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Business overview

Customer delight has been our guiding objective - quality and service the main means to achieve it, right from our inception in 1973. Heat & Scientific instruments are our specialization. The UV brand has gone to all corners of India and to several countries abroad. BHEL, DoT, Dept. of Atomic Energy, Southern Railways, Space Research, Steel Plants, Cement plants, Indian Rare Earth and several Private Industrial Groups like Hindustan Lever, Tata, Birla, TVS, T.I, Leyland ... are some of our esteemed clients who have endorsed our Quality and Back up Service. Mr. Vipin, an engineer turned entrepreneur is the backbone of the company and ably assisting him in his dynamic work is Mr. Nilaysh. Together, they are backed by a team of engineers, technicians and suppliers. Our customers have access to a large range of products to fulfil their Instrumentation, Electrical and Quality Control needs - under a single roof. To understand Customer needs completely is our focus. The ability to Source Hard-to-get products for our Customers is a matter of great satisfaction to us. We cherish the long term relationship with our clients. All our endeavors and innovations are aimed at anticipating and meeting their expectations. In line with this objective UV has been conducting Seminars, Workshops and Expositions along with its Core Business activities. And each day at U-V . . . it is "U" before "V".

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Trader & Service Provider
Establishment Year 1973
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level National

Products & Services

Brand has gone to all corners of India and to several countries abroad. BHEL, DoT, Dept. of Atomic Energy, Southern Railways, Space Research, Steel Plants, Cement plants, Indian Rare Earth and several Private Industrial Groups like Hindustan Lever, Tata, Birla, TVS, T.I, Leyland are some of our esteemed clients who have endorsed our Quality and Back up Service.

Temperature Instruments
Temperature Solutions
Electricals Heaters and accessories
Scientific Instruments
Industrial Equipment
Industrial Safety
Crane Spares

Air conditioning thermostats:-
Air Curtains
Air heaters
Alcohol thermometers
Ammeter and Voltmeter selector switches
Anemometers (Air velocity)
Asbestos insulated cables

B.O.D Incubators:-
Bain - marie heaters
Band heaters
Barometers - Digital and Dial type
Baro-Thermo-Hygro meters
Battery chargers
Battery operated thermometers - Digital
BDH 80/20 oxidized wires
Beads single bore
Bi-Metal thermometers
Bi-Metal thermostats
Blue actinic lamps for printing
Bobbin heaters
Bunsen Burner - Electrical

C.T Coils:-
Cable Connectors for field work
Cable trollies
Cables - Fibre glass
Cables - Asbestos
Cables - PTFE
Cables - Rubber
Cables - Special as per Your Specifications
Capillary type thermometers
Cartridge heaters
Cast - in heaters
Cast Aluminum protection head
CCTV - Cable TV and VSAT / ISET cables
Ceramic beads - high temperature - 1 / 2 / 4 bore
Ceramic bush
Ceramic terminal bush
Chemical immersion heaters
Chlorine test kits for labs, swimming pools, boilers..
Coating Thickness Gauge
Co-axial cables
Co-axial cables for LAN / WAN
Colony counters
Compensating cables
Conductivity meters
Copper capillary thermostats
Copper Tape
Copper wire
Corrugating machine heaters
Cotton insulated cables
Crane cables
Current collectors

Decorative Switche:-
Dial Thermometers
Diffraction grating
Digital Data communication cables
Digital Thermometers
Dish washer heaters
Distance Measurer
Distribution boxes
DO (dissolved oxygen) analyser
DO Fuse Barrels / Fuse

Earth leakage tester:-
Electrical Insulating Gloves
Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat
Electronic balances
Elevator / Lift cables
Encased thermometers
Enclosures in FRP for process Instruments
Energy Regulators
Energy Regulator Switch
Energy Saver Switch

Fibre Glass cables
Filament lamps
Finned heaters
Fire alarm cables
Fixed and Variable resistors
Flame proof / Explosion Proof Heads
Flexible Heating Tapes
Flow meters
FRLS cables
FRP body 2 x 40W tube-light fittings
Fuse fittings
Fuse holders - HRC / Slide lock

Glass mercury thermometers
Gong Bell

Halogen Free Fire Resistant, smoke free cables:-
Hamilton syringe
Hardness testers
Heat control switch
Heat Sealers
Heaters for Oil / Air / Water / Acids / Alkalies
Heating Cords and Heating Tape
Heating Elements
Heating Mantles
Heating Strips - Kanthal, Nichrome
Heating thermostats
Heating wires - Kanthal, Nichrome, other alloys
Heavy Duty Plugs and Sockets
High Visibility displays
High Voltage Test kits
Hot Plate - round and rectangular
Hour meters
Humidistat ( Humidity controller switch )
Humidity indicators and controllers
Humidity meters ( see hygrometers )
Hydraulic thermostats
Hydrometers, Amber
Hydrometers, Baume
Hydrometers, Brix
Hydrometers, Density hydrometer
Hydrometers, Soil
Hydrometers, Specific gravity
Hydrometers, Standard
Hydrometers, Sykes
Hydrometers, Twaddle
Hygro - Thermo Indicator and controller, digital
Hygro Thermometers
Hygro-Thermometers, Analog, dial type
Hygro-Thermometers, Pocket type, digital
Hygro-Thermometers, Probe type, digital

IB ring elements:-
Ignition cables
Immersion heaters with built-in-thermostat
Imported thermostats - EGO, Jumo etc
Indication lamps - pin and screw types
induction heating and hydraulic machines.
Infra Red lamps
Infra-Red Thermometers
Instrumentation low noise cables
Insulating beads
Insulation tester
Kanthal wires
Kettle element

Laminar Flow Stations
Lamp holders
Lamp Removers
Laundry heaters
Lead covered immersion heaters
Level Controllers
Light meter (Lux meter)
Lightning arrestors (Iddithangi) Trishul
Limit switches ( with / without enclosure )
Lineman's Safety Belt
Low voltage lighting transformers

Magnetic dial thermometer:-
Magnetic Stirrer cum Hot plate
Mantle Elements
MCBs and ELCBs
Mercury Vapour lamps
Mercury-in-steel thermometer
Metal Halide Lamps
Micro Ohm meter, Digital
Micro Switches
Milli Volt generator / source
Mineral Insulated thermocouples
Mining cables
Modular Switches - Crabtree, Havell's, MDS
Moisture meter
Moulded Power Cords I.S.I marked, 2 / 3 pin
Muffle Furnace

Neon Indicators:-
Neon lamps
Nichrome wires
Nipple type heaters
Non-Contact Thermometers

Oil Baths:-
Oil Coolers for machines like center less grinding,
On-Line pH meters and Conductivity meters
Operating rod
Over Head Projectors and accessories
Over-the-side heaters

Packaging machinery heaters:-
Panel Board Accessories (see pg.iii)
Panel heaters
Panel lock / keys, Railway lock / keys
Panel switches
Panel thermostats
Panel wiring accessories
PCB Accessories
Pedometers - map measurer
pH meter, micro-processor based type
Phase Change Over Switches
Photo electric controls
Physical balances
Pilot Lamp holders
Pilot lamps
Plastic Guards for electric motors
Platinum Wire
Plugs and sockets for A.Cs and heavy appliances
Power saving switch for Air conditioners
Precision thermometers
Pressure gauges
Printing machine heaters
Process control system cables
Proximity Switches
Proximity switches (a.c / d.c , NO / NC )
PTFE insulated cables
Push Button Stations
PVC Channel

Radium lamps
Rain Gauge
Refrigeration thermostats
Regulated DC Power supplies
Relative humidity meter
Remote Control Switches
Resistance Wires
Rocker Switches
Room Heaters
Rotary Switches
Roti - maker heaters
RTD cables
RTD elements
RTD Simulator
RTD types, 2 / 3 wire ; also 4 / 6 wire types
RTD types, Pt 100, Pt 1000, Pt 46 etc
Rubber Gauntlets

SCR Power supply units
Selector switches
Servo Stabilizers
Shadowless lamps
Sieve shakers
Signal cables
Silica tube and heaters
Silicon Carbide Rods
Silicon Rubber cables
Sodium Vapour lamps
Sound level meter
Spike Guards
Spike protectors
Stem type thermostats
Stop clock
Stop watch
Strip heaters
Sunvic ( energy regulator )
Surface heaters

Tachometer (rpm measurement):-
TDS meter
Telecom cables
Telephone lamps
Telephone Tag Blocks
Temperature cables
Temperature calibration system
Temperature controllers
Test sieves
Test Terminal Block for Trivector Meter
Thermal cut outs
Thermo hygro Graph (Recorder)
Thermocouple cables
Time Switches
Timers, digital timers
Timers, on / off delay timers
Timers, program timers ( 24 hrs / 7 days )
Timers, ringer timers
Timers, time switches ( 24 hours )
Titanium heaters
Toggle Switches
Torroidal Rheostats
Tray Driers
Tubular rheostats
Tuning forks
Turbidity meters
Twaddle hydrometers

Ureka Wire:-
U-V bulbs
U-V cabinet with short and long wave tubes
U-V Cabinets
U-V Digital portable thermometer
U-V Digital temperature Indicating controller
U-V Non indicating controller (Blind)
U-V RTD sensors
U-V Temperature indicator
U-V Temperature scanners
U-V thermocouples - J / K / T / S Type
U-V tubes

Vapour pressure thermometer:-
Variable Auto Transformers
Vernier callipers

Water bath heating Elements:-
Water Baths, Rectangular
Water Baths, Round
Water immersion heaters
Water level controllers
Water purity test kits
Water Stills
Water Heaters
Wet and Dry Bulb Thermometer
Whirling Psychrometer and Assman Psychrometer
Wire-wound resistance

Zeal thermometers

Contact Details

U-V Enterprise

#118 (new #244), Govindappa Street
Chennai, 600079 (Tripura) - (India)


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