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Econo Valves Pvt. Ltd. chennai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

division for "Valve Repairs & Servicing", hence no compromise in service quality. Being in manufacturing of valves we correct the root cause and follow all safe and efficient operations at customer sites. True Economy + True Value Renowned for innovation and quality product development, Econo Valves Valve repair facility is hard to find in India. We do repair as per the International standards applicable to the product. * We provide a Certified and Guaranteed service. Better than others: We are world class Valve manufacturers so we have better idea on the product than others. Separate area. We want to make old valve performance at par with the new valve. Achieving the customer delight by providing on time delivery in site.. For over two extraordinary decades, Econo Valves has been a highly focused and integrated manufacturer of proprietary ANSI grade flow control , steel, power, refinery, energy infrastructure (pipeline) and allied sectors. Our exclusive focus on flow control products, valves and actuators and production facility offers a comprehensive source and short delivery times ''' with added benefits of unsurpassed high 'value to cost' ratio and low to application challenges for true process optimization. We stand for performance and efficiency in product design and manufacture at attractive value for money . We believe we are in the business of delivering True Econo Value to customers' businesses. Our edge lies with creating value through high performance flow management and process solutions, and being the single trusted source for valves in India, reaching out to Asia. Why NSSL? Professional Econo Valves Pvt. Ltd. chennai Steel Forged Steel Remote Operated Valve Extended Bonnet Construction Globe Vale- Cast Steel Forged Steel Gear Operated Valves Extended infrastructure (pipeline) and allied sectors. Products- Plug Valve- Cast Steel Cast Steel Gear Operated Electrical Actuator operated Valves Check...

UV International Chennai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Partnership firm

finest Solenoid Valves, Externally Controlled Valves and Combustion Solenoid Valves The finest and the most diverse range of Valves & Cylinders, is manufactured, traded, imported and distributed by us at UV International our beginning of operations in the year 1995. The range highly acclaimed and asked for, is made up of the finest Solenoid Valves, Externally Controlled Valves and Combustion Solenoid Valves, which are widely praised and preferred in the market. Manufacturing is commenced as per the guidelines of the industry finest Solenoid Valves, Externally Controlled Valves and Combustion Solenoid Valves Chennai Natural Gas Solenoid Valve Manual Reset Safety Gas Valve Slow Opening Quick Shutoff Gas Solenoid Valve Gas Solenoid Valve Cryogenic Safety Valves Cryogenic Actuated Globe Control Valve Cryogenic Manual Globe Valves Cryogenic Solenoid Valve High Pressure Valves Solenoid Valve Manifold Block Back Monitor Quantum Valve Control Monitors Freon Valves Steam Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valves for Water Treatment Utility Solenoid Valve Compact Solenoid Valve Small Poppet Solenoid Valve Force Pilot Solenoid Valve Direct Acting Brass Solenoid Valve Miniature Poppet Solenoid Valve Water Solenoid Valves Brass Solenoid Valves Technopolymer Solenoid Valve Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves Pinch Solenoid Valve Manually Mechanically Operated Valves Auxiliary Valves High Flow Poppet Solenoid Valve Directional Control Valves Valve Options Valves for Carwash Technology Valves for Shipbuilding Valves Flanged Valves Solenoid Valves for CNG Namur Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valves for Corrosive Fluids Auto Drain Solenoid Valve with Timer CNG High Pressure Solenoid Valve Dual Coil Mechanical Latch Solenoid Valve Solenoid Valves For Double Acting Actuators 3 2 Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve 3 2 High Flow Solenoid Valves 3 Way Solenoid Valve 3 2 Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Piston Solenoid Valve Heavy Duty Solenoid Valve Direct Acting Solenoid Valves...


Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

VAAS Group commenced operations in 1980 as a trading house focusing on high quality industrial valves. Promoted by a valve technocrat, the philosophy of the group has always been to provide the user with the optimum solution to their valve needs rather than just sell valves. This has resulted international valve technology to the Indian customer. We’re focused- The reason why we are the largest knife Gate Valve manufacturer in India with a market share of over 70%. The present customer base includes virtually every major user of knife gate valves in India, besides customers in many overseas Chennai Manufacturers and Exporters of industrial valves. Our Product List:- knife Gate valve Automation Rectangular valves Coal Mill valves Bi-Directional Gate Valves Habonim-Vaas Ball valves Series 46/47 Ball valves Series 31/32 Ball valves Series 73/74 Ball valves Firesafe Ball valve Diverter Ball Service Chlorine Service Oxygen Service Jacketed Valves Extended Weld End slurry valve pneumatic actuator bi-directional valve o-port valve sleeved gate valve Cavity Filler Ball valve Flush Bottom Ball valve Cryogenic Ball valve V-Port Ball valve Habonim-Vaas Actuators Habonim-Vaas Automation Vacuum valve ported gate valve rectangular gate valve square gate valve silo isolation valve hopper valve material isolation valve penstocks.Lithium Chromate...


Manufacturer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

satisfactory performance. "RFL" Range of Valves are designed to resist highly corrosive applications. Each and every valve is manufactured and tested according . "RFL EXPORTS", the international marketing arm of RASAII specially takes care of the valve requirements of customers outside India. We have "We manufacture high tech industrial valves for domestic and international markets since 1981 in the name of "RASAII FLOW LINES". Consistent performance levels. "RFL" Range of Valves combine advanced design with state-of the art materials and quality control to give maximum Chennai valve Variable valves with Automation Group D Lined (PFA / FEP) ball valves PTFE Lined 'V' Control Ball Valve Elastomer super seat lined with Actuator Group B PTFE lined (PFA / FEP) plug valve PTFE lined (PFA / FEP) plug valve (6" and above) Group C Q-Check V Notched control ball ball valve Group E PTFE lined check valve Group F Sight glass valve Group G PTFE lined butterfly valve Group H PTFE sleeved plug valve - Jacketed type PTFE sleeved plug valve Group A PTFE sleeved plug valves PTFE sleeved plug valves (6" and above) PTFE sleeved plug valves Screwed End PTFE sleeved plug valves...

Floway Valves Pvt. Ltd. Chennai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

Leading Diaphragm Valve manufacturer, '''Floway Valves Pvt. Ltd''' came into effect in the year 1989 with few hundred valves production per year in Chennai-58, which is well equipped advanced technology and all necessary machineries with capacity to manufacture one lakh valves every year. Our Valve Straight Through Type (G series or KB type), Flap Type Check Valve, Wafer Type Check Valve, and Dual Plate Check Valve. Having strong belief . The giant manufacturer of manual control valves which are unique in design, robust in construction and made up with advanced technology, brings you a variety of valves at market competitive prices. Our vast spectrum of such valves includes Diaphragm Valves Weir Type (S series or A series), Diaphragm superior valves are widely used in all DM plants, R.O plants, chemical industries and Refinaries across the country. Floway Valves Pvt. Ltd. Chennai a variety of valves at market competitive prices. Dual Plate Check Valve Diaphragm Valves Weir Type (S Series Or A Series) Diaphragm Valve Straight Through Type Flap Type Check Valve Wafer Type Check Valve We are Manufacturer of manual control valves which are unique in design, robust in construction and made up with advanced technology, brings you...

Supreme Controling Valve Pvt. Ltd. chennai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

Supreme Controling Valve Private Limited is well-known enterprise established in the year 1994 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India). The organization Valve, Screwed / Socket Type Ball Valve, Manually Operated Butterfly Valve, Knife Gate Valve, Needle Valve and Ball Valve Flanged. The products offered is engaged in the manufacture and supply of superior grade Valves. Different varieties of Valves provided by our company include Manually Operated Globe infrastructural facility, we are capable to provide our clients high quality assortment of industrial valves. We practice ethical business policies the supervision of our experienced professionals. The valves are also tested on various quality parameters to confirm various industrial quality standards by our experienced quality controllers. Supreme Controling Valve Pvt. Ltd. chennai We are Trustworthy Manufacturer and supplier of the finest Garde Valves. -Ball Valve Type Screwed END/ Socket END -Ball Valve Type Flanged END -Ball Gate Valve -Safety Valve -Wafer Check Valve -Extension Stem Ball Valve -Carbon Steel Valve -Industrial valves Valve Type 3-way L Port & T Port Flanged END -Pneumatic Activated Solenoid Operated Ball Valve -Needle Valve Swered End -Butterfly Valve -Knife EDGE...

Burkert Contromatic Pvt. Ltd. chennai (India)

Manufacturers & Trader • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

, Solenoid & Pneumatic Valves. Our offered range is inclusive of Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Valves & Control Valve and is widely patronized chennai We are manufacturers and suppliers of excellent range of sensors, solenoid & pneumatic valves. Our Products Range:- Control Valve -Positioner Valve -Process Controller Side Control -Process Controller Top Control -Mechanical or Inductive Limit Switches Solenoid Valves -Solenoid Valve Way Valve -Pilot Solenoid Valve -Valve Manifold -Pneumatic System with Control Cabinet Microfluidic Valves -Proportional Control Valve Side Control -Angle Seat Or Y Type Pneumatic Valve -Plastic Diaphragm Valve -Forged & Cast Body Diaphragm Valve -Tank Bottom Valve -Block Valve for Pharmaceutical -Zero Deadleg Valve -Multi Way Diaphragm Valve -Gas Flow Control Valve -3/2 Way Globe Valve -Globe Valve -Positioner Top Control with Isolating Diaphragm -Compressor Solenoid Valve -Water and Gas Solenoid Valve -Car Washing Solenoid Valve -Solenoid Valve for Coffee Vending Machine -High Pressure Solenoid Valve -Plastic Solenoid Valve -Solenoid Valve for Medical Device -Flipper Solenoid Valve -Steam Solenoid Valve -Safety Shut Off Valve -Proportional Control Solenoid Valve Cryogenic Valve -Cryogenic Angle Valve ( Pneumatic ) -Cryogenic Solenoid Valve ( Electrical ) -Cryogenic Globe Valve ( Pneumatic ) -Cryogenic Ball Valve ( Pneumatic ) Ball Valve -Pneumatic Actuator Ball & Butterfly Valve -Electric Actuator Ball Valve -Plastic Ball Valve ( Pneumatic and Electric ) -Ball Valve With SS ( Pneumatic & Electric ) Pneumatic Rotary Actuator -Electric Rotary Actuator Valve -Explosion Proof Rotary Actuator Valve -Multifunction Controller Flow Transmitter -Flow Transmitter - Paddle Wheel for Fluid -Proportional Control Valve for Gas -Solenoid Control Valve -Solenoid Valve with Low Switching Noise -Micro Dosing Pump -Eccenter Diaphragm and Controller -Flow Meter for Gas -Mass Flow Meter for Gases -Mass Flow Controller -Gas Mixer/Dispenser Pneumatic Valves -3/2 Way and 4/2 Way And 5/2...

EdgE Design Solutions Chennai (India)

Service Provider • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Complicated Designs 2D to CAD 3D. We are interested in co-operation with Architectural, Piping, Water treatment plant Design, Structural & Valve Designs. We are also support in CAD conversion & Draft services. EdgE Design Solutions has 3 years of experience. With Customers in Chennai, we are offering High Quality and Cost Effective services for CAD Drafting & detailing. Chennai Isometric Piping Valve GA Casting Designs Designing: Industrial valves: Ball Valves Butterfly Valves Knife Edge Gate Valve Globe Valve Piston Valve Gate Valve Pneumatic Actuators Presentations & Graphic Designs: 3D Modeling Raster Image Creating 3D Detailing Catalog Designs Logo Design....

Jupiter Surface Technologies Chennai (India)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Chennai Machine -Dust Collector Spare Parts -Tumblast Machine -Tumblast Machine -Abrasive Blast Nozzles -Abrasive Metering Valves. Valves:- -Rotary Valve -Process . Machineries:- -Exhaust Valve Muffler -Double Venturi Nozzle -Abrasive Blasting Machine -Pressure Blast System -Portable Pressure Blast Generator Valve -Grit Metering Valve -Grit Feed Valve Bb -Thompson Valve 125 -Check Valve Nrv -Remote Control Valve Rm 100 -Remote Control Valve Rms 100 -Exhaust Valve 075 -Diaphragm Valve -Pinch Valve 075 -Shot Feed Valve 2h -Popus Valve -Dump Valve -Exhaust Valve 125 -Grit Valve Flat Type -Pulse Valve -Shot Feed Valve S40 -Mushroom Valve Assembly -Double Flap Valve -Pinch Valve 100 -Thompson Valve 100 -Shot Feed Valve P18. Industrial Tools:- -Suction...

SIEG India chennai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

We are the principal exporter and supplier of Gearboxes, Coupling, Pumps, Valves and Winches. SIEG instituted on May 2010 by industrial pioneered chennai - GM : Ball Valve - Flanged End Gate Valve Globe Valve Ball Valve - Socket Weld End Butterfly Valve BELLOWS : Axial Expansion Joint Universal We are the Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter of Gearboxes, Coupling, Pumps, Valves and Winches. Our Products Range :- GEAR BOX : Flange Mounted Slewing Drives Gear Box Mixer Gears Box Bevel Gear Boxes Screw Extruders Drive Gear Box GEAR COUPLING : Toothed Gear Coupling VALVES - FLOWSERVE VALVES...

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