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Lifting Sling Belt Group JiangSu (China)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Pvt Ltd. firm

JiangSu sling, tree strap, webbing strap, Doublebraid, recovery strap, recovery tow strap, lashing systems, polyester sling, polyester belt sling, Hollow braid, synthetic webbing, endless sling, nylon sling, synthetic web sling, synthetic sling, webbing sling, round sling, cargo lashing, ratchet tie down, ratchet lashing multi-sling, Ratchet lashing, Tow Strap, , Web Belt Sling, flat webbing sling, nylon rope ladder, Industrial safety nets, nylon cargo net, dock net, Synthetic 12 strand rope, 8 strand rope, cargo net, shipmast net, tube net, solid braided rope, braided rope net, sports net, PE net, safety net, scaffold net, Synthetic Hoisting Belt, Special Purpose Sling, Flat Belt Sling, Flat Lifting Sling, Heavy Duty Webbing Lifting Sling, Pipe Lifting Belt, Pipe Handling Sling, Synthetic Fiber Round Sling, Glass Pack Sling, synthetic lifting sling, Flat Pack Sling, Twin path Round Sling, Synthetic Fiber Sling, nylon webbing strap, Pipe...

Wuxi Geotec Geological Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangsu (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Our main products are diamond bits(synthetic,natural,PCD), reaming shells, saw blades, all kinds of drilling tools and accessories,which are widely used Jiangsu We are Manfacturers & Exporter of Diamond bits(synthetic, natural, PCD), reaming shells, saw blades, all kinds of drilling tools and accessories. Diamond Bits -Casing/Rod Shoes -PDC Bits -Thin-Wall Core Bits -Standard Set Dimensions -Gear Type Impregnated Diamond Core Bits -Electroplated Synthetic...

Geotec Diamond Drilling Equipment Inc. JIANGSU (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

The manufacturing and distribution facility is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu China. We can rapidly expedite products all over the continent and beyond. JIANGSU The carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamonds are distributed in the depth of impregnated bit's matrix series. -Diamond Reaming Shell :- Reaming shell is set with natural or synthetic diamond, and it is used to couple the drill bit with the core barrel. -Synthetic Diamond :- The synthetic diamond is manufactured by element "C" (graphite) at the high temperature and high pressure. The synthetic diamond polycrystalline is manufactured by sintering the fine grains of synthetic monocrystals and at high temperature and high-pressure.They...

HuaiAn Uniecom Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Jiangsu Our product range includes: Surgical Sutures - -General Information about Surgical Suture -Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture (Polyglycolic Acid Plain) USP -Suture Reels -Polypropylene Mesh Surgical Suture Needles Suture Needles with Thread Suture Material - -Polyglycolic Acid (Synthetic...

Wuxi Panda Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu (China)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

We supply good quality of: diamond cutting blade, diamond grinding cup wheel, diamond core bit, diamond tuck point blade, synthetic diamond powder and Jiangsu saw blade 7.Diamond tuck point blade 8.Diamond grinding cup wheel 9.Diamond core bit 10.Diamond reaming shell 11.Diamond grinding wheel 12.Synthetic...

Wuxi Red Flag Pressure Vessel Mfg Co.,Ltd Jiangsu (China)

Manufacturer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Jiangsu Tanks : Storage tanks Gas storage tank Aluminium alloy storage tank Aluminium alloy storage tank of truck Chemical Complete Process Equipment : Synthetic No.7,1st Building, Xinglong New village,Nanquan, Wuxi Jiangsu China...

Fareast Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd Jiangsu (China)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

Jiangsu Impervious Graphite Heat Exchangers: Float-head/Fixed Shell and Tube, Cylindrical block, Cubic Block, Plate Impervious Graphite hydrochloride acid synthesis...

Fuhua Chemical Heat Exchange Equipment Jiangsu (China)

Manufacturers & Trader • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

nonmetal material and equipment quality supervision and inspection center products supersive the manufacture of enterprise of Chemical Department in south Jiangsu Jiangsu YKSL-Cylindrical Trinty Grapnite Chlorhydric Acid Synthesis Furnace . Chloral Chlorinating Tower ....

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