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MECH WELL FOUNDRY Faridabad (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Mechwell Foundry was established in 1995, and since then it is a leading manufacture of graded C.I casting complete machinery of heavy compounds, and manufacturing The company is ISO 9001-2000 certified and is located an Faridabad town which is just 20 km from New Delhi.Our Unit is fully equipped with all required Capula furnaces ( capacity 1700 kg / per and 300 kg / her) ; overhead cranes ; chemical laboratory ; carbon equivalent testing machine, sterns relieving This unit is also equipped with all latest testing instrument to deliver quality at every step . Faridabad I Casting : We promote quality at very competitive rates . We can manufacture C.I casting weight ranging from 10 Kg to 4000 kg. Single phase C.I. Casting are manly used in following areas : Web & Sheet offset Machines, Corrugation machines, Hydraulic Presses, Heavy Grease Blanks and C.I Fly Wheels , Heavy frames for other Machines, Machine Tool Casting. high rank among other machines in the range special features in this range.Special features of this machines are : Highly Graded & Stress Relived C.I Casting...

Filter Manufacturing Faridabad (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Faridabad Manufacturers and exporters of filter manufacturing and testing equipment. Our Products are : -Pleating machine -Perforation press -Corrugating machines -Seaming machines -Filter leak test bench -Filter testing rig -Tensile...

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd Faridabad (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

PRESTO is the world’s premier testing instruments manufacturer based in New Delhi NCR, India. Our range of Polymer, Coatings, Textile & Yarn and Packaging testing instruments are world renowned. Our range of testing instruments is not only technologically advanced and easy to use, but is also priced to provide value for money to customers in terms In a span of three decades, our products have reached the highest echelon of quality, reliability and accuracy in the field of manufacturing testing equipments Presto Testing Instruments also has a strong foothold in the international market. Thus, Presto Testing Instruments is a name synonymous with superior quality and expertise in this niche industry. The organization has always believed in building long lasting customer relationships; relationships which are built on trust and commitment. Our fine team of service engineers provides efficient and timely after sales service for material testing instruments. Due to the untiring efforts of our dedicated workforce Presto testing Instruments are the preferred choice of more than 5500 companies in India and abroad The sophistication and aesthetic appeal of our testing machines makes them stand apart among the rest. Faridabad Manufacturer Of Various Laboratory Testing Equipments And Exporters Of Extremely Superior And Time Tested Testing Instruments. Our Products List:- Plastic Testing Instruments :- Computer Based Tensile Testing Machine -Zeus Ultimo Tensile Tester -Digital Digital Tensile Testing Testing Machine With COF Perforation Tester Sutherland Rub Tester Air Fill Bulge Checking Apparatus Apple Compression tester Rolling Ball Tack Tester Washometer II for AATCC Testing Washometer III for ISO & AATCC Testing Flammability Tester Perspirometer Digital Pilling Tester Martindale Abrasion cum...

Toptech Electronics Faridabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Faridabad counters (upto 6 digits), Digital timers (upto 6 digits), DC regulated power supplies (upto 50V/25A), Sequence controllers (upto 10 channel), Magnetizers, Testing equipment as per ( ISI ) standard, Environment testing equipment (rain, dust and temp.) as per ( ISI )standard. Products offered:- Bending Machine: Temperature Controller Hose Clamping Machine Drilling Machine Leak Testing Equipment Tensile Testing Equipment Cutting Machine Electronic Testing Equipment Humidity Test Chamber Electrical Relays Control Panel Servo Systems Touch Screen Optical Encoder...

Industrial Compressors & Cryo Pumps Private Limited faridabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

and export of Gas and Air Compressors, Cryo Pumps, Lar pumos, Lox Pumps, Cryogenic Liquid Centrifugal Transfer Pumps, Vaporizers, Hydraulic Cylinder Testing faridabad (LP) - Reciprocating Pump - Bigger - Nitrous Oxide Pumps - Liquid CO2 Pumps - Centrifugal Transfer Pumps (HP) Devalving Valving Cylinder Hydro testing Machine for cylinders : - Valving / Devalving Machine For Cylinder Valves - Cylinder Testing Station Water Jacketed Type - Cylinder Testing Station - CNG Cylinder Testing Equipment Bio Gas Compressor : - Methane Gas Compressor - Biogas Compressor - Small Biogas Compressor Liquid Carbon Dioxide...

Ess Bee Controls Pvt. Ltd. faridabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

From the time of its inception, the company has grown its designing, engineering, tooling manufacturing and testing, capabilities to become the market A free technical consultancy service is available for short circuits testing for designing of control panels with MASTER products MASTER is committed for excellence in quality and our design department provides different application data to customers for CPRI testing. MASTER has got its own testing facilities for testing of raw materials, SMC & DMC for physical, mechanical and electrical properties as per ASTM, IEC and The jigs and fixtures are designing for testing different finished components depending on their application in the final products use. faridabad...

Lokenath Patterns & Castings (P) Ltd., faridabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Our portfolio of products also includes casting of Automotive Manifold Aluminum Castings, Electrical Part Castings, Electricity Transmission Part Castings faridabad Our Product List : Aluminium Castings Products : - Base Frame - Power Distribution Aluminum Casting - Antenna Mount - Air Intake Manifold - Heat Sink Pin Type - Aluminum Heat Sinks Rib Type Aluminum Sand Castings- Bronze Casting : - Aluminium Bronze Castings - Metallic Pattern Aluminum Castings - Leak Proof Casting - Industrial Aluminium Bronze Castings - Manganese Bronze Castings - Aluminium Castings - Impeller Bronze Casting - Non Ferrous Castings - Power Distribution Aluminium Casting - VCB Aluminium Sand Casting - Aluminium Sand Casting Aluminum Gravity Die Castings : - Defence Aluminium Die Casting - Aluminum Thin Walled Die Casting - Aluminium Gravity Die Casting - Leak Proof Aluminium Gravity Die Castings - Differential Moulds Castings : - Aluminium Rocker Mould - Industrial Aluminum Mould - Cab Roof Auminium Moulds Wooden Patterns Castings : - Wooden Pump Pattern Casting - Compressor Aluminium Pattern Casting - Rear Axle Wooden Pattern Casting - Cranck Shaft Aluminium Pattern Casting - Wooden Pattern Cast Products - Pump Housing Wooden Pattern Casting - Clutch Cover Bronze Pattern Casting - Industrial Wooden Pattern Castings Metalic Patterns Castings : - Turbine Vane Metallic Patterns Casting - Impeller Metallic Pattern Casting....

Dauji Engineering Ltd. faridabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

faridabad Machines Perforation & Expander Machines Special Machines Baking Ovens Filter Bonding Machines Plant/ Assembly Line Machines Equipment Accessories Filter Testing :- Filter End Cap Pull Testing Machine Filter Paper Burst Testing Machine Airflow And Life Efficiency Testing Machine Filter Products:- Zig Zag Oil Filter...

Stoker Concast Pvt. Ltd. Faridabad (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

The company that had originated as a manufacturer of simple horizontal continuous casting machines has now metamorphosed into a company whose strength Stoker Concast has become an established name in the field of continuous casting. Stoker concast also manufactures vertical continuous casting machines for wire rod industry. All the models are so designed that the furnace can be used as an integrated melting, holding and casting machine. Every model of Stoker continuous casting machine features great flexibility in terms of product profile and product alloys. Our Philosophy Each Continuous Casting machine is built to the customer's requirements. We have a small dedicated team who are fully involved in the development, construction, installation and servicing of our Continuous Casting machines. Faridabad Manufacturer and Exporter of CASTING MACHINES - Continous Casting Machine, Horizontal continuous Casting Machine, Vertical Continuous casting Machine, Run Chain Grinding Drums, Wire Spoolers, Gas Operated Annealing Furnace TYPES OF CASTABLE ALLOYS - Special Brasses - Continuous Casting of - a-Brasses , Continuous Casting of - a-B brasses, Free Machining of - a-B brasses, Continuous Casting of High-Strength Brasses, Continuous Casting of DZR Brasses Precious Metals - Casting of Precious Metals Gold - Gold-Melting Characteristics, Continuous Casting of Fine Gold, Continuous Casting of Carat Gold, Gold Alloy 18 Carat, Gold Alloy 14 Carat, Gold Alloy 10 Carat, Casting of Gold Tube, Gold-Tin Alloys Silver - Alloys-Silver Copper, Noble - Metal Brazing Alloys, Casting Au-Cu Brazing Alloys, Casting Sequence, Group Ag Silver Brazing Alloys, Cu-P-Ag Brazing Alloys Copper Based Alloys - Casting of Copper -Based Alloys, High-Purity Copper, Continuous Casting of Cu : Cd Alloys, Continuous Casting of Cu : Mg Alloys, Cu: Cd Alloys, Cu: Mg Alloys, Copper -...

Batra Die Casting Industry Faridabad (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

Batra Die Casting Industry Faridabad Manufacturers & Exporters of pressure die casting components....

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