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Manufacturers / Suppliers Of chargers, adaptors, stabilizers, eliminators, converters, smps adaptors, security sytem, adapters, smps adapters, security system

Industry Electronics and Telecommunication
Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1974
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level National

Products & Services

We manufacture/ Traders of the following -
Adaptors : Mini Maruti 300mA/500mA, Super Deluxe Adaptor 500mA, 500mA with variable voltage p/s, deluxe AC/DC adaptor 500mA with variable voltage, pole selector switch & pilot lamp, 750/1000mA with pilot lamp, CFL Adaptor [Compact Fluorescent Lamp], 1000mA CD Disc w/m Adaptor, 1200mA VCD adaptor.
Batteries : Li-ion, Li-polymer, NIMH, NICD, Batteries with Wide Temperature Range, High Discharge [1C - 10C], High Cycle Life [>500 cycles].
Chargers : Economy chargers, Auto-Off chargers, Sleek Chargers [AA+AAA], Flash gun Charger, Battery Managed Wonder [BMW].
Stabilizers : 250w, 350w, 500w, 700w stabilizer and 350w, 500w, 750w stabilizer with meter.
Mobile and Telecom : We manufacture adaptors For telecom, electronic items, Music systems, phones/answering machines, AC/DC Adaptors [OG] Embossed.We manufacture mobile Phone Chargers of different models.
Eliminators : 1.5 to 12 v 500mA Hitachi B.E., 1.5 to 12v 1 Amp B.E. [Embassy] , 12v 2 Amp B.E. [AC-DC Convertor] , 6/9/12v 2Amp B.E. [AC-DC COnvertor cum charger], 12v 3Amp B.E. [AC-DC Convertor], 12v 5Amp B.E. [AC-DC Convertor], 12v 8Amp B.E. [AC-DC Convertor], For car battery and horn and For Minicraft.
Converters : 230-110v Voltage convertor 50 Watt , Mark 1 [Heating coil], DC-DC Convertors suitable for voltage stabilisation of automobile electronics, special purpose UPS etc..
SMPS adaptors : Input voltage range [85-265] VAC + 15VAC.
We also manufacture chargers for CDMA mobile Phones.

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Jogani Idustrial Complex, Unit No. 226, Bldg No 6,, 2nd Floor, Sion Chembur Road, Near Ati, Vn Purav Marg, Chunnabhatti,
Mumbai, 400022 (Maharashtra) - (India)


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