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Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

Manufacturer of embedded systems for automation, biomedical applications and customized high end products in audio, video applicationsembedded system development projects....

Remote Data Exchange Pune (India)

Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

the most innovative solutions in GPS based applications and Mobile applications. We enable companies in India to benefit from the newest technology on Vehicle tracking , Personal tracking, Mobile Tracking, Fleet Management, Home Security, Mobile Application Development for small, mid and large size - Personal Tracker - GPS Based PIS Mobile Applications - Mobile Tracking - Call Manager Security Applications - Gsm Car Security Wireless Applications - Wireless Display Management, Home Security, Mobile Application Development for small, mid and large size enterprises. Product :- Tracking System - Vehicle Tracker...

CENKABLO A.S. Kocaeli (Turkey)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Partnership firm

Manufacturers and Exporters of Single mode, multi mode fiber optic cables for indoor/outdoor applications. armored, rodent proof, watertight fiber of fiber optic relates accessories. breakout cables for cable tv distribution applications, broadband internet access service providers....

Mid-Atlantic RF Systems, Inc. Maryland (United-states)

Trader • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

effective designs and services in a variety of microwave and RF applications. Mid-Atlantic RF Systems? global customer base includes some of the largest . A comprehensive line of surface mount directional couplers and 3 dB, 90 degree, hybrid couplers for WLL, Cellular, GSM, PCS and PCN applications . A microwave and RF assembly and test value adding contract manufacturing operation, especially designed to meet customers requirements for small to medium volume applications....

Storm Copper Components Co. Tennessee (United-states)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

Insulators, Battery Connectors and Copper Fabrications. Telecommunications Applications include: Central Office Power Bus, Power Systems, Battery Rectifiers, Cellular Base Stations, Terminal Plates, Grounding Kits, Ground Bars, and Battery Intercell Connectors. Power Conversion Applications include : UPS Applications, Motor Controls and Inverter Bus Bars (IGBT). Computer Applications include: Mainframe Power Connectors and Backplane Bus Bars . Printed Circuit Applications include: Computer Power Supplies and Computer Power Supply Heatsinks. Transportation Applications include: Electric Vehicle for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Cable Assemblies: Storm specializes in cable assemblies for high current applications...

Sinonar Corporation Hsinchu (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

produces highly efficient solar cells and solar panels for indoor and outdoor applications, such as solar calculators, watches, radios, battery chargers . Sinonar also received a government research contract in 1994 to produce OPC drums for laser printer applications. These ensure that Sinonar production capacity of over 3 million peak watts. Sinonar is aiming to become a full-line producer in solar cells, panels, modules and photovoltaic systems for both indoor and outdoor applications Manufacturers of OPC : Solar Cell : Solar cells for watches Solar Applications : Solar Parasol, Solar Cellphone Charger, Solar Watches, Solar...

California Amplifier, Inc. Oxnard (United-states)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

and produce dynamic applications and products from hardware devices to software applications to mobility solutions, creating communications that enable our customers to gain a competitive advantage. Manufacturers of low noise amplifiers (LNA), low noise block down-converters (LNB) and antennas for satellite communication applications. Our Systems -Digital Commerce -Media Appliance Systems -Digital Rights Management and Security -Client Consumption Applications -Interactive Oriented Architecture (SOA) -Web Services -Multi-vendor application integration -User Experience Engineering (UEE) -Business Analysis...

E Cube India Solutions Limited Vadodara (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

and development on M Commerce applications consisting of wireless hardware and software. M Commerce Services Infrastructure is established to support wireless solutions for Retail Banking and Micro Finance applications. Presently the company is manufacturing a range of vending machines, Micro-Finance Machines, Customized Machines and various readers on wireless technology for M Commerce payment applications. Core Focus - High-level technologies at low cost to broaden market base - Various M Commerce services - Alliances for cutting edge technology - Various Embedded applications Mission To enable On Vending Accessories :- WMAT - Wireless Multi Application Terminal WRM - Vending Machine Telemetry with Inventory Control MOVM - Mobile Operated Vending...

Mars Antennas & RF Systems Ltd. Azor (Israel)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Public Ltd. firm

, In-Building Cellular, PCS, AVL, GPS and highly demanding, military applications. MARS' advanced, in-house testing facilities include two state of the art antenna ranges. Flat panel (Base Station and Subscriber) for WLL and Wireless Access applications. In-building antennas and repeaters & Location systems. Military broadband for ECM and ECCM applications, ranging from MF to HF and high microwave bands. Microstrip arrays, sector broadcasting stations, repeaters and other communication systems. Broadband ECM systems, for stationary, mobile and airborne applications. Fast deployment MW / HF Antenna System for Disaster Areas. : -WLL and wireless Access Antennas -In Building Celluler and Solutions -Broadband/Defense Application Antennas -Embedded Internal Antennas -Mobile Application Antennas -ISM and Special Antennas -Antennas Mount -RF Solutions ...

Coil Technology Corporation Kaohsiung Hsien (Taiwan)

Manufacturer • Electronics and Telecommunication • Proprietorship firm

, telecommunications equipment, data communication applications, remote-applications, car power, cable TV, wireless and power isolations in industrial...

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