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Business overview

Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, established in 2007, is located in the important high-tech R & D and manufacturing base in China – Shenzhen. Twinlink management team in line with the spirit "innovation, solidarity and devotion"of Shenzhen, dedicates to becoming the world-leading RF solution supplier, such as RF connector, RF cable assembly, fiber optic connector, microwave devices. We are the technology-based manufacturing enterprise who has an innovative perspective and rich experienced technique team. Twinlink provides a full range of RF coaxial connectors, from the small IPX, MMCX, SMP, MCX, to the medium SMA, SMB, SMC BNC, TNC and large N, 7/16, QDS etc. Meanwhile, we support customized services of cable assemblies, adapters, fiber optic connectors, microwave devices etc. Twinlink possess an independent machining division, plating division, powder division, automatic assembly lines, forming a complete product processing chain. At the same time, with three industry-leading and specialized laboratories to ensure electrical performance, mechanical characteristics, and environmental reliability, it forms an integrated performance testing system. Customers are all over the world, products are also widely used in the fields of telecommunication, aviation, medical device, mobile phones, etc. We have got ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, and our products are approved by the security certificates of North America, Europe, and Japan, up to grade ROHS and REACH compliant. Twinlink has focused on the technology and market of the interconnection, getting improvement of our business rapidly, thus, we play a significant role in the RF industry. Twinlink takes “with innovation, product goes globally” as a mission. Dozens of product patents being applied yearly makes us become the technology leader in this area. Adhering to “win-win” concept, satisfying customers fully with high quality products, enthusiastic services and specialty knowledge, Twinlink provides all-round solutions, making common development with clients hand in hand. We have been convinced that Twinlink is your first and best option of RF solution. Twinlink provides embedded and professional RF coaxial solutions for the communication industry. In everything we do, the products we develop and services we offer, we consider quality a priority. We don’t just sell products. We sell tested, field-proven solutions. We provide total solutions with quality products developed with end-users in mind. Well-respected brand awareness and industry- leading technical support. Twinlink offers a variety of RF coaxial connectors to meet your needs including: RF coaxial connector RF cable assembly RF adaptor RF module(Bias Tee and RF coupler) Board to Board RF solutions.

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturer
Establishment Year 2007
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Twinlink provides embedded and professional RF coaxial solutions for the communication industry like QN female to female adaptors.

Product List:

IPEX Cable Assemblies:
- IPEX Cable Assembly For 0.81mm Cable
- IPEX Male ConnectorIPEX Male Connector
- IPEX Cable Assembly For 1.78mm Cable
- IPEX Cable Assembly For 1.13mm Cable

- MBC Series Board To Board RF Connector

RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies:
- N Male Straight Jumper CableN Male Straight Jumper Cable
- 7/16 Din Female Jumper Cable7/16 Din Female Jumper Cable
- N Female Cable assemblyN Female Cable assembly
- SMA Male to SMA Male Right Angle Cable Assembly
- N Male to N Male RF cable assembly
- SMA Male Right Angle RF Jumper Cable
- BMA Female RF cable assembly

Power Coating/Painting RF Coaxial Connectors:
- Powder Coating DIN Female Connector
- Powder Coating N Female Connector

N Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- 18Ghz N Female Straight Connector
- N Male Connector to RG8/U
- 18Ghz N Male Straight Connector For LL142
- N Male Straight Connector for 1/2 Flexbile Cable
- N Male Straight Connector
- N Female Straight Connector
- N Male Straight Connector For RG214
- N Female Right Angle Connector
- N Female Straight Connector For RG58U

DIN 7/16 Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- DIN 7/16 Male connector for 1/2 Flexible Cable
- DIN 7/16 Female to DIN Female adapter
- DIN 7/16 Female to Male Right Angle Adapter
- DIN 7/16 Male connector for 7/8 Flexible Cable
- DIN 7/16 Male Straight Connector
- DIN 7/16 Female Connector

MMCX Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- MMCX Male Right Angle Connector

MCX Seris RF Coaxial Connectors:
- MCX Male Right Angle Connector

SMA Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- SMA Female Straight Connector
- 18Ghz SMA Female Straight Connector
- 18Ghz SMA Male Straight connector
- SMA Female Straight Connector
- SMA RP Female R/A Connector
- SMA Female Right Angle Connector
- SMA Female Straight Connector
- SMA RP Female Straight Connector
- SMA RP Male Connector

SMB Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- SMB Tee Type Coaxial Connector
- SMB Female Straight Connector
- SMB Male Straight Connector

SMC series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- SMC Male Right Angle Connector
- SMC Male Straight Connector
- SMC Female Straight Connector

F series RF coaxial connectors:
- F Male Straight Compression Connector
- F Male Straight Connector
- F Male Right Angle Connector

UHF Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- UHF(PL259) series adapter straight
- UHF(PL259) series rf connector
- UHF(PL259) series adapter right angle

BNC Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- BNC Female Straight Connector
- BNC Female Right Angle Connector
- BNC Male Straight Connector

QMA Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- QMA Female Straight Connector
- QMA Female Flange Connector
- QMA Male Right Angle Connector

BNT Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- BNT Female Straight Connector
- BNT Female Bulkhead Connector
- BNT Male Straight Connector
- BNT Male Right Angle Connector

BNO Series RF Coaxial Connectors:
- BNO Male Straight Connector
- BNO female right angle connector
- BNO Female Straight connector

EIA Flange RF Connectors:
- EIA 7/8 flange rf connector
- EIA 3-1/8 flange rf connector
- EIA 1-5/8 flange rf connector

Other Series:
- Bias Tee
- QN female to female adaptors
- RF moduleRF module.

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Contact Details

twinlink communication technology

Room 909,
Xingji Building,
Xinsha Road,
Shajing Town,
Baoan Dist.
Shenzhen, 518104 () - (China)


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