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Foshan city Shunde District Ronggui Changyu Hardware & plastic factory is located in a developed economy and convenient transportation, Guangdong Province, Shunde District, Guangzhou Zhuhai Highway (State Road 105), is a wholly-owned private enterprises. The enterprise specializing in the production of plastic environmental protection PP packing belt, sealing glue, packaging machine series products, which packaged with plastic machine with annual production capacity of 8000 tons, Shita Masahiro Packaging Machine Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in various types of imported and domestic packaging machinery, packaging automation production line. Packaging machinery mainly include: automatic packing machine, all (semi) automatic sealing machine, heat shrink film machine, automatic stretch wrapping machine series, professional design and installation of industrial automatic packaging line, unmanned automatic packing series. The enterprise through continuous innovation and development for many years, in the industry have a certain visibility, especially our after sale service is our customers fully affirmed, we hope in the future development, in support of new and old customers, with our professional technology, excellent service, relaxed and convenience for your work.

Industry Engineering
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2001
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

The enterprise specializing in the production of plastic environmental protection PP packing belt, sealing glue, packaging machine series products.

* Our Products:-
Production Line
Pipeline Animation
Box Machine
Pp And Pet Strapping
Warning Tape
Mala Tape
Pe Protective Film
Wrapping Film
Wet Water Kraft Paper
Kraft Paper
The Polyester Tape
Sponge Rubber
Aluminum Foil Tape
Double Sided Tape
Sealing Compound
Crepe Paper
Sealing Machine
Plastic Dual Packer
Pet Packing Machine
Portable On Charter
Pedal Sealing Machine
M Type Winding Machine
Inkjet Printer
Cy-Tb01 Automatic Labeling Machine
Cy-Bh20 Full-Automatic Unmanned Baler
Plate Type Double Chamber Vacuum (Air) Packing Machine
Automatic Packing Machine Cy-Bl20
Cy-Bh10 Full-Automatice Unmanded Baler
Number Of Packaging Machine
Automatic Packing Machine Cy-Bl10
Cy-H04/Cy-H03 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
Cy-H01 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine (Low)
Cy-Bh10a Full-Automatic Unmanned Baler
Cy-H600/Cy-H500 Metal Infrared Heat Shrink Packaging Machine
Cy-Bl10a Full-Automatic Baler
Cy-R1 2in1 Sealing And Cutting, Shrink Packaging Machine
Cy-2000a Resistance Pull Automatic Winding Machine
Cy-2000e On-Line Automatic Film Winding Machine
Cy-130 Semi-Automatic Line Boad Baler
Cy-Ro-Trc-3 Full-Automatic Baler
Cy-Fj-Bd Semi Automatic Folding Cover Sealing Machine
Cy-Fj-Dg Case Erector
Cy-Bh20a Full-Automatic Unmanned Baler
Cy-Fja6060 Automatic Kok Pin Sealer
Cy-W400 Far Infrared Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Machine (Net)
Electric Buckle Free Packing Machine
Cy-Fj-Cd Automatic Sealing Machine
Pneumatic Buckle Free Packing Machine
Cy-Fj-Dg Automatic Sealing Machine
Electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine
Hand Pressing Sealing Machine
Industrial Operation Layered Kraft Paper
Cy-Dba770p Full-Automatic Arrow Type Baler
Cy-Fj-Ef Auto-Induction Sealing Machine
Cy-Fj-De Automatic Sealing Machine
Cy-Bh30/Cy-Bh30a Full-Automatic Baler
Cy-Fj-Df Automatic Sealing Machine

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Shandong Changyu New Material Co.,Ltd.

Industry Park Of Feixian, East Outer Ring Road, Of Feixian,
Linyi, 273400 () - (China)


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