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Apsara Icecreams mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

into the business of ice cream making with one motto ''' 'To make ice creams using fresh fruits/dry fruits, milk and sugar'. Without using any artificial ingredients or preservatives, he created ice creams manufactured in wooden contraptions called sanchas. Such was the origin of one of the most premium ice cream brands of South Mumbai ''' Apsara Icecreams. Since that humble beginning in 1971, when there were just three fruit flavours of ice creams produced of yummy Apsara Icecream is to boil the milk to a thick creamy consistency. This gives the ice cream a rich creamy base. After all, well begun Way back in 1971, when ice cream was still a commodity meant for the elite, Mr. Nemchand Shah guided by his early customers, ventured embarked on a journey that will eventually make every ice cream lover say they "Can't Get Over It Ice Cream Making Process The first step to make a tub that they are dispersed throughout the milk. It ensures the cream does not start separating from the milk and the texture becomes smooth and continuous . This is basically the "ice cream premix" which is now ready to be turned into delicious ice cream. The next stage is the most critical, and also one of Apsara's specialities! The churning of the ice cream mix in the sancha. The slow rotations ensure that just enough air is introduced in the mix to give the icecream its structure, without making it too fluffy. , Apsara Icecreams today has come a long way with an amazing range of 50+ flavours. All still made in the good old fashioned sanchas. The ice creams are richer, creamier than other commercially produced ice creams. And packed with the natural goodness of fresh fruits and dry fruits. Today range of products in its portfolio ''' from its iconic sancha ice creams, to milkshakes, kulfis and sorbets. And we also have a sugar free range of ice creams for our diabetic and health conscious customers! With a vision to serve the most premium ice creams to customers, Apsara Icecreams has mumbai We are Manufacturer and Trader of Ice Cream and We use To make ice creams using fresh fruits/dry fruits, milk and suga Fruitylicious Nuttylious Chocolicious Sorbelicious Kulfilicious Shakelicious,...

Natural ice cream mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

Established in 1984 in Mumbai, Natural ice cream has been pioneer in making artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and creamy. With 25 years of being in the business, 70 outlets across the country and the recently launched state-of the-art factory in Mumbai , creativity and determination is what it took to turn Natural Ice Cream into a success story. But like most successful businesses, success did not happen over night. The journey of R S. Kamath, founder of Natural Ice Cream, was long and accounts to a quarter of a century. The journey started in his of eateries and served ice cream, he learnt all about ice cream. This powerful combination lead to the creation of Natural Ice Cream. However, like most journeys, there are always hurdles to cross. One such hurdle was the equipment used to make the ice cream. Because of its manual use in nature more ice cream using the same method. In the process he also invented a machine that could de-seed fruits in a very short time. So what is so unique about our brand that people keep coming back for more every time? For starters, Natural Ice Cream is deeply rooted in tradition and uses traditional methods to make ice cream. All the ingredients we use are almost completely natural and are sourced from India. We do not use any preservatives , stabilisers and artificial colours or chemicals, which is why our ice cream is delicious and wholesome. The ice cream contains less air which makes it rich , Natural Ice Cream is still raring to go places. And it is the rare combination of traditional methods and modern technology that will take us there. and sugar. We add no preservatives or stabilizers in our product. This idea was conceptualised by Mr. R S Kamath, CMD of Kamaths Ourtimes ice creams Pvt Natural ice cream mumbai Strawberry Tender Coconut Watermelon Choco Cream Chocobite Choco Almond Chickoo Butter Scotch Black Grapes Anjeer...

Ice Cream Works mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

'''ICW serves delicious ice-creams and has definitely made its presence felt.It would have been over a year when i first had an ice-cream at ICW and I have been a fan ever since, Ice Cream Works has a great variety of flavors to sate your cravings. I was really impressed by their Calcutta Meetha Pan ice-cream although i admmit I was skeptical about it at first. Its pretty amazing how they managed to blend such flavors into their ice cream. I would recommend people to try it rather than just choosing the safer options.Also if you like Dark chocolates then their Dark chocolate ice-creams Ice Cream Works mumbai Hazelnut Black Is Black Chocolate Baileys English Cream Premium Range Creamy Tahitian Vanilla Fruit Salad & Cream Double Strawberry Chocolate Chips We are Manufacturer and Trader Of Ice Cream Handmade Range:- Sitaphal Strawberry Gajar Badam Halwa Chocolate To Die For Extreme Ferro Chocolate Cassata Fruit Cassata King Of Cassata Ice Cream Desserts Crispy Chocolate Crunch Caramel Waffer Sundae Best Brownie Hot Fudge Short...

Jyot Dairy Festival Ice Cream mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

Ice Creams, Kulfi Sticks, Ice Cream Candles, Ice Cream Cups, Matka Kulfies, Sundaes Ice Cream, Cassata Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cake Roll, Party Pack Ice Jyot Dairy Festival Ice Cream, is a proud Manufacturer and Supplier of different Milk Products gaining solid grounds in the domestic market. Our extensive range includes different kind of assortment of Cones Ice Cream, Mini Ice Cream Cones, Tea powder, Choco Bar Ice Cream, Milky Bars, Mango Duet Cream, Ice Cream Party Pack, Large Cup Ice Cream, Bulk Ice Cream, Basundi Ice Cream supplying to caterers & hotels all over India. Our popularity company would not have accomplished the same heights of success. It is chiefly to him that we, Jyot dairy festival ice cream stand high and unbeaten its about the variety, or the quality, Jyot Dairy Festival Ice Cream has it all. Catering to every age, every class; our company'''s been a trusted Jyot Dairy Festival Ice Cream mumbai , Mango Duet Ice Creams, Kulfi Sticks, Ice Cream Candles, Ice Cream Cups Cones:- Chocolate Cone Butterscotch Cone Bars:- Mini Choco Bar Crunchy We are a Manufacturer and Supplier of different Milk Products,Cones Ice Cream, Mini Ice Cream Cones, Tea powder, Choco Bar Ice Cream, Milky Bars Almonds Ice Cream Kulfi Delite Ice Cream Cups:- Vanilla Cup Strawberry Cups Matka Kulfies:- Kesar Pista Matka Kulfi Ice Cream Sundaes :- Sundae Cups Cassata Ice Cream:- Cassata Cut Ice Cream Kulfi Packets:- Malai Pista Kulfi Kesar Pista Kulfi Kaju Anjeer Kulfi Sitaphal, Mango Kulfies Party Pack Ice Cream 1.25 ltrs.:- Large Cup Ice Cream:- Bulk Ice Cream:- Basundi:- Rolls:- Ice Cream Candy:- Combo Party Pack...

SHREE Mumbai (India)

Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

Mumbai Deals in soaps, oil & shampoo, shaving cream & lotions, tooth paste & brushes, detergents, shoe polish & cleaners, tea powder, snow & cold creams Navi Mumbai, ...

Avaruni Enterprise Mumbai (India)

Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

up of substances extracted from plants, which is both natural and excellent for skin. Our skin lightening cream is 100' natural and herbal. Our range of Ayurvedic Fairness Cream and Face Packs are ideal for dealing with numerous skin problems including Our team of professional, dedicated ever skin treatment by applying our high-quality herbal and natural cream on a regular basis. Consistent application of the product will help you lightening and fairness cream and packs at competitive prices! How Sun Affects Our Skin? Research has proved that the harmful and harsh rays of the sun can be both severe and difficult to handle. However, with our skin whitening cream, which has been created with assistance from highly-skilled , professional and qualified Cosmetologists, you can restore your lost glow and look effectively! How the Cream Works? The balanced and natural components of the cream moisturize and nourish your skin to the fullest, leaving it absolutely flawless, soft and beautiful! Our products are gentle on your skin and provide 100' results! Our skin whitening cream provides wonderful and desired results within a time span of 15-20 days. Acne, Pigmentation, Sun Burn etc., no matter what skin problem you are dealing with, our completely natural and herbal skin whitening cream will help you treat all types of skin problems effectively. What makes our product even more special is that it is non-greasy and easy to apply. Skin Care for Men Too Our fairness cream types of skin. The cream is extremely useful in improving the tone of the skin and has no side effects at all. Made from natural herbs, the Avaruni skin whitening cream provides a natural and healthy glow to your skin. and knowledgeable Cosmetologists has dedicated all their efforts towards creating highly effective and potent fairness creams and face packs. Our deep Mumbai Mumbai...

OM Kare Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

Mumbai and the Company has good technical Expertise as well as skilled, disciplined stable manpower to take any challenge in the field of Cosmetic at Kandivali , Mumbai for sourcing Raw Materials, Packing Materials, Machinery and other Technical and R&D Services. LAYOUT Layout and Construction mumbai : Multipurpose Cream Dental Cream Moisturizing Cream Shaving Cream Hair Cream Baby Cream Conditioning Cream Hand Cream Face Cream Lotions : Moisturizing Lotions Sunscreen Lotions Body Lotions Emollient Lotions Hand : Herbal Toothpaste White Toothpaste Gel Toothpaste Fluoride Toothpaste Sensitive Toothpaste Kids Toothpaste Creams...

Pastonji Brands & Holdings Pvt. Limited Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

to offer traditional Ice cream with a modern technology. Pastonji has build reputation amongst its consumers by serving exclusive range of Ice creams to the consumers. It provides the consumers with fascinating range of products like Ice cream, frozen desserts, Gosip-flavoured milk, Blasios pack Mumbai We are Manufacturers and Traders of Ice creams and beverages of various flavors and novelties Product. Kesar Elaichi Gosip Beverage Pineapple Gosip...

A & M Group Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

with the Government Of India as an authorized exporter in our domain of expertise. Being a member of the prestigious, 75 years old "Chamber Of Commerce" in Mumbai Our range of products such as Body Moisturizers, Shaving Creams touch your life, each day and cover most of your daily needs; be it medicines professionals who understand every need of the consumer and develop suitable products Such as Body Moisturizers, Shaving Creams for the market. We Mumbai Cosmetics - Face - Face Creams, Cleansing Lotions, Body Moisturizers, Face Foundation Cream, Shaving Creams, Lipsticks, Hand Wash, Moisturizers , Nail Polish, Perfumed Nail Polish Removers, Hair -Shampoos, Anti Dandruff Preparations, Hair Grooming Creams, Body Moisturizers, Soft Cleansing Soaps Pharma Products - Active Pharma Ingredients (API), Finished Formulations in Tablets, Capsules, Creams, Ointments, Injectables Nutritional Products , Shaving Creams, Face Applications, Talcum Powder-Medicated, Mosquito Repellant Creams for body applications Apparel & Linen - Men, Women, Children...

Ketaki Industries Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

a unit in a small village near Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. We have grown steadily since then to become a major supplier in the booming Floria Naturals is a dream, our dream, born out of our passion for making Premium Quality Natural Bath and Body products. Vijaya Bapat, the visionary Mumbai Shower Gel Moisturizing Body Lotion Calming Face Wash Rejuvenating Almond Saffron Cream Beauty Cream Exotic Rose Soap Aloecucumber Soap Neem Basil Soap Floral Bouquet Soap Gardenia Green Soap Khus Soap Lime Orange Soap Vanilla Blossom Soap Honey Almond Soap Levish Lavender Soap Sandal Blush Soap Saffron Chiffon Soap Crystal Cream Shower Soap Neem Tulsi Ubtan Soap...

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