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With over 13 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners, ZADOR, school of Spanish offers professionalism, reliability and efficiency. We specialise in teaching Spanish to students of many different nationalities. Since we opened our doors in 1990 until today, we have broadened and improved our Spanish programs thanks to the the priceless help of the companies and educational centres for whom we have organised Spanish ourses and, fundamentally, to the experience that comes from our daily work with you - the students - the driving force behind our schools of Spanish. Both these medium-sized cities will make you feel at home in just a few days. The schools have welcoming, high quality premises, a varied programme of courses, a large variety of activities and, above all, a close and personalised relationship with the students. Our experienced teachers have a special interest in the Spanish Language and are willing to transmit not only knowledge, but also the customs and culture. All this and much more, which we hope you will discover on your own, makes studying Spanish at ZADOR a different choice. Our priority is your Spanish learning. That is why we pay special attention to the teaching method and the materials we use. Our teachers, fully qualified specialists in the teaching of Spanish from a communicative perspective, will provide all the support you need to learn. We offer you two schools of Spanish - one in Alicante and the other in Vitoria - both welcoming, pleasant, medium-sized and well-equipped cities. We also have plenty of activities prepared so that you are sure to enjoy your free time after your Spanish lessons. The entire ZADOR team would like your stay studying Spanish in Spain to be an unforgettable experience. Our goals are for you to you to enjoy yourself and spend a nice time while studying and practising Spanish.

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Products & Services

We Provide Services of specialists in the teaching of Spanish from a communicative perspective, will provide all the support you need to learn.

Two pleasant and welcoming centres :-
Our educational centres are pleasant and welcoming so that you feel comfortable while you study. At the same time, the schools are professionally equipped, with high quality audio and video systems as well as computers, allowing you to make the most of the various educational resources at your disposal.

The medium size of the schools allows us to get to know each student on a close and personal level.

Each classroom is different. There are round tables in some, or chairs and a sofa to relax a bit in others. Each classroom has its own decoration to create a different atmosphere.

There is a maximum of seven students per classroom, with an average of five students per group.

In short, according to our students, the ZADOR centres are more than just schools: they are places with their own personality

A unique teaching method :-
Learning Spanish will open up a whole new range of possibilities for you.

This is our main objective: to ensure that your stay at ZADOR, School of Spanish, either in Vitoria or in Alicante, be a step forward in your learning of Spanish, and thereby, to increase and improve your own opportunities for the future.

If you want to know a little more about our method teaching Spanish, click on the sections at the top.

Specially designed Courses :-
Zador appreciates the fact that each person has different necessities and objectives: some people want to learn Spanish for their studies; others do it for professional or personal reasons, while many others want to get to know another country and a new culture.

In order to adapt to that diversity, at ZADOR we offer you a wide range of courses. Thus you can choose the one that suits your requirements and expectations best.
You can take a yearlong course, which breaks for the Christmas holidays.

All the courses, except the special ones for teenagers, are designed for adults, over 17 years old, although the minimum age for the business courses as well as for the courses for teachers is higher.

We have established 8 levels at the school, and we pay close attention to placing each student at the right level in order to optimize their learning.

The maximum number of students per group is limited to 7 for all the courses, although there is an average of 5 students per class.

The lectures last 60 minutes.

The courses are based on an active and dynamic concept, so that whatever your objective may be, you will be able to use Spanish naturally and spontaneously. For more information on this topic, consult the section A unique teaching method.

Studying isn’t everything :-
The learning of a language consists not only of learning a series of structures and words, but also of seeing life with its speakers’ eyes.

Therefore, there is nothing better than getting integrated into the social life of the city you live in now, taking part in the activities programmed by the school, in those offered by the city and in the events and festivities.

The activities are planned for the afternoon or the weekend, so they are compatible with your Spanish lessons.

The activities are arranged along the year, and are programmed for specific dates, which you can find in the monthly calendar.

In some activities, there is a minimum and a maximum number of participants. If the required number is not reached, we cannot guarantee the activity realization. If there are more registered people than the fixed for the activity, the seat assignment will be by registration order.

If there are activities that are not programmed during your stay in the monthly calendar, fill in the enrolment form section “Interesting activities not programmed during my stay”. If there are enough students (consult the minimum number of people indicated in the description of the activity), the school will try to organize this activity during your stay. If an individual participation is possible, the school will indicate you where and how to realize the activity.

Consult the monthly calendar and make up your mind to participate. You can enroll on doing your registration, filling in the corresponding section in the enrolment form, or on arriving at the school.

Furthermore, you can also look at the superior side sections. Search among the ‘lots’ of activities we offer you. Sure, there is something attractive for you.

Travelling calmly and safely :-
We offer you all the information you need before your arrival so that you can prepare your stay with us.

If you wish, the school can also organise transportation from the airport to your destination.

Furthermore, if you do not have insurance, we offer you the possibility of contracting an insurance policy through the school. As you know, it is compulsory to have health, accident and personal liability insurance.

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Zador schools of Spanish Alicante and...

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