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Rockwell Testing Aids New Delhi (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

When you invest in hardness testers, you want to be assured of accurate, reliable testing and long, trouble free performance. It has been a tradition at Rockwell Testing Aids to produce Indian made Hardness Testers and accessories that combine excellent performance, reliability Rockwell Testing Aids is a canonical enterprise and is a leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Hardness Testers. These are tested and re-tested for efficiency before they get approval for launch. Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of Hardness Testers. Hardness Testers : -Rockwell System Hardness Testers -Rockwell / Superficial Combined System Hardness Testers -Rockwell / Brinell Combined System Hardness Testers -Brinell System Hardness Testers Spares of Hardness Testers : -Diamond Indentors :- For 'C' scale, Superficial scale & Vickers hardness Tester -Brinell Microscope :- 25 X magnification with lighting attachment -Steel Ball Indentors :- 1/16", 1/8", ?" For Rockwell Hardness Tester with shank size of 6.35 mm dia ? For Brinell Hardness Tester with ball seat (tapping size 3/8" BSP) -Anvils :- ? Spot Anvil (Raised center table) shallow anvil. ? Eye Ball Anvil for taper component like screw driver, chisel etc. ? -Dial Gauge : For Rockwell, Superficial and Brinell Hardness Testers. -Poldy Hardness Tester : Used to test the Hardness of steel, cast iron, forging etc. -Poldy Bars : Used with Poldy Hardness tester. -Hardness Test Blocks : We are manufacturer and exporter....


Manufacturer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

We were the first to introduce many laboratory equipments such as Tablet Disintegration machine, Melting point cum boiling point App, Friability Tester , Tablet Hardness tester, Karl Fischer app, Bulk density app, etc which are now commonly used in India. Pre tested equipment : All equipments are rigorously tested for 2 days in working condition prior to dispatch to customer by our skilled technician under Digital Tablet Hardness Testers Portable Hardness Tester (Model: HT-30 / 50) Motorised Tablet Hardness Tester (Model: DHT-150) Tablet Tester with Three Parameter (Model: DHT-250) Tablet Tester with Five Parameter (Model: WWTDH-550) Tablet Disintegration Testers Tablet Disintegration Tester (Model: TD-2) Tablet Disintegration Tester (Model: TD-20S) Tablet Disintegration Tester (Model: TD-40S) Disso-Dissi Three in One Apparatus Dissolution Testers Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus (Model : DR-1) Dissolution Tester -6 Station (Model: DR-6) Dissolution Tester -8 Station (Model: DRS-8) Dissolution Tester Dissolution Offline Sampling System Melting Point Apparatus Tablet Inspection Machine Manual Hardness Tester Point Apparatus (Model: PMB-2) Digital Melting Point Apparatus (Model : LMP-1) Tablet Inspection Machine (Model: SIB-3) Tablet Hardness Tester Monsanto Type (Model: MHT-20) Friability Testers Tapped Density Apparatus Digital Friabilator (Model: FT-20 Friabilator (Model: FTA-20) Tapped Density Apparatus (Model: TDA-2) Powder (Bulk) Density Apparatus (Model: PD-100) Disintegration Tester for Suppositories & Pessaries Lacquer Porosity Test Apparatus Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader Leak Test Apparatus Suppository Disintegration Tester DS1/DS3 Lacquer Porosity Test Apparatus (Model: LPT-50) Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader (Model: MZR-2) Leak Test...

Prime Technologies Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader, Service Provider & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

We started with Servicing, Rebuilding & Computer retrofitting of various makes & models of Gear Testers & many Metrology Instruments such as Roundness Testers, Contour measuring Machines etc. We also offer used Gear Testers fully Rebuilt & Computerized. Carl Zeiss Germany for CNC Gear Testers and Industrial Metrology, R & P Metrology GmbH for Special purpose And Customize CNC Gear Testers, D & P Switzerland for portable Profile, Pitch & Runout Testers, Frenco GmbH Germany for Specialized Gear & Spline Measuring Machines, INPROQ Germany for Gear Noise & Roll Testers, Metrotek GmbH German for CNC Gear Measuring Machines Softwares. Servicing of Complete range of Metrology Measuring Machines, Development of PC retrofit for Gear Tester, Development of PC retrofit for Roundness testerm , Development of PC retrofit for Gear Roll Tester, Development of PC retrofit for Contour Measuring Machine, Development of Gear Pitch & Runout attachment & Software, Development of PC retrofit for Gear Tester, Development of PC retrofit for Hob Tester, Development of Taper Roller Bearing Analyser Software We rebuilt and retrofitted all makes and models of Gear Tester such as MAAG PH 60 / PH 40 / SP 60 / PH100 / SP130, Klingelnberg PFS500 / PFS 600 / PFS trained service engineers undertake all service activities such as Installation and commissioning, Repairs and diagnosis of faults at sites, Acceptance tests Machines for Auto Parts -Bolt thread shape testing machine -Bearing Outer Race Measuring Machine -T/Wheel Indenting Machine -Assembled Bearing Runout Torque Tester -Bearing Internal Diameter and Rotation test Machine -Bearing Noise and Vibration measuring machine -Bearing Durability Testing Machine -Hub Bearing Drag CNC Gear Measuring Machines:- -CNC Gear Testers -Gear Roll Testers -Gear Noise Testers -Gear Pitch Testers -Rebuilt Gear Testers -Gear Measurement Softwares Services:- -Repair -Calibration & Preventive Maintenance -Upgrade / Retrofit For Gear Testers -On Site Training....


Manufacturer • Engineering • Public Ltd. firm

TESTER SANGYO CO,.LTD. type) -High-Speed Peeling Tester(100m-type) -Tensile Strength Tester -Peeling Tensile Tester Model I -QC Tensile Strength Tester -90o Peeling Tensile Tester -90o Peeling Tester with Chamber, With Bath -90o Peeling Tester -Page Pull Tester -Page Flex Tester -Probe Tuck Tester -Probe Tuck Tester Tester 3 IM IMPACT TESTS -Repeated Drop Impact Tester Model A -Plywood Impact Taster Model B -Impact Peeling Tester -Du Point type Impact Tester -Plastic Drop Impact Tester -Du Pont type Impact Tester with Chamber -Falling Ball Impact Tester -Dart Impact Tester -Charpy type Impact Tester -Izod type Impact Tester -Tensile Impact Tester -Dynestat Tester -Elmendorf type Tearing Tester -Elmendorf type Tearing Tester with Load Attachment -Paper Bag Drop Tester -Packaged Drop Tester -Light Drop Tester -Rotary Hexagonal Drum Tester -Inclining Impact Taster 4 BE FATIGUE/CREEP CONCERNED Tester with Chamber -Simplified Holding Power Tester -Loss Flexing Tester -Plug Bending Fatigue Taster -Flexible Wiring Board Bending Fatigue Tester -Sealing Taster -Hot Tack Measuring Jig -Ring Seal Taster -MFT Tester -T-R Tester 6 AB ABRASION/FRICTION CONCERNED - -Taber type Abrasion Tester -Sutherland type Ink Rub Taster -Color Fastness Rubbing Tester -Rubbing Tester -Friction Coefficient Tester -Rotary Friction Coefficient Tester with Chamber -Friction Angle Tester -Washability Taster -James type Static Friction Tester -Heel Marks Taster 7 HA HARDNESS - -Taber type Scratch Tester Taster -Taber type Stiffness Tester -Olsen type Stiffness Taster -Gurley type Stiffness Tester -Stiffness Tester -Digital Stiffness Tester 9 Water Absorption Tester -Bekk type Smoothness Tester -Automatic Bekk Smoothness Tester -Clay type Abrasion Tester -Test Calendar Roll -Flat Screen Tester -Universal Wear Tester -Laundry Tester -Scramble Tester -Sweat Tester -Iron Tester -Clock Meter -Wrinkle type Crease Recovery Tester - Drying Time Tester -Printing Ink Drying Time Tester -Ford Cup No. 4 -Flow Cup -Zahn Viscosity Cup Type I -Ink-O-meter -Spread Meter -Spread Meter...

Ducom Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Partnership firm

Lubricant Testers, Tribometers, Bearing Testers, Mechanical Testers, Surface Measurement Many of these technologies are applied to our instruments, and work in the background so users can enjoy better results and user experiences. Research labs working on cutting edge technology development which requires advanced and highly configurable test systems to standardized quality control requirements which rely on highly repeatable systems to accurately monitor product quality test instruments by Ducom. Lubricant Testers, Tribometers, Bearing Testers, Mechanical Testers, Surface Measurement Applying cutting-edge technology and strong design principles to its products OUR PRODUCTS : Lubricant Testers - Four Ball Tester - Pin on Vee Block Tester - Timken OK Load Tester - High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) - Reichert Tester - Shear Stability Tester - High Temperature Grease Tester - Low Temperature Torque Tester - TriboChemist Tribometers - Rotary (Pin/Ball on Disk) Tribometer - Linear Reciprocating Tribometer (LRT) - TriboScreen – Universal Tribometer - Dry Abrasion Tester - Slurry Abrasion Tester - Gas Jet Erosion Tester - Slurry Jet Erosion Tester - Water Droplet Erosion Tester - Slurry Pot Erosion - BioTribometer Bearing Testers - Journal Bearing Tester (Basic) - Journal Bearing Tester (Advanced) - Roller Element Bearing Tester Accessories - Humidity Controller - Precision Sectioning Saw (Low Speed) Mechanical Testers - Automated Indentation Tester - Rotating Beam Fatigue Tester - Scratch Tester...

Precision Measuring Instruments Company Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

, supplier and Exporter of Digital Products - Digimatic Caliper, Dial Caliper, Gigimatic Micrometer, Digital Dial Gauge, Bore Gauge, Digimatic Height Master , Digital Protractor, Caliper Checker, Dial Calibration Tester, Surftest, Coating Thickness Gauge, Gauge Block Set, Profile Projector, Non -Contact Thermometer , Vibration Meter, Sound Level Meter, Digital-Coating Thickness Gauge, Coating Thickness Gauge, Surface Roughness tester, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Techometer Tension Gauge, Push Pull Gauge, Block Level, Digital Push Pull Gauge, Digital Techometer, Torque Wrench, Frame Level New Generation of Digital Hardness Testers - Digital Portable Hardness Testers, Digital Portable Hardness Testers with Printer, Metal Tester upto 0, 05mm Thickness can be Tested, Universal Hardness Tester, Rockwell / Superficial Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Integral Universal Hardness Tester, Rubber Hardness Testers, Rubber Hardness Testers with Stand, Rubber Hardness Testers Micro Rubber Hardness New Generation of Computerized Servo Hydraulic or Ball Screw Driven Universal Tensile Testing Machine & Springs Testing Machines - Universal Tensile Tester, Oscillating Disk Rheometer, Torsion Testing System, Automatic Spring Testing Machine , Spring Tester, Universal Testing Machine...

Precision Measuring Instruments Company Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

The leader, the trend setter, the supreme choice in premium quality measuring instruments.Counted as one of the most reputed company, we present an enormous Digital Products :- -Digimatic Caliper -Dial Caliper -Gigimatic Micrometer -Digital Dial Gauge -Bore Gauge -Digimatic Height Master -Digital Protractor -Caliper Checker -Dial Calibration Tester -Surftest -Coating Thickness Gauge -Gauge Block Set -Profile Projector -Non -Contact Thermometer -Vibration Meter -Sound Level Meter -Digital-Coating Thickness Gauge -Coating Thickness Gauge -Surface Roughness tester -Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge -Techometer Gauge -Push Pull Gauge -Block Level -Digital Push Pull Gauge -Digital Techometer -Torque Wrench -Frame Level New Generation of Digital Hardness Testers :- -Digital Portable Hardness Testers -Digital Portable Hardness Testers with Printer -Metal Tester upto 0, 05mm Thickness can be Tested -Universal Hardness Tester -Rockwell / Superficial Hardness Tester -Rockwell Hardness Tester -Integral Universal Hardness Tester -Rubber Hardness Testers - Rubber Hardness Testers with Stand -Rubber Hardness Testers Micro Rubber Hardness New Generation of Computerized Servo Hydraulic or Ball Screw Driven Universal Tensile Testing Machine & Springs Testing Machines :- -Universal Tensile Tester -Oscillating Disk Rheometer -Torsion Testing System - Automatic Spring Testing Machine -Spring Tester -Universal Testing Machine....

Electolab Mumbai (India)

Trader • Engineering • Partnership firm

.& Exp. of Dissolution tester, Disintegration testesr , Tablet fribnilator,Tap density testesr, Electomagnetic tester, Media preparator, Tablet hardness tester , Peristalic pump - Manufacturer Exporter...

Vertex Engineers & Associates Navi Mumbai (India)

Manufacturers, Trader & Exporter/Importer • Engineering • Proprietorship firm

We offer the world's widest range of Box Compression Testers, Tensile Testers, Torque Testers, Bursting Strength Testers, Hardness Testing Machines and We are specialized in supply and services of any kind of hardness testers. Material Testing Machines: Barcol Hardness Tester Rockwell Hardness Tester Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester Vickers Hardness Tester Optical Brinell Hardness Tester VB-3000 (O) Computerized Brinell Hardness Measurement system Auto Turret Digital Micro Vickers Hardness Tester Universal Testing Machine Electronic Extensometer Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Portable Hardness Tester Model - TH 130 Portable Hardness Tester VH 320 Digital Shore Hardness Tester A, C, D Poldi Hardness Tester Coating Thickness Gauge (DFT Meter) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Tensile Strength Tester Spring Testing Machine Torsion Testing Machine Packaging Testing machine: Digital Box Compression Tester Digital Bursting Strength Tester (Model BST-D1) Bursting Strength Tester (Economy) Bursting Strength Tester (Delux) Cobb Tester Core Comperssion Tester Digital GSM Tester Digital Moisture Meter Rub Resistance Tester / Scuff Tester Puncture Resistance Tester Tear Resistance Tester Dart Impact Tester Pouch Burst Tester Matallirgical Lab Equipments: Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Image...


Manufacturer • Engineering • Partnership firm

Supplier and manufacturer of electrical measuring instrument, insulation, earth tester, panel meter, multimeter service provider of repair & calibration Measuring Instruments, Meters All Types, High Voltage, Panel Meters, Earth Testers, Tong Testers, Insulation Testers Repair & calibration of electrical (indian & imported) both(digital & analouge)insulation & earth tester, multimeter, clamp mete......

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