Shanghai Ming constitution and equipment Ltd. ShangHai (China)

Business overview

I understand the constitution and the company `` import sales in the domestic scientific instruments, meters for the peer have fallen throughout most varieties, involving industry in the broadest professional companies. Acting current multiple processes 80, 000 paper records, a brand of industrial Recorders and controlling devices, and matching paper records, records pens, heat paper, Yamin Dou (special specifications can be customized), and matching print round, the first printing, heat first, ribbons, ink records, temperature rods, extended lines. Products 1, the United States and one-time Recorders DeltaTRAK whole series thomograph 2, the British crown (CrownGraphic) and the Italian small-yui + (Cerecarta) Plant Industry meters, and through paper records ;3, British ICI; EnviroServe (Ici-imagedata) and the Japanese Sony (Sony) plant video recording paper ;4, Japan Mitsubishi (He was Mitsubishi) and South Korea (Tsc) plants jet, laser printer paper ;5, Israel (Dykam) the medicinal plant paper records. These manufacturers are long for the world many famous instruments, meters production equipment manufacturers products manufacturers, products have passed the ISO9000 standard or the European CE certification; And nuclear power in China, utilities, oil, oil refining, maritime reconnaissance, meteorological, geological, and environmental protection as well as chemical, manufacturing, molding, light, medical, and other industries more widely used. Members of the business communications industry, calls advice, buy related products, and to accept special processing. Commodities account recorded off DeltaTRAK throughout the United States and one-time series Recorders transportation Recorders, ABB, Yokogawa (Henghe), Chessell (Qiesaier), Honeywell (R), Chino (1, 000 wild), Eurotherm (Euro), NEC (Mizakae), Graphtec (Japan map), Ms. (Sydney), Fuji (Fuji), Partlow (Pateluo), Philips have set (Philips), Siemens (Siemens), Toshiba (Toshiba), Alexander Wright (Alexandria, Wright), Amerjcan Meter (American), CIS Amrein (love Murray), Anderson Instruments (Anderson), Bayley (Billy), Barton Instrument Systems (Barton), BIF\BARISTOLBABCOCK (Bristol Erbabukeke), British Rototherm (Britain Fila), Camille Bauer (Kaimili Bauer), Eckardt (Aika), ENDRESS&HAUSER (E+H), Esterlin Angus (love Sitelan Angusi), FISHER&POERZ (Fischer & Porter), Fisher Controls (Fischer Kangteluo), Foxboro (FTS is an Jinbo Luo), Goerz (song Tsz), GULTON\RUSTRAK (Kato / Lasitela), HARTMANN&BRAUN (Hartmann & Bulaosi), Richard Jules Instruments (Julius), Jumo (long Mau), Kipp ZONEN\LEEDS sent Northrup (loss), MACL (Western), Mercury (Mercury), Westronics (Weisiteluo), Universal pens (Universal), PENNY&GILES (P&G), Ohkura (large class), Yamatake (San Vu), Ms. (Satoh), Konics, RKC

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 1998
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level State

Products & Services

Manufacturers of DeltaTRAK whole series Recorders, One-time Transport Recorders, Medicinal paper, Domestic meters using paper records, Record sum \ ribbons \ print head \ Photo paper records, Recorder Photo, Honeywell offer paper records, Honeywell Honeywell record first-print ribbons, Chino paper record 1, 000 wild.

Contact Details

Shanghai Ming constitution and equipment Ltd.

Shanghai Hua Ling Road,
1900 get 88

ShangHai, 200442 (Outside India) - (China)


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