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Taper Bushes

Taper Bushes

Approx weight in kg for a minimum bore size A taper bushing is deigned by 4 digit representing two numbers, The first numbers represent the maximum bore size ( in Inches), The second numbers represent the bushing length( In Inches). For example : A 1008 has a max bore of 1.0" and total Length is 0.875" Installation – Remove Do not use lubricants or anti seize compounds on bushing and hub mounting area. Quick installation Insert bush in hub with align drilled holes of bushing with tapped holes in hub. Greasing thread and point of grub screw or in cap crews tightness of screws. Fill empty holes with grease to exclude dirt. Fast Remove Remove screws from hub and thread in to tapped holes in bushing , tighten alternately until bushing free from hub. Remove assembly from shaft. Tapered precision fit Precision machining of the tapered bore in the component the tapered mating surface of the bushing insures a snug, precision fit between rim and bushing. Fully interchangeable bushing may be interchanged with the same size bushing. Important Reminder All operational power transmission products when used in a drive are potentially dangerous and must be guarded by the user as required by applicable laws, regulations standards and good safety practice. Bushing Material Taper bushing material close cast iron FG20. Spheroidal graphite (S.G.) iron for higher stress application. As per customer requirement. with other TB Bushings As in the case of Derk Taper bushings & pulleys also conform to standardize in dimensions, because of this feature and stock...

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