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Yajna Fuel Services (YFS) is in the field of energy since 1986. Started as energy audit company, now offers design and turnkey solutions in Substitution of furnace oil on boilers, Thermic fluid heaters, by briquettes, pellets or coal. Substitution of LPG, LDO, HSD on furnaces by producer gas. Part substitution of HSD on DG set by producer gas. Spark ignition engines on 100% producer gas with combined cycle. Briquettes / Pellets / Supply – Briquettes / pellets. Evaporators MEF. O & M contracts. Team Members and Corporate Clients: - Turnkey solution requires years of experience in Design, procurement, erection, commissioning, Liasoning and maintenance. Corporate clients have understood importance of such continuity. Team members of YFS include: 1. S. Suresh Kumar, B Tech (Chem.) with 21 years at YFS. 2. C.G Joshi. BE (Mech.) with 9 years at YFS. 3. S.S Sawant with 7 years at YFS. 4. Sameer Jadhav with 4 years at YFS. 5. Manu Prakash with 2 years at YFS. 6. Deepak Mahajan with 5 years at YFS. Corporate clients who have gained substantially through our turnkey solutions include. MISSION STATEMENT Coal of YFS is to achieve sustainability in business profits by sustainable / affordable fuels. At YFS, we seek to: - • Lifelong vendor – customer survival. • Stick to core competence. • Ethics. TECHNOLOGIES YFS develops appropriate technologies and tailor made solutions. We do not have business interest in specific products. Appropriate technologies include: - 1. Furnace for clean combustion. 2. Gasification with air preheaters. 3. Spark ignition two stroke valve less, normal lubrication engine. 4. Simple to operate evaporators.

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Business Type Service Provider & Exporter/Importer
Establishment Year 1986
Firm Type Proprietorship
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Studies are undertaken to determine efficiencies of generation, distribution & Utilisation of thermal energies. Boiler efficiency tests are carried out to determine steam generation to fuel ratio. Condensates coming from coil, jackets, evaporators are collected to arrive at norms for each operation. Exhausts of furnaces, boilers are quantified by analyzing them with our set of equipments. Fixed heating load, start up load & insulation losses are determines. Based on the above results thermal energy balance is struck for reference period of one year.
Based on the energy losses identified in the thermal energy balance, energy conservation measures are presented with techno economic analysis. The energy saving areas normally identified are:
Improvement in steam / power generation efficiency, house keeping measures, waste heat recovery, optimal choice of fuel, process optimization etc. Time bound implementation programs are drawn with company manager. We have carried out eighty such audits, mainly in process industries in India. We have achieved savings ranging from 4 to 30 % in the thermal energy expenses of our clients.

Energy billing patterns are analyzed for relevant penalties or fixed rates. Amperage, voltage, power factor & KWH on motors are measured. Actual running hours per batch or per hour out puts are observed. Illumination levels, refrigeration load & compressed air system are evaluated for house keeping measures. Electrical energy balance is prepared with norms for each product.
Based on the energy losses & percentage loading of rotating equipment, energy conservation measures are presented with techno economic analysis. The energy saving areas normally identified are : compression / illumination loads, derating of blowers / fans, control mechanism, application of motor controllers, sizing of pumps, usage of TOD tariff etc.
We have carried out above fifty such audits in India. We have achieved savings of 2 to 20% electrical energy expenses of our clients.

We carry out boiler efficiency tests as per DIN 1942 standards, with our set of equipments. Both direct & indirect test are carried out. In direct test, actual fuel fed & water evaporated are measured whereas in indirect method. O2%, CO2% stack gas temperatures, ash loss, wet gas loss are determined. Based on these values, efficiency improvement areas with techno economic analysis are presented. Efficiency improvement areas implemented include tuning of boilers, sizing of coals, de-rating of grate, rationalization of coal distribution on grate, proper preheating of oil, short circuiting of combustion gases, optimal control of oil firing vis-à-vis required pressure, heat recovery, sizing of boiler auxiliaries etc.

We have carried out about one hundred boiler efficiency test with capacities ranging from 1 to 60 Mt/Hour, both for process & power generation, We have achieved savings up to 14% on oil / gas fired & up to 21% / on coal / lignite's / agro residues fired boilers. We have also been responsible for acceptance tests.

Implementation would normally include details process design, listing of suppliers & supervision of commissioning. Waste heat recovery schemes which we have implemented for industries are :

Condensate recovery system, flash steam trapping condensers, waste heat boilers for furnaces / kilns, pre-heating of combustion air for direct fired equipments / boilers, heat exchangers for process streams, heat recovery from D. C. Sets, thermopacs, etc. We have also assisted in development & testing of waste heat recovery products.

Techno economics analysis for co-generation of process steam & power is analyzed for the industry Studies of the industry" process steam & power requirements are carried out. Project co-ordination services for co-generation are provided. Performance evaluation of existing co-generation plant is carried out. With escalating electrical energy prices & scarce availability, co-generation of power for industries requiring process steam seems to be only optimal energy strategy. Open / Combined cycle co-generation increasing the power generation in our country. We are providing our services for additional co-generation projects in sugar mills in Maharashtra. We have build cogeneration projects from concept to commissioning.

On-line study of steam traps is carried out by sound & temperature measurements. Report indicating condition of the traps, service required optimal selection of type & size is given. We have tested more than five thousand steam traps & identified this area as a commonly neglected steam loser.

Specific energy consumption (energy required to manufacture a unit of the product) norms are established by Condensate measurement, heat & mass balances, & power measurements. These norms are required by industry for internal energy monitoring, costing of product price or for statutory declaration of energy costs.

This service is normally provided to industries where we have carried out energy audit. The service includes designing energy monitoring formats, preparing them on a monthly basis, deviation analysis & report to decrease any rise in energy consumption level observed, with corrective recommendation. We provide engineering services to implement our audits recommendation.
We are presently retained by four industries for this service.

NOTE We process all equipments to provide the above energy conservation services

We have done detailed process design engineering for the following products. Dry Ice, Sodium Sulphate, Dilute Sulphuric Acid from 98% acid, Multiple effect evaporation systems for caustic solution (upto seven effects) & H-acid & Continuous Calcinations.

For new or expansion projects, we provide engineering procurement & commissioning assistance for utilities including steam generators, turbines, hot oil units, direct fired equipments, compressors, piping etc. We have executed such projects in textile, basic chemicals, tyres, paper, chemicals etc.


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