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Golden Swan International Mumbai (India)

Trader • Consumer Goods • Organization firm

Imagining life without water is a painful task. Tolerating thirst for a few minutes is okay but living with the fact that this thirst is a permanent problem can be quite disheartening. Even in the Indian culture, guests are always welcomes with a cool and soothing drink of water. Well , this is because scientifically water is known to cool down the overall body temperature and restore the peaceful equilibrium so that the guests can have an effective conversation. Lack of water in the body can actually trigger a series of diseases including headaches, urinary stones and a lot more is that drinking unhygienic or polluted water is also equally dangerous. In India, the quality of drinking water that is available is very poor and highly polluted. Golden Swan is the first of its kind agency that specialises in implementing processes that give pure water. The initiative of this company is directed towards helping people get access to pure and safe drinking water, in all places. Vision :- Mr Kavi Bhatia, the founder of the company it impossible to accept the difference in the taste and quality of water. The water in India tasted bad and that’s when he undertook the mission to channelize his expertise and desire to deliver pure and safe drinking water to his fellow countrymen. , was initially a resident of America and migrated to India in his later life. While Mr Bhatia enjoyed every bit of the Indian culture, he found Mumbai Golden Swan is the first of its kind agency that specialises in implementing processes that give pure water ALKALINE IONIZER ALKALINE JUG / PITCHER ALKALINE BOTTLE CHLORINE FREE SHOWER ALKALINE STICK OUTDOOR WATER BAGS ELECTROLYSIS ALKALINE IONIZER NANO ENERGY ALKALINE FLASK...

Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Service Provider • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

Hitech UV ventured into the field of Ultraviolet water disinfection way back in 1984, starting with Teflon based UV systems at a time when disinfection units, UV Water disinfection units, UV surface sterilization , Micron filters, Intensity monitors. We manufacture UV Systems for water , Hitech Ultraviolet grew from a small manufacturing unit in Mumbai to a business that has impacted organizations across the globe. He co-ordinates functions from its office in a Mumbai suburb, all the administrative activities are conducted from this office. Our manufacturing unit is also situated in an industrial site within Mumbai limits itself. sultants coming in and destroying the workflow. Our clients face no such issues. Industries We Serve Health Organization (WHO), UV sterilization is one of the most promising methods for water disinfection. Every industry that is into processing or production can rely on UV Technology for its water, air and surface treatment. years we added UV Air Purifiers & Surface sterilizers to our products. Today, three decades later, we are a leading manufacturer of UV systems in India Disinfection Systems, which consist of custom-made units that cater to specific needs of individual clientele. UV Systems Hitech UV products range from UV Air in production is supervised, paying attention to minute details that later become critical for the successful working of the units. Hitech Ultraviolet Mumbai We are one of manufacture of Quartz based UV systems & Micron filters. Our Product List : - UV Water Disinfection Systems - UV Air Purifier: - UV...

Bepure Tech Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (India)

Trader & Service Provider • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

It all started almost two decades ago, when we were driven by the single agenda of filtering and purifying water in the best possible manner. We the lives of each individual who uses our products. With tons of data-driven research backing our technology, our alkaline water solutions are helping people to become With the help of our loyal army of satisfied customers, we aim to become the undisputed leaders in water treatment in the country. We ‘alkaline water’ was one of those health fads that keep coming and going. After all, you’ve always consumed ‘normal’ tap water or water from a traditional purifier. Why should you consider alkaline ? Which is exactly what we’ve done. Let us tell you about the benefits of alkaline water in a simplified to deliver products that are superbly effective, yet affordable. We’ve tried to cater to every segment of society without ever compromising on quality aspire to bridge the gap between wellness and affordability. We aim to infuse new-age scientific understanding into the industry and cater to the lowest Mumbai Stick - Alken UV-UF-Alkaline Water Purification System - Alken RO-UV-UF-Alkaline Water Purification System....

Malpani Filter Water Supplier Mumbai (India)

Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

Water Tratment Chemicals Malpani Filter Water Supplier Mumbai We are Trader of Soft Water Id Mainly Used In Boilers, Cooling Towers, Airconditioning, Drinking, Processing, Bleaching And Washing, Dyes, Chemicals , Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Confectioneries, Pharmaceuticals. Customised Products For Our Bulk Quantity Clients. Fresh Well Water 20000 Ltrs. Mineral Water In 20000 Ltrs. Industrial Water 20000 Ltrs. Soft Water 20000 Ltrs....


Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

About Us Supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel water filters, & prestige water filters. Mumbai COOKWARE, WINE BUCKET AND WATER FILTER / WATER BUCKET. Stainless steel water filters prestige water filters....

Rupali Industries Mumbai (India)

Manufacturer • Consumer Goods • Partnership firm

Water Purifier Rupali Inustries leading quality manufacturer of water purifier. Our track record of past ten years, has enabled us to receive the most coveted 0.01 Dealer only in Mumbai District and Pune District. 'B-Nova' is manufactured for the Masses, availed at Low Cost, less Maintenance and Electricity free by ISO 9001:2000 and Water, purified by our water purifiers, has been tested "&" certified to be 99.9% bacteria and virus free by the Ramakrishna Bajaj to promote the activities initiated by our Govt, to ensure 'Pure water for the masses' at affordable cost "&" price. We together can achieve a noble cause Osmosis (RO) Membrane technology water purifiers manufactured under the brand name of Bnova. This purifies all physical, chemical "&" microbiological , Harmful and hazzards salts "&" dissolved solids from municipal, borwell, Tanker water which are highly dangerous "&" toxic for human health and retain Water Purifier Mumbai Rupali Inustries leading quality manufacturer of water purifier : - B Nova Water Purifier - Smart Nova Water Purifier - B nova Akruti Water Purifier - B nova Gold Water Purifier - B nova Smart Water Purifier - B nova Classic Water Purifier - B nova Smart Water Purifier - Silver Nano Storage Water Purifier - B nova RO Open Water Purifier - RO Cute Water Purifier - B nova RO Water Purifier - Swaraj RO Water Purifier...

Aayushaman Water Distributors mumbai (India)

Trader • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

Aayushaman Water Distributors, located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, was established in the year 2013. Under the guidance of veteran experts and professionals, the company has shown magnificent results and has grown by leaps and bounds. Aayushaman Water Distributors is a well-established Supplier of the wide assortment of Mineral Water Jar and Mineral Water Bottle. Being a quality conscious company, we are focused towards delivering the best in class Mineral Water Jar and Bottle. Our system is ISI & BIS certified to provide every customer & consumer healthy product. Sourced from names, help us in delivering us the certified, quality permitted Water Jar and Bottle and that too at the competitive rates. With years of experience Aayushaman Water Distributors mumbai Aayushaman Water Distributors is a well-established Supplier of the wide assortment of Mineral Water Jar and Mineral Water Bottle. products:- Mineral Water Jar Mineral Water Bottle ...

NHN Corporation Ltd. Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

Mumbai Manufacturers and Exporters of Consumer Goods. Our Product List:- -Hot water dispenser -Cold water dispenser -Packaged Drinking Water -Water water dispenser -Cold water dispenser -Cip dispenser -Pressure pump -Ceramic dispenser -Gravity Faucet. Accessories and consumbles Bulk water pack...

Link Partners mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Consumer Goods • Proprietorship firm

and exporters of a wide range of the finest quality of Water Bottles & Lunch Boxes. The product range offered by us comprises Probott Single Wall SS Water Bottles, Probott Double Wall SS Vacuum Water Bottles and Probott Vacuum Flasks. We offer the offered water bottle in various sizes and designs that suit the requirements of our patrons. Their rich attributes such as high thermal insulating property and elegant design, make these water bottles highly appreciated among our patrons. School, colleges and offices, are some of the places where the offered water bottles & lunch boxes are widely used for carrying water and food items. Probott, Bagmire, Class Pass''' and Elvine are some of the major brands in that we deal. On the other hand, we mumbai We are manufacturers, traders and exporters of a wide range of the finest quality of water bottles & lunch boxes. Our Products Range:- Single Wall SS Water Bottles -Probott Bottles -Stylish Sports Bottle -Sports Bottle -Single Wall Sports Bottle -Water Bottles Double Wall SS Vacuum Water Bottles -Pb381 Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug -Probott Bottles -Insulated Water Bottle -Steel Bottle -Vacuum Water Bottles -Double Wall Vacuum Water Bottles -Vacuum Bottles -Hydration Bottles -Vacuum Hot Bottle -Slim Vacuum Bottle -Vacuum Cold Bottle -Sports Bottle -Double Wall Water Bottles -Colorful Water Bottle -Water Bottles Vacuum Flask -Probott Bottles -Thermos Vacuum Flask -Steel Vacuum Flask -Stainless Steel Vacuum...

Kingstar Enterprises mumbai (India)

Manufacturer • Consumer Goods • Pvt Ltd. firm

providing excellent service to our customers in the area of servicing & maintenance for water purifiers. Our all customers are still tied with us due to our quality of service. Kingstar Enterprises started its Manufacturing division for water purifiers in 2010, & our inclination is towards giving the most purified healthy water to customers, which is free of all contaminants & containing all healthy minerals, creating a Healthy World. Significance : Why are we different than others! Exclusive Biopure cartridge used in only our RO range of water purifier adds the healthy minerals (Ca+, Mg, Po ) , which are initially removed by RO membrane in middle stages, producing Pure+Healthy water. Exclusive Dual UV Protection (PreUV & Post UV) concept is used to kill microorganisms in two stages, turning the water totally free from all microbiological contaminants, protecting human from diseases lifespan gets increased and our customers get purified water for a long duration, without going for RO membrane replacement. By maintaining pH value of water more than 7, we are producing mild Alkaline water, making it beneficial for human body. mumbai Kingstar Enterprises started its Manufacturing division for water purifiers. Products:- Jupiter Series:- Jupiter Diamond Jupiter Gold Jupiter Silver Industries Series...

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