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Business overview

Company established in 1998 the company has develop state-of-the art leading edge products using Embedded software solution and harnessing the power of microprocessors. Today these products help physicians and Nurses care for their patients and effectively manage the quality and cost of health care. The company commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by the development of product designed for ease of use longevity and ruggedness. Our customer service program has a track record in helping customers with planning and installation process, in service training and ensuring that their equipment operates at optimum efficient. Quality Policy :- It is the policy of company to provide best quality products and service that meets the needs and expectations of our customers and international and national regulatory requirements Our objective is to be the quality leader as viewed by our customers. Quality at Work :- We believe is "85%" of the failures reported in the field / at customer site could have been avoided if proper design /techniques followed during Design stage of the product. During design stage Hardware is reduced to about 40% than otherwise by giving more emphasis by giving more emphasis to software solution than Hardware circuits. By employing trained and quality Man power. Products designed to meet all National and International standards Main Activities :- The main activity of the company is to develop, manufacture and sell medical equipment's. Company Activities :- The company due to its strength in technology , undertook and developed industrial products, undertake turnkey projects and consultancy using real time. Embedded solution in the area of power and Measurement. The company has developed OEM boards for medical equipment companies to integrate with their system like serial ECG to interface with PC based system. The company also runs chain of health care screening centers at airports with our own custom made BP, Pulse, weight and height measurement system. Company Values :- Respect for individuals and need to develop their potential Excellence in product Quality and customer service The importance of Technical innovation The power of team work The importance of ethical behavior The urgency of today for the promise of the future

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturers & Trader
Establishment Year 1998
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level National

Products & Services

Manufacturer and Traders of edge products using Embedded software solution and harnessing the power of microprocessors.

Our Product Range :

Patient Monitor :-
T4800 - Desktop Model
iTV - Wall Mountable
XL Mon Regular
CMS - Central Monitoring System

Patient Monitor - Time Tested Series :-
Cardio 2800 ECG Monitor
Cardio 3800 ECG Sp02
Cardio - 4800 ECG SpO2 NIBP
GMON 2800 - ECG
GMon 3800 - ECG SpO2

Pulse Oximeter :-
H5 - Stainless Steel Body
H6 - with waveform
Pulse Oximeter NIBP
Smart BP - NIBP
C5 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Defribrillator :-
Gcare - Biphasic
Gmon NTP - ECG SpO2 NTP - Monitor for ICU/Casuality

Capnography :-
E5 - ETCO2 Resp Stand Alone
GMon ET - ECG SpO2 ETCO2 3Para * Very Special Price
XLMon with EtCo2 - ECG SpO2 NIBP Resp Temp IBP EtCo2

Special Products :-
N5 - ECCP - External Cardiac Counter Pulsatio
Ambulatory TDAP - Therapeutic Diastolic Augmentation Pump
Health Station

New Products :-
OT Technical Panel

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Contact Details

Siliconlabs Pvt Limited

21, Kamber Street, East Tambaram
Chennai, 600 059 (Tamil Nadu) - (India)


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