometer
Point Micrometer
0-25Mm Screw Thread Micrometer
Granite V Block Set
Teclock Inside Dial Caliper

Surface Roughness Meter
SJ210 Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester
TIME 3220 Surface Roughness Meter
Surface Roughness Meter
Surface Profile Gauge
130 Roughness Comparison Specimens
SA 2.5 Sand And Shot Blasting Chart
Roughness Tester Samsonic
Surface Roughness Tester Samsonic
Time 3100 Surface Roughness Tester
Digital Surface Profile Gauge

Precision Measuring Instrument
Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments
Precision Measuring Instruments
Textile Vernier Prism Type
0-150mm Digital Micrometer Make
Pistol Calipers
Plunger Type Gauges Baker KO2
Sleep Gauge Box
Kristeel-Shinwa Product
Baker Thread and Plug Gauges
600 Mm Vernier Caliper Accuplus
0-25 Mm Outside Micrometer
150 Mm Vernier Caliper
Point Micrometer
Spherical Anvil Tube Micrometer
Tube Micrometer
Spline Micrometer
0-100 Mm Outside Micrometer
0-25 Mm Blade Micrometer
0.001 Mm Outside Micrometer
Outside Micrometer With Interchangebale Anvils
Pin Gauge Set
Paper Thickness Gauge
Pin Gauge
0-25 Mm Screw Thread Micrometer
0-25Mm Disk Micrometer
Micrometer Stand Mitutoyotype
Ceramic Gauge Block
Accuplus Micrometer Stand

GAL Welding Gauges
Automatic Weld Gauge (Gal Gage)
Hi-Low Welding Gauge Gal
Single Purpose Hi-Low Welding Gauge GAL
Adjustable Weld Fillet Gauge (GAL USA)
Bridge Cam Gauge
Universal Welding Gauges
Pie Tape - USA
Weld Fillet Gauge

Non Destructive Testing Instruments
Rebar Locator
High Intensity Radiography Film Viewers
Spotcheck SKL-SP1 Solvent Removable Penetrant
Spotcheck SKD-S2 Developer

Granite Surface Plate
Surface Plate
Surface Comparator Stand with Dial

Inspection Mirror
LED Inspection Mirror
8x Magnifier Lens With Scale And Light

Lutron Testing Instruments
Digital Vibration Meter VB8201HA
Digital Infrared Thermometer Samsonic
DT2236 Tachometer Lutron
Infrared Thermometer Fluck 59MINI
Infrared Thermometer
Digital Stop Watch Racer
Lab Testing Instruments
Sound Level Meter
Digital Anemometer
Uv Light Meter Uv340
Dt2230 Techo Meter
Pocket Humidity Meter
Ht 305 Dew Point Meter
Dissolve Oxygen Meter
Ultrasonic Laser Distance Measure
PH Meter
Insulation Tester
Dew Point Humidity Meter HT 305
VB-8200 Vibration Meter
Lux Meter(Light Meter)

Surveying Test Equipments
Bosch CST Berger Rodometer

Torque Wrench
Britool Torque Wrench
Griphold Torque Wrench
Digital Torque Wrench

Master spirit Level 0.02-0.01mm
Master Sprit Level Bottle RSK
Frame Level Spirit Level Master Level
150mm Block Level RSK Japan

28-300 Mm Pie Tape
300-600 Mm Outside Diameter Tape
600-900 MM Circumference Tape
15-50MM Blue Outside Diameter Tape

Magnetic Particle Testing Instruments-NDT
AC/DC Y7 Magnetic Particle Yoke Machine
Centrifuge Tube with Stand Magnaflux
Gauss Meter
Wcp2 White Contras Spray
8A Red Powder
UV Lights ZB100F
MG-2410 Wet Method Fluorescent Magnetic Powder
Ketos MPI Test Ring
Pie Field Indicator - Magnaflux
Gauss Meter - Magnaflux
Dye Penetration Material Magnaflux

Digital Gloss Meter
Gloss Meter

Holiday Detector
Holiday Detector & Spark Tester
Pin Hole Detector

Scientific Lab Testing Instruments
Plastic Paper Thickness Gauge
O2 Meter
Chlorine Meter
GCO-2008 Scientific Lab Testing Instrument
PCO-350 Scientific Lab Testing Instrument
PCD-432 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
WA-2015 Data Logger
CD-4303 Conductivity Meter
CD-4303HA Conductivity Meter
PM-9102 Manometer
PM-9100 Manometer
PM-9107 Manometer
PM-9100HA Manometer
LCR -9063 Meter
MS-7000 Moisture Meter
VB-8200 Vibration Meter
VB-8202 Vibration Meter
VB-8212 Vibration Meter
VT-8204 Vibration Meter
SL- Laboratory Testing Instruments
SL 4010 Digital Sound Level Meter
SL-4012 Lab Testing Instrument
SL-4011 Lab Testing Instrument
SL-4030 Noise Meter
SL-4030 Digital DB Level Meter
LX-1102 Lab Testing Instrument
LX-1108 Sound Level Meter
CM-9930R/DL-9602SD Clamp Meter
SP-7000 Clamp Meter
DM-6007 Clamp meter
CM-9930 Clamp Meter
DLE 40 Laser Distance Meters
Digital Multi Thermometer
Scientific Lab Testing Instrument

Mitutoyo Measuring Instruments
Dial Thickness Gauge Mitutoyo 7327
0-25mm Outside Micrometer Mitutoyo
Digimatic Micrometer Mitutoyo 293-240
Point Micrometer Mitutoyo
5-30 Mm Inside Micrometer Mitutoyo
Verniar Caliper 532-119
Depth Vernier Caliper
Magnetic Stand 7010S Mitutoyo
600 Mm Verniar Height Gauge
300Mm Dial Height Gage with Digital Counter
Dial Indicator 2046S Mitutoyo
513-404 Dial Test Indicator
SJ210 Surface Roughness Tester Mitutoyo
83 Nos Sleep Gauge Block
Telescopic Gauge
Dial Indicator 2109S10
High Accuracy Height Measuring Instrument Linear Height 2D
Pipe Micrometer
300Mm Mitutoyo Vernier
Ceramic Gauge Blocks Set
Digital Tyre Depth Caliper
Steel Gauge Block
87 Nos Gauge Blocks Set For Caliper Inspection
Gauge Blocks Accessory
83 Nos Steel Gauge Block Set

Angle Measurement Instruments
Industrial Inclinometer
Angle Finder Dayton
Digital Angle Protector
Digital Angle With Spirit Level Meter
Angle Finder

Digital Lab Testing Instruments
Insize Pin Gauge

Samsonic Measuring Instruments
Crank Shaft Alignment Gauge L.c. 0.01mm
Micrometer Stands
Multi Purpose Dial Stand
Dial Thickness Gauge for Profile Measurement
Dial Thickness Gauge for Foam Thickness
Dial Thick Gauge for Roller Bearing Anvil for Moving Objects
Dial Thickness Gauge for Gem Thickness
Dial Thickness Gauge for Pit Depth
Earth Resistance Tester
Contact Thermometer
Semi Flexible Endoscope
Compact Inspection Set
Accud Vernier Depth Caliper
600 Mm Digital Height Gage
Accud Vernier Height Gage 186
0-25 Mm IP54 Digital Micrometer
300-400Mm Ouside Micrometer with Extension Anvil
Accud Spline Micrometer 328
Digital Force Gauge
Block Level 0.02mm
Digital Inside Neck Caliper 135
Accud Digital Blade Caliper 153
1000 Mm Vernier Caliper
Accud Digital Caliper 118
Accud Digital Outside Neck Caliper
Accud Digital Point Caliper 138
Accude Digital Gear Tooth Caliper 156
Digital Depth Caliper
Digital Pin Depth Caliper
Digital Hook Depth Caliper 173
Digital Double Hook Depth Caliper
Accud Vernier Depth Caliper 175
Accud Dial Height Gage 185
Accud Vernier Height Gauge
Accud IP65 Digital Micrometer
Micro Graduation Outside Micrometer
Accud Point Micrometer 327
Accuplus Tube Micrometer 341

Paint Testing Instruments
Push Pull Gauge
Pen Type Coating Thickness Gauge
Scratch Hardness Tester
Digital Surface Profile Guage
Surface Roughness Comparator
Cross Hatch Tester
Paint Impact Tester
ISO Swedish Book

Luthra products
Angle Plate Luthra
Straight Egde 3000 Mm
Bench Centre
Surface Plate
Comparator Stand
Sine Bar

Press O Film Testex USA
Press O Film
Dial Indicator 2109S-10
Insize Check Master

Baker Measuring Instruments
Dial Depth Gauge
Digital Plunger Dial Gauge v1
Depth Micrometer
Plunger Type
Lever Dial Indicator
Back Plunger Dial Gauge
Crank Shaft Gauge
Vernier Calipers
Dial Caliper Types
Digital Calipers
Water Proof Digital Calipers
Master Setting Rings/Discs
Precision External Micrometers (Analog)
Digital Micrometer
Dial Thickness Gauge
Dial Bore Gauge
Digital Height Gauge 300mm
Plunger Dial Gauge
Dial Gauge
Dial Indicator
Dial Depth Gauge Baker
Baker Measuring Instruments.

Digital Vibration Meter
LCR Meters -9063
Digital Vibration Meter VB8200 Samsonic

Rockwell Hardness Tester
Rockwell Hardness Tester
Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Tester
Manual Rockwell Hardness Tester
Tablet Hardness Tester

kristeel Engineering Gauges
Radius Gauge / Radius Gauge Set
Bore Gauge / Bore Gauge Leaf
Screw Cutting Gauge
Stainless Steel Degree Protractor - Kristeel
Weld Fillet Weld Gauge
Leaf Type Weld Gauge
Hi Low Welding Gauge
Angle Gauge
Angle Gauge Set
Marking Gauge
29' Screw Thread Tool Gauge
Degree Set Square
Pie Tape
150 Mm Engineers Square Right Angle

Tecklock Inside Dial Caliper
Analog Tachometer

Crystal Engineering Products
Magnetic V Block
V Block Set
100x95x75 Magnetic V Block

Thermo Hygro Meter
Digital Moisture Meter For Wood & Building Material
Racer Stop Watch

Bosch Autolevels and Distance Measure Instruments
GLM40 Laser Distance Measurer
GLM50 Distance Meter
GLM 80 Distance Measurer
GLM 100C Laser Measure
GLM 250VF Laser Rangefinder
GMS 120 Professional Detector
D-tect 120 Wall / Floor Scanner
D-tect 150 Wall Scanner
GIC 120 Inspection Camera
GPL 5 - Level Instruments
GCL 25 Line Laser
GLL 3-15 Line Laser
GLL 5-50 - Level Measuring Instrument
GLL 3-80P - Leveling Instruments
GTL 3 Tile Laser
GRL 300 HV Leveling Rotating Laser
GRL 400HV Rotation Laser
GSL 2 Surface Laser
GOL 26D Leveling Instruments
GOL 32D - Leveling Instruments
DWM 40L Angle Measurer
DNM 60L Digital Inclinometer
DNM 120L Digital Inclinometer

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Contact Details

Samruddhi Industries

No. 4- A, Shayona Center, Ground Floor, Naroda Road, Near Memco Cross Road, Near Bank Of Baroda,
Ahmedabad, 380025 (Gujarat) - (India)


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