Xiamen Cheer Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. Xiamen (China)

Business overview

We mainly specialize in manufacturing, import and export business, whole sales and agency, project development, etc. We are a leading professional glass bottles supplier in China, with abundant experience and professional technical team. We are dedicated to supplying the glass bottles and accessories, including glass bottles(with decal or no decal designs, engrave, , ACL printing, frosted , etc).aluminum caps, PVC capsules, synthetic corks, medallion pieces, printing labels, beer caps, wooden boxes, color boxes, openers, plastic ice buckets, wine glass, etc. Glass Bottles: Grape wine bottles, Champagne bottles, Ice wine bottles, Beer bottles, Liquor bottles, Beverage bottles, Seasoning bottles, Cosmetic bottles, Pharmaceutical bottles, Glass jars, candle holders/jars, Storage containers, etc. The colors available are dark green, antique green, emerald green, deep green, dead leaf, amber/brown, light blue, dark blue, flint/clear white, high clear white, etc. The capacity varies from 3ML -30L. Our factories have integrated scientific research, development and production, received ISO9000 certification and UKS authentication, equipped SGCC combine inspection machines imported from France. Our factories have Australia advanced QIS2000 quality information management system, strictly control for raw material purchasing, production procedure and the stocking, insuring the production quality for every step.

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Business Type Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 2010
Firm Type Pvt Ltd.
Expand Level International

Products & Services

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of glass bottles and accessories, including glass bottles(with decal or no decal designs, engrave, , ACL printing, frosted , etc).aluminum caps, PVC capsules, synthetic corks, medallion pieces, printing labels, beer caps, wooden boxes, color boxes, openers, plastic ice buckets, wine glass, etc.

Our Products List :-
Wine Bottles :-

Bordeaux Bottles :-
375ml Bordeaux Bottle Cork Finish Wine Bottle(PT375-A042)
375ml Bordeaux Bottle Screw Finish Wine Bottle(PT375-0142)
750ml Bordeaux Bottle Screw Finish Wine Bottle(PT750-1310 AG)
750ml Flint Color Glass Bordeaux Bottle(PT750-1313)
750ml Antique Green Glass Bordeaux Bottle (PT750-0005AG)
750ml Dark Green Color Glass Bordeaux Bottle (PT750-0005DG)
750ml Antique Green Color Glass Bordeaux Bottle(PT750-0051AG)
750ml Cork Finish Glass Bordeaux Bottle (PT750-1297AG)

Burgundy Bottles :-
375ml Glass Burgundy Bottle (PT375-0147)
750ml Dry Red Wine Bottle(GR750-1422DG)
750ml Cork Finish Glass Burgundy Bottle(PT750-0070AG)
750ml Glass Green Burgundy Bottle (PT750-0118E)
750ml Glass Clear Burgundy Bottle (PT750-A017)
750ml Antique Green Color Glass Burgundy Bottle (PT750-1308 AG)
750ml Screw Finish Glass Burgundy Bottle(PT750-1318 AG)
1000ml Glass Burgundy Bottle (PT1000-1146DG)

Champagne Bottles :-
750ml Dark Green Color Champagne Bottle(PT750-C1001 DG)
750ml Antique Green Color Champagne Bottle(PT750-C1002AG)
750ml Flint Color Champagne Bottle(PT750-C1002)
750ml Flint Color Glass Champagne Bottle(XB750-3003)
750ml Glass Champagne Bottle (PT750-C1002DG)
750ml Champagne Bottle (XB750-3003DG)

Ice Wine Bottles :-
375ml Glass Ice Wine Bottle (PT375-1150DG)
375ml Dark Green Color Ice Wine Bottle(PT375-E004)
375ml Flint Color Ice Wine Bottle(PT375-E009)
500ml Ice Wine Bottle(PT500-E001DG)

Klein Bottles :-
700ml Cork Finish Klein Bottle(GR700-1226)
700ml Screw Finish Klein Bottle(PT700-2004)

Liquor Bottles :-
150ml Liquor Glass Hip Flask (LJ150-001)
500ml High Clear White Liquor Bottle (2963#)
700ml Glass Liquor Bottle (PT700-1130)
700ml Glass Whisky Bottle (PT700-1272)
700ml High Clear White Bottle (4125#)
700ml Vermouth Glass Bottle (PT700-1409)
750ml Glass Liquor Bottle (4256#)
1000ml Glass Rum Bottle (PT1000-3908)
1000ml Glass Whisky Bottle (PT1000-1277)
1500ml Glass Whisky Bottle (PT1500-4165A)
1500ml Glass Flint Color Whisky Bottle(PT1500-4166A)

Beer Bottles :-
330ml Amber Color Glass Bottle Beer Bottle (PJ330-1855)
330ml Flint Color Glass Beer Bottle(PJ330-1F)
330ml Glass Beer Bottle(PJ330-A3-44A)
330ml Blue Color Glass Beer Bottle(PJ330-2203)
500ml Beer Bottle(PJ500-9005EG)
500ml Amber Color Glass Beer Bottle(PJ500-7)
600ml Glass Beer Bottle(PJ600-A6-21A)
640ml Emerald Green Glass Beer Bottle(PJ640)
750ml Amber Color Glass Beer Bottle(PJ750-DB5801)

Drinking Bottles :-
160ml Dining-table Sauce Glass Bottle(YL160-JD00221)
250ml Soft Drink Glass Bottle (YL250-JA00296)
350ml Glass Drinking Bottle (Q0013)
350ml Emerald Green Drinking VIDZAR Bottle (YL350-001EG)
350ml Flint Color Drinking VIDZAR Bottle (YL350-001)
1000ml Sirup Glass Bottle (YL1000-001)

Food Bottles :-
3oz Honey Glass Jar (SP105-AE10387)
47ml Mustard Oil Glass Bottle (SP47-AD20500)
68ml Chili Sauce Food Bottle (SP68-AD20209)
80ml Chicken Powder Bottle (SP80-AC10659)
80ml Cubilose Health Drink Bottle (SP80-AC10235)
90ml Vanilla Oil Bottle (SP90-AD21219)
100ml Brown Soy Vinegar Bottle (SP100-AD21053)
100ml Customized Flavoring Bottle (SP100-AD21173)
100ml Health Food Drinking Glass Bottle (SP100-AC10104)
100ml Preserved Bean Curd Square Bottle (SP100-AE10285)
Pagoda-shaped Seasoning Powder Bottle (SP100-AD20051)
Small-size Seasoning Food Glass Bottle (SP48.3-AD20055)
Small-size Seasoning Powder Bottle (SP115-AG10687)

Storage Bottles :-
Glass Food Storage Containers (SP18L-1216)
Glass Food Storage Bottle (SP8L-1108)

Glass Candle Jars :-
40g Hota Glass Candle Bottle (LZ40-E10170)
112g Glass Candle Jars(LZ150-E10099)
Bamboo Neck Lamp Cover (LZ660-E10166)
Big Glass Candle Jars (LZ124-E10169)
Small Glass Candle Cup (LZ110-E10171)
Streak Square Glass Candle Bottle (LZ860-E10174)

Bottle Accessories :-
Aluminum Caps :-
Aluminum Caps For Drinking Bottle
Aluminum Caps For Oil Bottle
Aluminum Caps For Oral Liquid Bottle
Aluminum Caps For Vodka Bottle
Aluminum Caps For Whisky Bottle
Aluminum Caps For Wine Bottle
Plastic Caps For Vodka Bottle

PVC Capsules :-
PVC Capsules For Vodka, Juice, Food Bottles
PVC Capsules For Wine Bottles

Synthetic Corks :-
Synthetic Cork And Aluminium Combined T Bottle Stopper(PS009-18?
Synthetic Ccork And Plastic Combined Bottle Stopper(PS008-24?
Synthetic Cork T Bottle Stopper (PS003-20.5)
Glass Wine Bottle Wood-like Stopper

Color boxes :-
Color Printing Wine Packing Box Master Carton (4256)
Gold Blocking Hardbound Box For Wine
Hardbound Box For Wine With UV Coating
Specialty Paper Hardbound Box For Wine
Customized Printing Shopping Paper Handbag
Customized Printing Paper Handbag For Food
Customized Printing Paper Handbag For Wine

Wooden Boxes :-
Red Wine Bottle Wooden Box
Cup Carven And Pull-out Cover Wine Box
Pine Wood Pull-out Cover Wine Box
Round Leather Wood Wine Box With Cowhide Rope
Round Silk-printed Wine Box
Window-show Round Wine Box

Plastic Ice Buckets :-
3.3L Plastic Ice Buckets
4.5L Plastic Ice Buckets

Beer Cups :-
400ml Customized Logo Pattern Printing Ceramic Beer Cups
1000ml Customized Logo Pattern Printing Ceramic Beer Cup
500ml Personalized Engravable Ceramic Beer Cups
300ml Customized Pattern Printing Ceramic Beer Mugs
500ml Personalized Printing Ceramic Beer Cups

Beer Crates :-
Green Color Beer Crate
Red Color Beer Crate

Openers :-
Electric Wine Bottle Opener K020
Wine Bottle Corkscrew K015E
Stainless Steel Bottle Opener K051B
Wine Bottle Opener K069

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Contact Details

Xiamen Cheer Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.

Unit A, 23/F, Guotai Bldg., No. 392, Jiahe Road,
Xiamen () - (China)


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