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Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Supplier and manufacturer of process control instrument, control panel, temperature sensors, temperature controllers, custom based automation. Pune Supplier and manufacturer of process control instrument, control panel, temperature sensors, temperature controllers, custom based automation . Temperature Sensors Thermocouples Automation Systems Control Panels Digital Temperature Controllers Digital Temperature Indicators....


Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

PROCOM SYSTEMS" was established in the year 1988, with the launch of "PROCOM" Digital Temperature Indicator; and kept-up the pace of progress over last 8 years by adding new items viz. Digital Temperature Indicators with Analogue controllers with selector points 2-12 and Potentiometric Strip Chart Pune Manufacturer of Temperature Circular Charts Recorders, Temperature Scanners, Temperature Sensors, Measuring Instruments, Muffles, Ovens. Our Products :- • Process Control Instruments • Temperature Indicators • Temperature Controllers • Temperature Fan Fold Charts • Temperature Circular Charts Recorders • Temperature Scanners & Data Loggers • All Types Of TemperatureTemperature Sensors • Measuring Instruments • Muffles / Ovens...

Testo India Pvt. Ltd. Pune (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero (0 K = -273.15 ° C), emit infrared radiation. The human eye can not see infrared light. Back in the 1900s, physicist Max Planck showed an association between body temperature and the intensity coming from a stream of infrared radiation. Imager measures the infrared radiation in the longwave spectrum within the field of view. On this basis, the calculation is the temperature of the measuring object. Factors for calculating the emissivity (?) the surface of the object to be measured and reflected temperature compensation (CAT = reflected temperature compensation) - the values of these variables can be manually set in camera. Each pixel of the detector is an infrared point displayed on the display, using the video effect "false color". Thermography (measurement of temperature by the thermal imager) is a passive, contactless method of measurement. IR image shows the temperature distribution on the surface of the object. Therefore, using the thermal imager you can not "see" inside the object or see it through. Pune :- Temperature Measuring Instruments :- Clamp Thermometer Contact Type Measuring Instruments Non-Contact Type Measuring Instrument IR Thermometer Thermometer Smart and Wireless Probe Humidity Measuring Instruments :- Dew Point Sensor Temperature Humidity Transmitter Humidity Meter Relative Humidity Transmitters Industrial Humidity Transmitters Dewpoint Transmitter Table-Top Temperature & Humidity Measurement Large Display Hygrometer Thermo Hygrometer Leak Detector Refrigeration Manifold Digital Manifold Digital Refrigeration Manifold Data logging and Systems :- Wireless Data Loggers Temperature Loggers Data Loggers Single-Use Data Loggers Single-use Transport Logger Temperature Logger for Transport Transport Logger for Dry Ice Applications Transport Logger for Shock-Sensitive Goods WiFi Data Logger for connectable temperature probes WiFi data Loggre with integrated temperature and humidity probe WiFI Data Logger for connectable temperature and humidity probe pH and Cooking Oil Tester :- PH Meter Cooking Oil Tester PH/''C Measuring...

Thermo Sensors Equipments pune (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

Established In The Year 2013, At Pune (Maharashtra, India Thermo Sensors Equipments An Iso 9001:2008 Company Was Founded And Incorporated In 2013 By Mr. M G. Alexander As Manufacturing Unit For Supply Of Temp. Measuring Systems (Thermocouple, Rtd Sensors Thermowells, Temperature Transmitter , Temperature Indicator Controller, Other Accessories Etc). We At 'Tse Are Commited To Total Customer Satisfaction By Providing Consistant Quality pune Resistance Temperatur Dectectors Temperature Indicators & Controller Temperature Gauges Resistance Temperatur Dectectors Temperature Gauges Temperature Transmitters Non Contact Pyrometers Cable And Accessories ...


Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

YOG ELECTRO PROCESS. PVT. LTD. is a global market leader and manufacturer in temperature, pressure and level measurement technology. YOG has pune Manufacturers and Traders of Temperature Transducers, Digital Temp. Indicators / Controllers, Recorders, Transmitters, Scanners etc. Our Product - Temperature Sensor-Thermocouple- Transition Type - Temperature Sensor-Thermocouple-Head Type - Temperature Sensor-RTD Pt-100 -Transition Type - Temperature Sensor- RTD Pt100 ''' Head Type - Connectors/Thermowell & Compensetting Cable - Heaters - Digital Indicators - Digital Controllers - Timer ''' Universals - Humidity Sensors - Hooters - Transmitter-Convertors - IV Converter - Digital Temperature Scanners - Data Loggers - IR Temperature Sensor - Thermistor - Pressure Sensors - Gauges - Control Panel....


Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

Twintech Control Systems Pvt.Ltd.Are the makers of world class electronic process control instruments such as Temperature Indicators , Temperature controllers, Temperature Indicating Scanners , Digital Tacho-Meters, Digital Tacho-Hour- meters & various types of Magnetic Pick-ups.We also design Pune Process Control Instruments, Temperaure Cencor, Temperaure Controler, Diesel Spare Parts. DIESEL ENGINE MAGNETIC PICK-UP SPECIAL PROCESS TEMPERATURE TIMER SOLAR ENERGY...


Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Pune Process Control Instruments, Pressure Control Instruments, Temperature Control Instruments, Humidity Instruments, Temperature Sensing Devices....


Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Partnership firm

Pune Temperature Controllers, Temperature Indicators, Frequency Indicators....

WIKA Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. pune (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

, a global market leader in pressure, temperature and level measurement technology. WIKA Instruments India has established and operates a quality rate detection and certified calibration and testing instruments ensure we can manufacture quality pressure and temperature measuring instruments pune . Pressure Pressure - Electronic pressure measurement Mechatronic pressure measurement Mechanical pressure measurement Diaphragm seals Temperature Temperature - Electrical temperature measurement Mechatronic temperature measurement Mechanical temperature measurement Thermowells Level Level for temperature Calibration technology for current, voltage, resistance Accessories Accessories - Valves and protective devices Mounting...

Sensography Int. pune (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

, he has dedicated his most of the time for development of Temperature Sensors & Process Control Instruments. He is supported by 3 more experienced , "Sensography Int.", are a prominent organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying Temperature Sensors/Transducers & Process Control Instruments. Over pune and Accessories. Temperature Transmitter Proximity Switches RTD Connectors Portable Temp. Indicator Temperature Sensor Assemblies :- Standard Head with CI Sheath L Shape assembly High Temperature Assembly Stright Shape assembly with CI Sheath Special Type Temperature Sensor :- MI / Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Transition Joint Assembly Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor for Baby Warmer/incubator Digital Temperature Indicator :- Portable Temperature Indicator Multi-point Digital Temperature Indicator Digital Temperature Controller :- Digital Temperature Controller , Single Set Digital Temperature Controller, Two Set Industrial Thermowells :- Barstock with Lag Thermowell Standard Fabricated Thermowell Standard...

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