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Business overview

Founded in 2007, Winshare Corporation provides custom-designed manufacturing and supply chain solutions to mid-sized companies. Since its existence, Winshare has become a rapidly growing worldwide provider of solutions in three principal areas ¨C Mechanical parts, Electronical part, supply chain service. Headquartered in the Hong Kong, Winshare make full use of the resources of low-cost countries like China to provide globally competitive solutions to meet its customers¡¯ needs. The strong partnerships between Winshare and its partners has established and cultivated over the years enable the company to provide its customers with a fast and low risk path to the benefits of low-cost country manufacturing over a broad spectrum of products and services. Winshare's Business Philosophy: Winshare¡s business begins with understanding its customers¡¯ businesses. Winshare Corporation is pride of itself on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with its valued customers. This process starts by listening to customers and spending time and knowledge to understand their requirements and goals. Winshare then utilizes its entire organization to develop a high quality and reliable solution that can be incorporated into the customer¡¯s end product and that will yield the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Winshare focuses on service and quality each step of the way. From the moment a customer contacts Winshare until results are delivered to the customer¡¯s factory, Winshare devotes to provide the spotless quality and service to meet its customers' requirement and expectation. From a manufacturing perspective, Winshare follows strict Design-For-Manufacturability (DFM) principles to ensure that each product runs well within manufacturing capabilities. Winshare maintains and utilizes extensive in-process and final testing equipment to ensure high levels of quality. In addition, all associates are trained in defect detection and prevention methods. Winshare welcomes customer visits and audits of the manufacturing facilities. Winshare selects high quality, dependable partners throughout the whole supply chain. This not only ensures that Winshare¡¯s customers are satisfied with their results, but that they also receive the most advanced technologies available, providing them with a competitive edge. Winshare continually devotes to drive itself and its manufacturing partners to ever-higher levels of quality and achievement. Winshare understands the need for continual improvement and embraces this philosophy in everything it does. Winshare's Mission: Winshare¡¯s mission is to be identified as a global, value-added manufacturing partner, offering a diverse line of cost-effective and high quality, custom engineered products and services that provide our customers with unparalleled quality, service and on-time delivery. The Winshare team is dedicated to becoming a long-term, loyal partner with its customers by providing the highest overall value to enable them to achieve their business goals.

Industry Engineering
Business Type Manufacturers & Trader
Establishment Year 2007
Firm Type Public Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers and suppliers of chain solutions.

Our Products Range:

- Membrane Switch keyboards Complete surface treatement
- Automobile rubber part
- Rubber keypads infant rubber part
- Rubber keypads rubber part
- Rubber keypads rubber connector
- Rubber keypads Laser etching keypad
- Rubber keypads Expoxy keypad
- Rubber keypads P R keypad
- Rubber keypads Computer keypad
- Rubber keypads Control panel
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Automobile Mould
- Membrane Switch keyboards General Membrane switch keyboard
- Membrane Switch keyboards Duras Switch type
- Membrane Switch keyboards With shielding layer type
- Membrane Switch keyboards Rigid base type
- Membrane Switch keyboards Assembled with touch panel
- Membrane Switch keyboards Rubber overlay type
- Membrane Switch keyboards Tactile type Mylar dome
- Membrane Switch keyboards Flat type
- Membrane Switch keyboards Graphic name plate
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics High precision part
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Automobile part
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Complex Part Line Tool
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Optimal Cooling Design mold
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Hot runner tooling
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Three plate tooling
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Double injection mould
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics unscrew mould
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Back Shot Mould
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Insert overmolding Mould
- Die Casting tooling
- Window Extrusion
- Industrial Extrusion with electrocoating finish
- Industrial extrusion cylinder
- Industrial extrusion
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics IMD In Mould Decoration products
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Transparent Parts
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Insert injection over molding
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics Double injection parts
- Injection Mould and Molded Plastics High cosmetic quality parts
- Hardware Tooling for stamping part
- Hardware vehicle application
- Hardware Stamping part with welding process
- Hardware metal box
- Hardware Big stamping parts
- Hardware Automobile application
- Hardware Industrial application
- Hardware Electronical application
- Hardware Precision part
- Hardware automobile application.

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Contact Details

Winshare international industrial Co., Ltd

Unit 1001,
Fourseas Building,
Nathan Road,
Kowloon, HK.
Shenzhen, 518108 () - (China)


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