Shanghai Wesee Tech. Corp., Ltd. ShangHai (China)

Business overview

Shanghai forever Hing technology have limited companies (holding Wesee Tech. Ct. , Ltd. , hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai forever Hing) was founded in 2001 by Beijing University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and other institutions set up several doctoral and teachers from Beijing University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Professor, the two part-time Ph.D., All of the above have tertiary qualifications. Shanghai forever Hing focus on wireless communications at the core products and services, providing tailored solutions for clients. In the development of long-range point-to-multi-point wireless networks and mobile roaming to wireless networks for the transmission of customer data, voice, video transmission monitoring plan like, for LAN connectivity. Recently also the need for broadband connectivity within three kilometres users 11/54Mbps outdoor spaces devoted to the development of low-cost wireless bridge, and has also developed integrated wireless bridge wireless video equipment and video server systems and portable wireless video mail delivery system, there is no line of portable bridge. Shanghai forever Hing products particularly suited to factories, residential areas, parks especially among obstacles occasions, such as roads rivers television monitor and LAN connectivity, as well as highways, power lines and other distribution consecutive occasions control, elevators, trains and other mobile occasion TV surveillance, unmanned vehicles long-range surveillance and control. At the same time, Shanghai forever Sea reserves suitable for computing, communication and storage of electronic technology to plan, its information dissemination techniques, traffic simulation technology, complex surface / complex space / electronic images showed tremendous technology-station licence to travel technology, working miners / VPS technology vehicle security system technology and related inventions have patents. Trademarks : wesee, if magic is really, got Xiao Bao, build small Fuk.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Trader
Establishment Year 1998
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level State

Products & Services

Traders of Wireless bridge products
WS-2411-R 2.4GHz 11Mbps wireless outdoor point-to-multi-point bridge
WS-2411-P 2.4GHz 1Mbps repeater
WS-2454-R 2.4GHz 54Mbps wireless outdoor point-to-multi-point bridge
Ws-2454-HP-R 2.4GHz 54Mbps wireless outdoor point-to-multi-point remote bridge
WS-2454-P 2.4GHz 54Mbps repeater
Ws-2454-HP-P 2.4GHz 54Mbps remote repeater
Wireless video transmitters:
WS-2411-RV/I 2.4GHz 11Mbps outdoor wireless video transmitters
WS-2411-RV/2 2.4GHz 11Mbps supporting outdoor wireless video transmitters
WS-2454-RV/I 2.4GHz 54Mbps outdoor wireless video transmitters
WS-2454-RV/2 2.4GHz 54Mbps supporting outdoor wireless video transmitters
WS-2454-RV/4 2.4GHz 54Mbps officials outdoor wireless video transmitters
WS-2454-HP-RV/I outdoor long way 2.4GHz 54Mbps wireless video transmitters
WS-2454-HP-RV/2 2.4GHz 54Mbps supporting outdoor remote wireless video transmitters
WS-2454-HP-RV/4 2.4GHz 54Mbps outdoor remote wireless video transmitters charge
Shanghai forever Hing recently launched portable radio transceivers system serial products
Network video server
WS6000 network video server WS8000 network video decoders
Antenna products
2.4GHz 14 dBi antenna small Banzhuang 2.4GHz 24 dBi parabolic antenna

16 dBi 2.4GHz radio antenna back to the top 2.4GHz 16 dBi back radio antenna
2.4GHz 8 dBi antenna to fibreglass - 2.4GHz 12 dBi antenna to fibreglass -
Wi -LAN series wireless communications products Kuopin
AWE120-58 high-end wireless bridge Libra5800 high-end wireless bridge VIP110-24 wireless bridge.

Contact Details

Shanghai Wesee Tech. Corp., Ltd.

Shanghai Yishanlu 515 Link Plaza B Block 17A,
ShangHai, 200233 (Outside India) - (China)


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