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In its present form Cole & Swallow is a young company, but we can trace its origins back to the first brass foundry in the UK. For well over 100 years Cole & Swallow have been a leading UK manufacturer of copper and copper alloy tube specialising in precision engineered products. Our skilled manufacturing processes enable us to produce tube with extremely tight tolerances, meeting highly demanding customer requirements. As the only UK manufacturer of defence standard tube in 90-10 and 70-30 copper-nickel and copper, our commitment to producing the highest quality tube has led to Cole & Swallow becoming a valued supplier to a number of first tier military sub-contractors. Since becoming part of the Amari Metals Group in 2009, Cole & Swallow has strengthened its operational excellence and commitment to quality through substantial investments in stock, plant and equipment securing a long-term and highly competitive future. For our customers we are not only a tube and component manufacturer but also a development partner and supplier offering a full spectrum of products. We are committed to delivering superior products, meeting customer’s specifications and supplying products on time and to budget. Day to day, the plants commitment is to meet and exceed quality management standard ISO 9001. Copper-Nickel An Introduction to copper-nickel By Carol Powell, Marine Consultant, Copper Development Association The engineering grades of copper-nickel used today were first developed as Naval condenser and seawater piping alloys in the first half of the 20th century. In spite of the introduction of composites and superalloys of stainless steel and titanium over the intervening years, copper-nickels still enjoy application not only for many of the world’s navies, but also in other marine industries such as commercial shipping, desalination, power, and offshore oil and gas. The properties and versatility of 90/10 copper-nickel and 70/30 copper-nickels in sea water are therefore well established. They are ductile and readily fabricated, have good thermal conductivity and can be used to cryogenic temperatures without embrittlement. They have high corrosion resistance to sea water and are not susceptible to intrusive crevice corrosion, pitting and stress corrosion cracking by chlorides. As such, there are no associated temperature limitations. They also have an inherent high resistance to macrofouling if not connected galvanically to less noble alloys, a property which is not always appreciated. These copper-nickel alloys also have superior resistance to types of corrosion associated with other copper alloys. For example, they have much higher resistance to ammonia stress cracking than brass and bronze – in fact, no cases have been found in sea water service, nor are they subject to dezincification, as with brass alloys. They can be used at higher flow rates than copper and brass alloys and their maximum rates are well known. In common with many non-copper alloy systems, corrosion resistance is associated with the formation of a surface film which protects the underlying metal. Unlike other alloying systems, this film forms by the reaction of the metal with the sea water itself, developing and maturing over a period of time. Allowing the film to flourish unhindered by stagnant or polluted sea water, particularly during commissioning, ensures the best performance of the alloys. The future for 90/10 copper-nickel and 70/30 copper-nickel alloys remains bright as the marine environment continues to offer new opportunities for their use in sea transport, aquaculture and power production.

Industry Metals and Minerals
Business Type Manufacturers & Trader
Establishment Year 2009
Firm Type Public Ltd.
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Products & Services

We are Cole & Swallow are a Brass, Copper and Copper Nickel tube manufacturer. We Manufacture to all defence and commercial standards.Our skilled manufacturing processes enable us to produce tube with extremely tight tolerances, meeting highly demanding customer requirements.

Tubular Products:-
Defence Standard Tube
Heat Exchanger Tube
Finned Tube
Bimetallic & Leak Detector Tube
Square & Rectangle Tube
Tube in Coil
Bourdon Tube
Fine Tube
Bespoke Tube
Aluminium Drawn Tube
Drawn Brass Tube
Drawn Copper Tube
Drawn Copper-Nickel Tube
Pneumatic Tube
Waveguide Tube

Materials & Components:-
Woven Wire Mesh
Mesh Calculator
Tactile Domes
Turned Parts
Bespoke Parts & Components

Industry Sectors:-
Marine Defence
Marine Commercial
Offshore, Oil & Gas
Automotive & Motorsport
Power Generation

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Swallow Metals & Components Ltd.

Fishponds Close, Wokingham

Berkshire, RG41 2QA () - (United-kingdom)


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