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Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (SC) Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SC) is a professional service company, primarily engaged in providing multinational purchasing information. With a philosophy that is pragmatic and based on good faith, we will provide a reliable and highly efficient platform for potential buyers and suppliers. Information is wealth. With our acquired knowledge, experience and a focus on continuous improvement we can provide the most valuable up to date information available to enterprises. SC maintains ongoing contact with many multinational purchasers, Chinese suppliers from home and abroad and aims at matching qualified suppliers for overseas purchasers quickly and efficiently. Therefore, “China Foundry� will develop quickly around the world. Services profile: International purchasing consultation China mainland suppliers will be surveyed efficiently in light of multinational purchasers’ requirements; these areas will include enterprise scales, primary products, supply directions, quality control, production line circumstances, annual production volumes and annual export values. Multinational purchasers will also be evaluated at the request of China mainland suppliers, these areas will include foundry purchase trends, development directions, purchasing stresses related to each country, purchase demands, rules regarding gaining entry into the supply chains, and proof of the suppliers’ qualifications as required by potential purchasers. Holding specialized conferences Professional foundry conferences will be held twice a year in accordance with multinational purchasers’ demands, matching purchasers with suitable suppliers and helping suppliers understand purchasers’ needs and differing purchasing processes. Business opportunities and trade agreements will be facilitated. Purchase agent SC will assist international purchasers with acquiring casting purchases in China, based on our plentiful foundry experiences, up to date database resources of China foundry suppliers and good international trade partnerships. Selecting suppliers information from database Product inspection Import and export agent Supplier management Recommending purchasers SC has set up a database of global foundry purchasers’, utilizing China foundry’s purchasing conference as a platform, helping suppliers to develop overseas markets, recommending suitable purchasers and allowing product entry into the international markets. Recommending China’s qualified foundry suppliers With a database of over 1, 800 suppliers that have gained International quality identification or product certification we can provide specialized recommendations to purchasers. Investing in China foundry Welcome to invest in China! We can provide a variety of information and support to foreign companies setting up Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino–foreign cooperative enterprises, foreign capital enterprises and other direct investments. Suppliers’ training Through organizing training as per the enterprise certification, product certification, purchasing process, and with our related knowledge, we can provide and aid suppliers with the International purchasing general rules, inside knowledge on multinational companies purchasing procedures, mastering global purchasing network systems and gaining the qualifications of entry into the global purchasing system. Special subject service Provide technical services according to the demands of suppliers and purchasers.

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The 10th Global Foundry Sourcing Conference 2012 was held successfully in Rainbow Hotel, Shanghai, China on Mar 21st, 2012. The conference attracted more than 500 company representatives from both home and abroad, including more than 150 purchasers from USA, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India etc. Among which more than 30 are of the Top 500 enterprises. The total purchasing amount reached more than 10 billion. Cascade Corporation, Jyoti Ltd, MAN, Emerson, Bombardier, Ingersoll Rand and AVK made purchasing presentations, introducing their specific purchasing items and requirements. There were more than 350 suppliers participated the conference. Suppliers were from five different countries, including China, India, Germany, Malaysia and Spain. Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry and Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Foundry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd held products presentation, specifically introducing their main products, certificate, scale, specialty and future plan, etc. Which greatly interested the purchasers.
During the afternoon, purchasers and suppliers negotiated about detailed purchasing items face to face. In an active atmosphere, many purchasers expressed the intention of cooperating with certain suppliers, and would like to visit their foundries after the conference.
The next day, FSC organized a visit to Shanghai No.1 Machine Tool Foundry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Many purchasers like Jyoti Ltd, Blohm+Voss Industries GmbH, Bombardier, Knorr, Brevini, Bosch Rexroth, Henry Pratt went to the foundry and many of them showed interest in their casting equipments and samples.

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Supplier China co.,Ltf.(SC)

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