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Telebox Industries Corp. Taipei (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

in our core competence. We focus the technologies on engineering structure, high frequency PCB circuitry and automatic assembly machine design. We Telebox Industries Corp. Taipei , Faceplates-European, Adapters & couplers, Baluns. Componnets & Tools - Plugs, PCB jacks, 110 IDC, Lan cable, Lan cable testers, Cabling Tools, Telephone cords. Fiber Optic Cable - Connectors, Adapters, Pigtail & Patch cord. , Fiber optic patch panel, Patch panels, Keystone jack, Patch cords. Data & Telecom Accessories - ADSL, ISDN, Connecting boxes, Faceplates-USA...

Sunrise IT Corp Taipei (Taiwan)

Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

SUNRISE IT CORP is an established Taiwan-based IT company with its own manufacturing and distribution channels.. SUNRISE IT CORP specializes Sunrise IT Corp Taipei ThinkVision L150 L170 Samsung 15" LCD Monitor 17" LCD Monitor 19" LCD Monitor Memory card STEK MiniSD RS-MMC SANDISK SmartMediaCard XD-Picture Card LEXAR MEDIA Memory Stick Card MultiMediaCard Hagiwara CompactFlash Card Panasonic MiniSD Card Toshiba CompactFlash Card SD Card FUJIFILM OLYMPUS XD Card Handhelds Palm Taipei...

Zi San Electronics Corp. & Forcer Microsystem Co., Ltd. Taipei (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

to programming software and offering on-line after-sales service, Forcer Microsystem does it all. Zi San Electronics Corp. Was established in 1985 , and Sega Saturn. In the electro-stationery field, we had made electro-dictionaries and electro-notebooks. In 1997, Zi San invented Movie Card series Zi San Electronics Corp. & Forcer Microsystem Co., Ltd. Taipei Manufacturers of :- 3 IN ONE PACKAGE 5.6" TFT Color LCD Monitor for PSone 14.1", 15" TFT LCD Monitor S MOVIE CARD W/REMOTE CONTROL PSR-003 D.I.Y. MOVIE CARD FOR PSX-900X REMOTE CONTROLLER PR-001 VIDEO CONVERTER (V-BOX) MV-888 PS PASSWORD CARD PRO PS-123P PS MOVIE CARD PSX-001 PS MOVIE CARD PSX-002/004 PS PASSWORD CARD PS-121B PS PASSWORD CARD PS-122....

Allied Cable Corporation Taipei (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

to enlarge the spectrum of our service and manufacturing, our head office was moved to "MIT Science Park", Chung Ho city, in Taipei Hsien in 1998. All Taipei connectors, RF connector, wire harness, GPS antenna and fiber patch cord. CABLE - RF/MICROWAVE CABLE, DVI/P&D CABLE, USB CABLE, MINI USB CABLE, IEEE 1394 CABLE, SCSIVHDCI CABLE, AC POWER CORD, FIBER OPTICAL CABLE, SYSTEM-DESIGNED, OEM/ODM CABLE ASSEMBLY. ANTENNA. RF/MICROWAVE CONNECTOR - SMA, SMB /10M. CARD READER SERIES - USB 2.0 All in One card reader, USB Optical Mouse. USB 2.0PC CAMERA - USB 2.0 PC Camera. ...

Prestico Associated Corp. Taipei (Taiwan)

Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Prestico Associated Corp. Taipei Traders of Computer peripherals, electronic products - PC cards including PCMCIA/ card drives, memory& I/ O cards, PC modules, PCI/ IDE/ parallel/ interfaces...

Kiwi Global International Corperation Taipei (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

KIWI Global International Corp. Was founded in March 2000, and the original name was called as "Hongchei Enterprises Co., Ltd." which was consisted in 2002 and the company was renamed as today's "KIWI Global International Corp.". Corresponding to this transformation, we focused our operation Taipei Manufacturer of MP3 players, USB products, computer components, USB card readers, external USB enclosure. Electrical ( electric) products , electronic components, computer & PC peripheral- (1) MP3 players, baby bear MP3 players. (2) USB products- USB pen drivers, USB card readers. (3) card readers & writers- USB CF, USB SD & MMC, MS & MS PRO. (4) external card readers- multi in 1 card readers. (5) computer components, external USB enclosure. ...

Winic Corporation Taipei (Taiwan)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

of computer related products, primarily computer cards. Now Winic Corp. Has four departments in Taiwan: The department of Multimedia, I/O Add-on Card, LAN Taipei Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of ] I/O Products (Add-on Card) - ISA BUS I/O CARDS - W-232 ISA Multi I/O Card (IDE+FDC+2S/1P/1G), W-232P ISA 1 Port Parallel Printer Card (SPP), W-232SP 2Serial/1Parallel Card, W-345-45 4 Port Serial RS-232 Card(4S), W-6535S-25 2 Serial RS-232 Card(2S), W-6535-25 2 Serial/1 Parallel Card, W-200-25 2 Port Serial RS-232 Card(2S). RS232 to RS422/RS485 - W-2422 RS-232 to RS- 422 Converter, W-2485 RS-232 to RS-485 Converter, W-2422B RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter, Upgrade Products, Debug Card, W-JET1048 PCI Error Testing Card (Debug Card) PC DC OUTPUT Cards - W-DC1000 PC DC TO DC Card (Max:4Amp). Y2K Cards - W-Y2000 Calendar 2000 Card, W-Y2000C Calendar 2000 + RTC Card. Recovery Cards - W-R007 ISA Recovery Card, W-R010 PCI Recovery Card (Lite Version V1.44P). PCI BUS I/O Cards (W-2100)- W-2100-2S2P 2 Serial/2 Parallel Card, W-9805-1P PCI 1port Printer Card, W-9715-2P PCI 2port Printer Card, W-9835-1S PCI 1 Serial Port Card, W-9835-2S PCI 2 Serial Port Card, W-9835-2S1P PCI 2S1P Card, W-9835-1S1P PCI 1S1P Card, W-1231 ISA Enhance Parallel Printer Card (1 Port), W-1232 ISA Enhance Parallel Printer Card (2 Port). IDE Cards - W-648-100 Ultra ATA -100 IDE Card, W-648-100R Ultra ATA-100 IDE Raid Card, W-680 PCI Ultra ATA133 Raid Card (w/o Cable), W-103 ISA IDE Controller Card. W-2100-954 Serial Card ( 128byte) - W-954-2S PCI 2 Port Serial/RS232 Card (2S), W-954-2S1P PCI 2 Port Serial/1 Parallel Card (2S1P), W-954-4S PCI 4 Port Serial/RS232 Card (4S), W-954-4S1P PCI 4 Port Serial/1 Parallel Card (4S1P). SCSI Products - W-801V75 PCI Ultra Wide SCSI Card, W-910U PCI Ultra DMA SCSI Card, W -910UW PCI-Ultra Wide SCSI Card, W-U2W U2W SCSI Controller Card, WPS-02 External Parallel to SCSI-1 Adapter, WPS-03 External Parallel to SCSI-2 Adapter, W -ISC-1 SCSI to IDE Card. IEEE 1394 Products - Fire Wire IEEE 1394 Repeter, IEEE 1394 Card, Fire Wire 1394 to IDE(EXternal), Fire Wire IEEE 1394 to SCSI, Fire Wire Cable, Other 1394 Products....

Multisuns Corporation Taipei (Taiwan)

Manufacturers & Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Pvt Ltd. firm

Since the formation of Multisuns Corp. In 1985, "INTEGRITY" has being the core of Multisuns'business culture. We strongly believe in building a close, synergetic relationship with our partners'worldwide and developing customized products that fulfill market demands. Multisuns Corp Taipei Taipei ...

SOLOMON Technology Corp. Taipei (Taiwan)

Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

to the "convergence of core competence and to create a new epoch", and actively integrates various core businesses. Diverse and effective competence SOLOMON Technology Corp. Taipei and software, IC Card, Content Security Product, Power relative equipment, Power relative equipment, Sensor/Automatic products, LCD drivers, LCD/LCM products, Semiconductor....

MIS Technology,Inc. Taipei (Taiwan)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Taipei -Bluetooth Headset -Bluetooth Module 4.Fiber Optic Connector -Fiber Optic Connectors -Fiber Attenuators -Fiber Optics Adaptors -Rack Mount Distribution Encloser -Equipment & Tools 5.Patch Cord -Fiber optic patch cords We are makers/exporters of Cable Assemblies with factories in China. We can offer very good quality with competitive prices of Cat 6. Patch cords...

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