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LDO Light Diesel Oil

LDO Light Diesel Oil

A diesel Oil is a Oil suitable for burning in diesel or compression ignition engines. In a compression ignition engine, air alone is drawn into cylinder and compressed until it is very hot about 500 deg C. A spark ignition engine on the other hand, relies upon a carburetor to supply into the cylinder a mixture of gasoline vapour and air, which after compression The average compression ratio of a diesel engine is much higher about 15:1 than that of a gasoline engine about 8:1 and this is the reason for the higher thermal efficiency of the diesel engine about 33% as compared to about 25% of the gasoline engine which makes for economy in operation. END USE HSD is normally used as a Oil for high speed diesel engines operating above 750 rpm i.e. buses, lorries, generating sets, locomotives, pumping LDO is used for diesel engines, generally of the stationery type operating below 750 rpm IGNITION QUALITY When Oil is injected into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine, ignition does not occur immediately. This delay period depends on the nature of the Oil, the engine design, and on the operating conditions. If the delay is too long, the engine may be hard to start and when the accumulated Oil does ignite, the rate of pressure rise may be so great that it causes The effects of diesel knock are similar to the effects of knocking in gasoline engines, viz. loss of efficiency and power output and a possibility of mechanical damage to the engine if the knocking is prolonged. CETANE NUMBER The most accurate method of assessing the ignition quality of a diesel Oil is by measuring its cetane number in a test engine, the higher...

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