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Pacific Metal Industries rajkot (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

Connector Clamps Rod to Tape Coupling Rod to Tape Clamp (Type 'A') Rod to Cable Clamps (Type 'O') Earthing Accessories :- Rod to Cable Clamps (Type 'G') Re - Bar Clamp Clamping Two Cable to Flat Bar Cable to Square Joint Cable Tee Clamp Heavy Duty Conductor Saddle DC Tape Clips Square Hospital Clamps Railway Product Brass Air Rod Terminal Base Square Tape Clips Rod To Cable Clamps Type - A Single Point Multiple Point Driving Head Driving Bolt Coupling Multiple Points Air Rod Terminal Base Taper Pointed Air Rods U Bolt Rod Clamps (Type E) Rod to Cable Lug Clamps 'B ' Rod to Cable Clamps (Type 'GUV') U Bolt for Rigid Pipe and Cable (Type PUB) Rod to Cable Clamps (Type KUV) Rod to Cable Clamps (Type SCE) Split Bolt Connectors AluminiumLink Taps (Type V) Disconnecting Link Earth Bars Earth Plates Earth Lattices Earth Bonding Points Concrete Earth Tape Clamps Plate Test Clamp Oblong Test Clamp Tower Earth Clamp Double Plate Tower Earth Clamp Single Plate Screw down Test Clamp Rod Brackets Tape Clips Copper Tape Clips One Hole Clip C Crimp Connectors B Bond RWP Bond Watermai Pipe Bond Earth Boss Earthing Accessories :- Split...


Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

copper wire, pvc tape, epoxy resin, crgo core We are manufacturers and traders of all kind of LT current transformer coil, ring type, rectangular type, bar primary type, wpl type, resincast and pvc insulated....

Ashmor Electricals (India) Pvt. Ltd. ahmedabad (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

Insulation, Resin Cast and Plastic Moulded. Our Products :- Current Transformers :- - Tape Insulated Ring Type - Wound Primary - Plastic Encapsulated Ring Type / Wound Primary - Resin Cast Ring / Rectangular Type - Resin Cast Wound Primary Type - Summation C.T.s - 3 Phase/4 Phase Wound / Bar Primary C.T. Blocks Voltage Transformers :-Potential Transformers Busbar Supports/Insulators - clate - CONE TYPE - BARREL / HEXAGONAL TYPE - FINS TYPE - STUD TYPE - SLOT TYPE - DOUBLE SLOT TYPE - L TYPE We Are Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Metering, Protection, Summation, Special Purpose (Class PS) etc. These C.T.s. are manufactured with PVC Tape...


Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Pvt Ltd. firm

and corona resistance polyimide film F46 composite adhesive tape (CR type) have approached the international similar quality level. and the C class including electrical submersible pump and deep well, and chemical industry. The newly developed CR type polyimide films silicon tape and CR type mica tape have been used in large-scale enterprises in and abroad. CR type series products are applicable to 200 grade traction motor, wind generator, coal New Century (Tianjin) Polyimide Films Insulating Materials Co., LTD?NCPI?, is a Sino-American joint venture specified in all types insulating , mica tape, large coil of outer insulation layer corona resistance, wind power cable, large motor with frequency conversion motor cable. Cable for Oil . It could be classified by applied glue amount: glue, moderate and less. NCPI polyimide films and F46 polyimide tape have complete specifications and high quality, and can be produced according to customer’s demand. NCPI is a Sino-American Joint-Venture specialized in Polyimide Film (Tape), which can NCPI is a Sino-American Joint-Venture specialized in Polyimide Film (Tape). which can compete with Kapton quality. It could be widely applied in traction motor wind generator high frequency high voltage motor transformer insulation coil and cables, chemical industry and etc. CR Silicon Tape FCR Polyimide Tape J5463 CR Mica Tape 6051 polyimide film tape 241 PST Tape Low ESD Polyimide Film Black Polyimide Film FCR Polyimide Tape Polyimide Film F46 Tape Polyimide Film Tape 6051 Description Specification of Polyimide Film Tape 6051 Corona Resistance Polyimide Films Polyimide Film Polyimide Fep Tape Corona Resistance Polyimide Film ...

India Wire Machinery Inc. Vadodara (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

We are Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Turnkey Plants, tape slitting machines, Box Type Furnace, box type ovens, paper slitting machines. Our Covering Machines For Round Wires And Rectangular Strips / Conductors - Turnkey Plants - Tape slitting machines - Box Type Furnace - box type ovens - paper Machines - Paper Covering Machines For Round Wires And Strips - Turnkey On Line Plants For Submersible Winding Wires - Tape And Paper Slitting Machines - Box Types Ovens/Furnaces - On Line Ovens For Submersible Winding Wires - Automatic Wire Coiling Machine. - Automatic Wire Spooling Machine - Dc And Ac slitting machines - Dpc wire covering machine - paper covering machine - paper slitting machines - poly wrapping machine - round conductor taping machine - strip dpc machine - tape slitting machines - Turnkey Plants....

Ericon Transformers Nashik (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Partnership firm

voltage, current transformers to suit various needs of customers including ring type / Rectangular type CTr and wound primary type CT for both measuring Ericon Transformer are equipped with sophisticated plant, machinery and testing equipments. Ericon Transformers manufacture various types of low IEC 185, BS 3839. CTr provided with PVC tape insulation in, manufacture to suit temperature rise confirming insulation class A (&@with fiberglass tape . ERICON TRANSFORMERS, are specialized manufacturer and designer of most non standard requirements of various customers. ERICON make CT are typo- Tested Manufacturers and Suppliers of sophisticated plant, machinery and testing equipments. Product :- Low Tension Current Transformers Ring Type Current Transformers Bar Primary Current Transformers Wound Type Current Transformers Measuring Current Transformer Protective Current Transformers Interposing Current Transformers Summation Current Transformers Bushing Type Current Transformers / Bus Duct Current Transformers Core Balance Current Transformers Furnace Transformers Precision Grade Current Transformers...

Win Dynasty Development Ltd. Kowloon (Hong-kong)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electrical and Power • Public Ltd. firm

with Glass Cover - hOME eLECTRIC aPPLIANCES :- - Air Conditioner (Spil Type/ Floor Type/ Window Type) - Oil Filling Radiator - Special Cooker Tape - Double Coated Adhesive Tape - Facial, Tissue, Toilet Paper - Laminator - Lighting :- - Floor Lamp T921 - Floor Lamp L997 - Desk...

Skipper Engineers AKI\OLA (India)

Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Partnership firm

c rgo, copper, resin, insulation tape, insulatores, Brass connectores etc. MANUFACTURERS OF CT/ PT from LT renge. 600v to 36kv class, RING TYPE, RESIN CAST, OIL COOLED, type AND supplier to major electricity board, & private electrical utilities....


Manufacturer • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

/ Close Hole Non Adhesive Tape Panel Door Knobs Lever Type Cam Knob Panel Door Locks Door Hinges Handles Filters ( Air Vent ( 0 To 9 Marked on 10 Colours ) Marker For Clip on Type Connector Cable Binding Strap & Buttons Saddle & PVC Clip PVC 'P' Clips ( Non Adjustable ) Nylon Cable Tie K.S.S. Cable Tie Support Spiral Band Tubing Monofilament Lacing Cord (Dori) Groumet & Closer Snap Type Plug Open ) Document Holders Meter Glass Channels For Clip on Type Terminals Shorting Link & Stud For Clip On Type Terminal Neutralink Aluminium...

Trans Tech Systems Chennai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electrical and Power • Proprietorship firm

Trans Tech Systems was established in the year 1989. With 25 years of vast experience we Design,Manufacture and supply of all type of Current & Control transformers as per the details given below: Current Transformers Ratio 25/5 to 8000/5 (Ring type & Rectangular type) Control Transformers & 440/440 upto 125 KVA Capacity RESIN CAST Current Transformer (Ring type & Rectangular type) Oil cooled & Air Cooled Current & Control Transformers LT Dry type Transformers Protection Transformers from 25VA to 3KVA Single phase & Three phase(PT) Core Balance Current Transformers for special We Design, Manufacture and supply of all type of Current & Control transformers. Tape Wound Current Transformer Resin Cast Current Transformer Wound Primary Current Transformer (WPL) Single Phase LT Control Transformer Three Phase Control Transformer Three Phase Auto Transformer Current Transformer Rectangular Type Current Transformer Ring Type Voltage Stabilizers....

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