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Ms Project Training Course Outline

Ms Project Training Course Outline

LOGICAL SEQUENCE USING THE GENERAL TAB UNDERSTANDING TASK PREDECESSORS Opening the predecessor window Entering a predecessor UNDERSTANDING TASK RESOURCES Under-standing the resources tab Entering resources for a task UNDERSTANDING ADVANCED TASK OPTIONS UNDERSTANDING TASK CONSTRAINTS UNDERSTANDING TASK USING THE RESOURCE SHEET VIEW Viewing or entering resources Using the Resource Sheet View ENTERING RESOURCES Entering Resources UNDERSTANDING UNITS Using Fill-Down ASSIGNING A RESOURCE TO A TASK Assigning a resource in the Task Information window ASSIGNING RESOURCES (CONTINUED) Using the Assign Resources button Selecting a resource from your Personal Address Book (PAB) or Global Address List (GAL) ASSIGNING A RESOURCE CALENDAR Adding holidays to a resource calendar Changing the working time for a resource REMOVING A RESOURCE Removing the resource in the Task Information window Removing the resource from the Assign Resources window Replacing the resource from the Assign Resources window Removing a resource from the project completely REPLACING RESOURCES Replacing a resource quickly REMOVING A CALENDAR Removing a calendar Copying a calendar to Global.MPT NETWORK DIAGRAM VIEW OVERALLOCATIONS USING THE RESOURCE USAGE VIEW Opening the Resource Usage view Spotting overallocated resources USING THE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TOOLBAR Turning on the Resource Management toolbar USING THE RESOURCE ALLOCATION VIEW Opening the Resource Allocation view USING THE RESOURCE ALLOCATION GRAPH Opening the Resource Allocation Graph Choosing a resource to view Viewing over-allocations in the graph Moving to the next over-allocation RESOLVING Leveling resources Clearing leveling LEVELING RESOURCES CONTINUED Using the Resource Indicator USING THE LEVELING GANTT VIEW Opening the Leveling Gantt Chart view DECREASING WORK TIME Decreasing work time in the Resource Usage view Ensuring that the task duration is not altered SPLITTING TASKS Re-assigning a resource INCREASING WORKING HOURS Changing working time for a resource ASSIGNING OVERTIME TO A TASK Assigning overtime work Checking the new cost of the project CONTOURING RESOURCES Using contour patterns Understanding how project works out the times PRINTING PROJECT REPORTS...

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