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Business overview

Western Engineering Co. Is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of split air conditioners, wondow air conditioners, refrigeration plants, chilling units in India. The organization is engaged in design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance of all types of Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and refrigeration plants of all types in all capacities such as all types of Chilling Units, Package Air Conditioners (Vertical & Roof Top mounted)/Split Air Conditioners, Double Skin Air Handling Units, Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier, Cold Storage, Ice & Freezing plants. We have experience of more than four decades have been consistently striving hard to provide our customers with path breaking products. Apart from our dedicated and satisfied domestic clients, we are the main exporter to the Middle East countries and to the rest of the world.

Industry Engineering
Business Type Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2000
Firm Type Proprietorship
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers and Exporters of -
Split air conditioners, wondow air conditioners, refrigeration plants, chilling units in India.

Air and Water-cooled Chiller Units and Heat Pump-
Western Chiller units are fitted with reciprocating, scroll or screw compressors. The smaller chiller units having capacities from 5 to 150HP and bigger range is 75 to 1000 HP and above we offer imported Centrifugal and Screw compressors. Units are available with air-cooled and water cooled condensers, evaporators are shell & tube type and plate type heat exchangers. The refrigerants used are eco-friendly non-CFC. The compressors used are world-renowned imported compressors having high durability, the units are fitted with conventional microcompressors based controllers for easy operation of the units and having multiple capacity controls saves energy during part load. The COP of the unit increases. The sizes of the units are suitable for installation on roof top or other compact places. During winter the same chilling unit works as a Heat pump. Thereby lot of energy is saved as compared to the Electric heaters for heating.

Western Package Air Conditioners -
Western Package Air Conditioners are suitable for roof top or vertical type with duct connections or free flow type. The sizes of the units are compact and the condensers and evaporators are of extra large capacities, which provide high efficiency and low energy consumption. The units are fitted with reciprocating /scroll compressors and are available from 3 to 40 HP capacities. The cabinet is fully acoustically treated to have minimum noise & vibration. The units are fitted with convectional controls or microprocessor based controllers as per customers' requirements. During part load the COP increases and saves energy. Units with precision temperature and humidity controls for high sensible heat load & with complete microprocessor controllers or also available as per requirements.

Split Air Conditioners-
Western Split air conditioners are fitted with reciprocating or scroll compressors and suitable for high wall mounted, ceiling suspended and floor standing type. Ceiling type ductable units with high static pressure are also available.

Fan Coil Units-
Western Fan Coil Units are from 1.0 to 2.5 tons with DX chilled water or heating coils. The units are suitable for floor standing or ceiling suspended. The cooling coils are made of copper tubing and sine wave aluminium fins with vent valve for air removing. The motors for blowers have 3 speeds to work for comfort level. The casing is made out of G.I. Sheet and powder coated as per customers' choice.

Cold Rooms, Walk-in-Coolers, Freezers, Low Temperature and low humidity chambers-
Western cold rooms/Cold chambers are made by foam-in-place modular panels and sectional units using cam-lock joining devices to pull sections securely together. The panels are made out of polyurethane spline and groove constructions and cold-tight seal. Interior and exterior facings are of stainless steel, aluminium, prepainted G.I. Sheet. Doors are lightweight and close automatically on heavy-duty cam lift hinges. Inside temperature of the walk-in-cooler can be controlled from +10?C to -85?C and RH from 10% to 90%. The refrigeration units are with reciprocating or scroll compressors and in bigger cases imported screw compressors are used.

Air Heaters-
Western oil fired (HSD fired) air heaters from 20, 000 K.Cal/hr. To 1, 00, 000K.Cal/Hr. For space heating and suitable for resort, houses, office complex, bank halls, factories etc. The units are factory built and easy to install only the chimney and electrical connection is to be connected and the unit is ready for operation. They are fitted with imported burners complete with temperature and humidiity control arrangements. We also offer hot water heat convectors/radiators for winter heating from 500 K.Cal/Hr to 5, 000 K.Cal/Hr.

Hot Water Generators-
Western also offer Oil fired and electric type hot water generators from 20, 000 K.Cal/Hr. To 10, 00, 000 K.Cal/Hr. Working on HSD or electric supply. They are fitted with imported burners complete with temperature controllers. The smaller units are equipped with hot water pumps for instant installation.

In addition to above we can design & manufacture any type of equipment as per customers' requirements.

Other Products
Cassette type unit with four way air distribution-
The units are fitted with reciprocating or scroll compressors. Inner and outer units are properly acoustically treated to have no noise and minimum vibration. The condensers and cooling coils are over sized to save energy. The controllers are microprocessor based remote type and corded type.

Double/Single Skin Air Handling Units-
Western Air Handling Units are from 1500CFM to 40000 CFM air capacity and suitable to work upto 150mm water gauge static pressure. The frame of the unit is made out of powder coated G.I. Sheet or extruded aluminium sections and joined with galvanized hardware or plastic corners. Outer skin is made out of pre painted G.I. Sheet and inner skin of G.I. Sheet with 25mm to 50mm PUF insulation in between. Service door is provided at suitable place in various sections. Th blowers used are imported DIDW and the complete fan and motor assembly is fitted with vibration isolators for vibration free operation. All the joints are fitted with double gaskets to have leak proof structure. The units can be dismantled. Cooling and heating coils with copper tube and aluminium fins are fitted in the unit for efficient heat transfer. For humidification spray type or Pan type humidifiers are supplied. The filters are of high efficiency fitted in return air.

Ice Plants and Cold Storage Plants-
Western Ice and Cold Storage plants are available in all sizes and types working on ammonia refrigerant. We also offer all types of equipments such as ceiling suspended evaporator & condensing units, Water/air cooled condensers, receivers, Ice plants and all other standard accessories.

Contact Details

Western Engineering Company

3785, Subhash Marg, Daryaganj

New Delhi, 110 002 (Delhi) - (India)


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