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Thinking beyond. Two words that encapsulate all about us at Sistech Italy Srl. We believe that it is our passion for perfection and the willingness to go that extra mile to achieve quality and technological breakthroughs is what separates us from the clutter. A new-generation technology company with its Corporate Office in Rome, Italy, Sistech Italy Srl offers a range of technology services in Electronic Commerce, Information Technology, Software Development Services, Systems Integration and Consulting. Sistech Italy Srl also has a dedicated team of cutting edge creative talent to augment the growing need for creatively designed websites and dynamic multimedia and flash presentations. Three years since it's inception, Sistech's reach has been extended far and wide. With the corporate headquarters at Rome, Italy, the company today has Marketing Offices in London in the UK. Sistech's state-of-the-art Offshore Development Center in Chennai, India, with its technological edge and some of the best talents in the industry, provides customers with seamless support solutions. Our domain expertise, retention of the best talent, global execution model, strong process and lower overheads allow us to deliver the better solutions with the fastest turnaround time and at the most affordable rates. At Sistech Italy Srl our commitment lies with providing customers with business and creative solutions that offer maximum performance and scalability. Our business analysis team consists of professionals with diverse experience in Information Technology, Marketing and Creativity. This enables us to provide rapid, efficient solutions to our clients.

Industry Computers and IT
Business Type Service Provider
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level National

Products & Services

Service providers of Electronic Commerce, Information Technology, Software Development Services, Systems Integration and Consulting.

Proposal :
? Generate a preliminary project proposal
? Outlining of customers goals and requirements
? Identifying various project phases
? Development of general guidelines and assumptions
? Development of project work plan
? Estimating schedule and budget

Pre-project Planning :
? Pre-project planning
? Identifying core business market segment, target and positioning
? Defining goals, messages and audience for the product
? Development of business model
? Information marketing and transactional content
? Category killer
? Channeled configuration
? Transaction processing
? Event aggregation
? Market segment aggregation
? Value chain integration

Envision :
? Development of paper model of business
? Identification of products and services
? Identification of features of products and services
? Gather detailed customer requirements and project goals
? Risk assessment, problem identification and alternative solution
Develop :
? Identify GUI concepts and functionality
? Identify competing technologies
? Identify product architectures, scaling and tradeoffs
? Develop GUI layouts and usage storyboards
? Develop content production scenarios
Assessment :
? Present GUI, architecture, and content to customer
? Refine requirements and design according to feedback
? Update plans and specifications from refined design
Prototype :
? Development of interface for the product by the front end team
? Prototyping actual engineering solutions
? Database design as per refined functional requirements
? Integration of front-end and back-end
? Testing of prototype against potential users
? Implement and assess the prototype
? Present prototype and findings to customer
? Solicit customer resolution of requirements as needed
? Propose, implement, and assess new alternatives
Final Execution and Iterative Development :
(This involves finalizing and implementing system design)
? Refine requirements and design according to prototype findings
? Update plans and specifications from refined requirements and design
? Develop GUI and architecture frameworks
? Progressively populate frame works with functionality
? Development of project "builds"
? Develop preliminary release procedures
? Perform in-house testing of the product
? Release alpha tested system to customer
? Feedback from customer
Release Product :
? Refine requirements and design according to alpha findings
? Generate plans for release, distribution, feedback, and re-release
? Develop final release procedures
? Implement alpha modifications
? Release and distribute beta system to beta testers
? Implement beta fixes
? Re-release beta system
? Create and verify master copy of final release
? Deliver master copy to distributor.

Other Services is :
Create :
Databases have become the backbone of any organization. A database can help you manage customers, maintain product information, accounting data, and improve the information distribution channels. We are pioneers in interactive web reporting. Our programs can web-enable your database i.E. You will be able to browse your database as if it were a website. We'll provide you with a fast and flexible web interface that will give you the competitive edge your company needs. If you have a website that needs frequent updating of content, you should be using a database. A database driven site delivers timely information and can be updated in real-time without using a web designer. We have experience with most of the major database platforms and can consult with you on what solution is best for your organization. If your database doesn't perform as expected, we optimize your current database or create an entirely new, more efficient, and flexible database. We are experienced with most of the major database platforms...
Integrate :
Our team is experienced in connecting heterogeneous database systems (ORACLE, MS SQL Server, PostgreSql, MySql, Ms-Access) directly to other systems or to your portal on to the web. Whether your database is simple or has a highly complex structure, we offer a very efficient integration and synchronization options.
Whether you have an old DOS-based application or legacy system, a flat file database, or a database that was created in-house by someone who is no longer there, Sistech Italy Srl is here to provide with affordable data solution. Even if you no longer have the code to your application, we can examine the database and recreate the application.

Our services in web :
? Internet applications
? Web page designing
? Portal development
? Intranet/Extranet development
? Internet marketing
? Online branding
? E-commerce
? Database development

Web services are being publicised as the next major disruptive technology on the Internet, and they do indeed have the potential to revolutionise application delivery. They split into two main types:

Simple web services :
Simple web services that are largely transactional in nature and generally are stateless - i.E. Each transaction is considered on its own merits and the result does not depend on what has gone on before. For example, a bank might have a web service that performs a currency conversion. You send it an amount in dollars, it will convert the amount to sterling.

Complex web Services :
Complex web services which have an persistence over time - i.E. They are a business process not a transaction. These span a range of solutions from ones that are essentially short-lived but require a set of interactions (a conversation) to achieve to large-scale business process outsourcing. An example of the former would be a service to book tickets requiring negotiation over seats, performances etc; the latter is found in private trading exchanges in supply chains.
Complex web services, as opposed to simple web services, have persistence over time - i.E. They are business processes not a transaction. These span a range of solutions from ones that are essentially short-lived but require a set of interactions (a conversation) to achieve a business function to large-scale business process outsourcing. Our views these as a natural extension of its community heritage, combining both its community platform as well as its capabilities in business process transformation and implementation.

In particular, Sistech Italy Srl has focused on the creation and operation of business webs, illustrated below, where services are delivered to customers through a shared process spanning multiple organisations. Typically such business webs:

Create a unique new value proposition where suppliers, partners and customers work and are rewarded together are driven by a context provider who orchestrates value creation activities marshall the contribution of participating enterprises to create value for the end customer support the open exchange of knowledge to maximise value capture.

Integrated service delivery and fulfillment is especially critical to these business systems. Our experience in community systems has given it the ideal platform on which to build collaborative business processes and implement them within an organisation and its extended enterprise. Critical to the successful implementation of such processes is the ability to integrate them to the existing systems within an organisation. Our capability as a systems integrator provides full support for integration to a wide variety of systems.

E-Commerce services:
-Manage the Entire Transaction Cycle
-Integrate E-Commerce Initiatives with Enterprise Systems
-Ensure Transaction Security
-Control the Cost and Quality of Customer Service and Support
-Reliable and Scalable E-Commerce Solutions

Sevices if Embedded Technology:
-Design and development of defense standard project and consulting
-Code Composer Studio and DSP programming.

Enterprise Solutions -> Enterprise Resource Planning :
Enterprise solutions, open architecture, open opportunities for your business?
You need your people in the right place at the right time, with the right skills. We have solutions that enable our Global clients to:
?Capture key sales and marketing forecast information
?Convert that information into resource calculations and requirements for key functions within the business
?Associate cost and revenue forecasts to those requirements
?Track ACTUAL cost and revenue from completed sales
?Compare, via flexible report writing modules, Forecast vs. Actual
?Schedule resources to orders, or projects and ensure that customer orders are delivered on- time.

Grown-up CRM for grown-up enterprises :
Effective customer relationship management is essential for commercial businesses in a weak economy, and is a catalyst for driving value for money and improved services in government. Successful CRM can have an almost magical impact on the end customer. Unfortunately, achieving this in a lasting way at a reasonable cost is, for large complex enterprises, a non-trivial challenge.
Sistech Italy Srl is working with our customers across market sectors and around the world to help them understand the value and needs of their customers and transform their business operations based on this insight.

Enterprise Solutions -> Siebel Professional Services :
Delivering eBusiness Applications That Assure Customer Satisfaction
Siebel System's eBusiness applications bring you closer to your customers. They let you create a single source of customer information so that you can sell, market, and service customers across multiple channels. These include the Web, call centers, field, resellers, retail, and dealer networks. No matter how or with whom customers interact with your company, they feel as if they are having one continuous, uninterrupted conversation.
Owning such applications is one thing, making them work in a way that lets you produce successful results is another.
Our Siebel Systems Professional Services group gives you the hands-on experience necessary to make your Siebel Systems selection and implementation an out-of-the-box success. Our consultants are Siebel certified to assure you work with only the most qualified professionals.

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