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Electrotech Industries delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

delhi Water is the most crucial and indispensable element for human survival but the problem related to contamination, pollution and adulteration of water gets exacerbated. As we know 75' of earth is covered with water, but only 2.5' of it is fresh water. The repercussion is after every 21 seconds , a child dies of water borne disease. Most of the health ailments take place owing to drinking of crummy and unhygienic water. Many a disease like constipation, dysentery, diarrhea, gastric, indigestion, jaundice, stomach aches, stone, typhoid and viral fever are water-borne. Much said and done , but the fact still remains otherwise, each day 1600 deaths are induced by water-related disease. The question stands relevant: Why solution to water related problems does not fall under agenda? Fitness of a person is contingent on the quality of the food & water, he or she takes. Electrotech Industries, recognized by ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. 1071016), as well as being a subscribed member of Water Quality Association (WQA) USA with its officially registered trade mark 'eigen water', of which standard and guidelines meticulously followed in Manufacturing, Marketing, Installation and Servicing of Domestic RO Water Purifiers, Industrial RO Water Purifier, UV & UF Water Purification Systems and their components & accessories, has been remarkably catering to water purification need of Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Segments. delhi We are Manufacturers, Traders, service Providers, Exporters and Importers of Domestic and Industrial RO Water Purifiers. Our Products:- Eigen Water Ro System E-Natural Water Purifiers Domestic Ro Cabinets Ro Membranes Water Filter Housing Solenoid Valves (S V) And Float Valves Ro Booster Pumps Inline Water Filters Uv Components Adaptors And Smps Filter Cartridges Ro Fittings Ro Piping / Ro Tubing Clamps / Brackets And Stand...

Sindhuria Electrical Industries Delhi (India)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Delhi PLC & VFD Based Water Automation In current scenario mostly High rise buildings Housing complexes and societies have a requirement for storage and pumping of water. Where raw water is drawn from ground, after that it goes through softener and at last boosting to overhead tanks. It requires WATER AUTOMATION for Hotels, Restaurants, Dairies, Municipal corporations and Industrial users, it is important for consultants and architects to design water complete water automation from initial stage to disposal stage of the Water in PLC and VFD based Module. Since water invariably corrodes most equipment, we supply equipment which is NOT AFFECTED by water corrosion means NO MAINTENANCE, NO RUNNING COST it is in plastic sealed container called to the distribution of water to appliances in a building and the disposal of sewage from the appliances to an external system. Rain Water Harvesting :- Rain water harvesting is a pioneering concept practiced in different states of the country. The main intention is to deal with the problem of water scarcity by preserving rain water for different domestic purposes in the future. We proud to have expertise in this field and has worked on numerous projects in conjunction with government and non-government organizations. Delhi Manufacturers, Traders and Importers of Pressure Pumps, Float Switches, Inline Pumps, VFD Panels, Water Automation System, Hydro Pneumatic Automation, Power Inverter, Water Tank Alarm, Water Level Controller and Controller System....

Maa Saraswati Vidya Bhandar delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

delhi , Water Purifier,Commercial Water Purifier and also providing services for end users. We are located in New Delhi, India, and meeting the rising market as durability of the offered products. We are offering 5 Stage Water Purifier, Acrylic Polymer Waterproofing Membrane, Activated Carbon Filter , Commercial Ro Purification Softener, Desalination Reverse Osmosis Systems, Domestic Water Purifier, Fluid Filter, Scientific and Laboratory Products delhi We are Manufacturers and Traders of well engineered and high performing RO Systems. Our Products:- Domestic Water Purifiers: Ro Water Purifer Ro Uv Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis Systems Industrial Ro System Domestic Ro System Water Purifier Aqua Ro Purifiers Dolphin Water Purifiers Hundai Water Purifier Ro Cabin Polo Ro Dispenser Pearl Water Purifier Commercial Water Purifiers/Ro Plants: Ro 50 Lph Industrial Reverse Osmosis System 50 Lph Ro System Commercial Ro Purifier Industrial Ro Purifer Ro Water Purifier Alkaline Ro Water Purifier Commercial Ro 1500 Lph Water Dispenser Ro Spare Parts: Ro Ball Valve Ro Adaptor Ro Membranes Flot With Micro Switch Adjustable Filter Housing 10" And 20" Filter...

Blue Mount Appliances Pvt. Ltd. delhi (India)

Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

delhi We are a new-age water purifier brand which originates from India to serve the people of it's country. We have taken a challenge- to provide 100 ' pure and healthy water in every household. We study and understand the need of pure water for every person, the water present and accessible for consumption and the purification hassles which most purifiers bring with themselves. We have one motive to provide the most pure & healthy water for one and all. We bring a wide range of technologically advanced water purifier which will suit water needs of various Indian household & industries. delhi We have taken a challenge- to provide 100' pure and healthy water in every household. For Home Alkaline RO+LED Purifiers Alkaline RO...


Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Delhi manufacturer, importer and exporter of WATER TANK OVER FLOW ALARM, 4 LEVEL INDICATOR WITH ALARM, SEMI AUTOMATIC, FULLY AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER , POWER SAVER, FULLY AUTOMATIC WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER WITH LCD DISPLAY, etc. Sold under the brand name Spacetek Technologies ( India ), our products offer standardized and tailor made solutions for all liquid level management needs of various industries. Our Water Level Control Systems are used for automatic monitoring of liquid levels in overhead tanks, reservoirs, swimming pools, etc. Our systems are effective with water, waste water effluents , and any type of liquid. Water proves as a perfect captivating magnet for the imagination and subconscious dreams, thrills and fears. It well portrays the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Approved by the mass and class, it is the most beautiful element Delhi We are Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters and Importers of- Water Level Indicator SP 3 Water Level Indicator SP 2 Water Level Indicator SP 1 ...

Ushma Home Appliances delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

delhi skilled professionals and well-trained employees have facilitated us in offering Ceiling Fan, Water Geyser, Immersion Water Heater, Cooler Water Pump as well as designing of the Ventilation Fan, Cooler Water Pump, Pedestal Fan, Immersion Water Heater and other related electrical products of the company in a well-computerized form. To cater to the diverse demands of electrical products, we, USHMA HOME APPLIANCES, were founded in 2015. With a wealth of experience and a reputation delhi We have established a noted position as one of the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of Ceiling Fan, Water Geyser, Immersion Water Heater, Cooler Water Pump, Kit Motor, etc. Our Product List : Air Cooler : - Portable Air Cooler - Room Air Coolers Air Cooler Spare Parts : - Air Cooler Fan Motor - Air Cooler Water Pump Ceiling Fans : - 3 Blade Ceiling Fan - Brown Ceiling Fan - Electric Ceiling Fan - High Speed Ceiling Fan Domestic Geysers : - Domestic Geyser - Electric Domestic Geysers - Storage Water Geyser - Platina Storage Domestic Geyser Ventilation Fans Small Blade Ceiling Fan : - 4 Blade Small Ceiling Fan - Small Blade Brown Ceiling Fan - Small Blade Ceiling Fan Electric Irons : - Dry Electric Iron - Electric Iron - Immersion Water Heater....

Hometech India Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Partnership firm

Delhi Delhi We manufacture Automatic Water level Controller for Earth Water, which starts the motor/pump when water reaches reserve level in the tank and switches it off when water reaches preset upper level. It works as your completely reliable servant. Based on latest technology, this system is ideal for single and three phase submersible motor/ pumps. Features: • Auto start when water level in the tank reaches preset lower level • Auto Off when B-30,OKHLA NEW DELHI...

Elpron Exchange Water Engg. Pvt. Ltd. delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

delhi Elpron Exchange Water Engg. Pvt. Ltd. offers modern range of precisely designed collection of Domestic and Corporate Water Purifying Equipment Elpron Exchange Water Engg. Pvt. Ltd. delhi We are Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of Domestic and Corporate Water Purifying Equipment, Accessories and Systems. Our Products :- Domestic R.O. System - Water Purifier: Audi - 9 Stage Aqua Grand Apple Shine - 9 Stage Accent - 9 Stage Novo - 9 Stage Swift - 9 Stage Dezaire - 9 Commercial R.O Plant: Softener: Hot And Cold Dispenser: Water Treatment Plant: Packaging Drinking Water Plant: Pouching Machine: Water Cooler: Water Chiller Plant: S.S Storage Tank: R.O. Cabinets:...

Global Power link Delhi (India)

Service Provider • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

Delhi , Shalimar Garden, East Delhi, South Delhi, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad at affordable prices. We can repair any type of electronic items of any brand such as Kenstar, Kent, Luminous, Panasonic, Videocon, whirlpool etc. Delhi Global Power link provides finest quality repairing services for all types Electronic appliances like Our repair Products:- R O Water Purifier :- Counter Top Water Purifier Wall Mounted Counter Top RO Water Purifier Wall Mounted Water Purifier Wall Mounted Under Sink Water Purifier Microwave Oven Washing Machine...

Tara Power Tech delhi (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

delhi Solar Water Heater, Solarizer Value, Solarizer Spring, Solarizer Ultra, Heat Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar Power power plants, from small domestic solar water heaters to large industrial solar water heating systems to heat pumps. We provide Consulting, Engineering is one of the largest players in the Indian Solar industry. EMMVEE is the largest manufacturer of Solar Water Heating Systems in India and probably in Asia. Solar Water Heater, Solarizer Value, Solarizer Spring, Solarizer Ultra, Heat Pumps, Solar Street Lights, Solar Power delhi of the biggest companies as its clients. Products Solar Water Heater How a Solar Water Heater Works? Solarizer...

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