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Color Steel Sheet

Color Steel Sheet

testM.E.K Rubbing40timesgoodPainting structureTop surfaceBottom surfaceMarkPrimer coating + Finish coatingNo coating2/0Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer ; usually press for the production of organic coatings classification of coatings, PVC coated steel,polyester coating plate, acrylic plate coating coating or single back coating2/1Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer coating + Finish coating2/2Primer coating + Finish coatingPrimer coating + Finish coating3/3Size:0.2-2.5mm*600-1500*CWe can cut the coil into sheet and packaged by iron material.Zinc80-275.Thickness of coating:25/10umFor primer sheet, galvanized sheet, alloy plate, galvanized sheet, galvanized alloy plate, tin plate, chrome plate, aluminum plate, etc..2.By coating methods , there are roller coating, spray coating, powder method, laminating, printing, etc. The resulting organic coated steel.3 classification by type of paint , fluorocarbon coating steel plate, silicone polyester coating steel plate.4.By coating performance category; according to the performance characteristics of an organic coating points,high weathering coated sheet, high temperature coating plate, self-extinguishing coating plate, sterilization coated plates,non-stick coating snow board, fingerprint resistant coating board and self-lubricating coating panels.5.According to the special paints and use coating machine clad sheet, such as Tamerlane diaphragm, sandwich plate, shockproof board.6.By coating different times,there is a painted a bake ,tow painted tow bake,three painted three bake,four painted four bakefour different coating processes obtained organic coated steel.7.According to the flower coating,epoxy resin is a good choice.But if flexibility or UV-resistant has to be considered,polyurethane primer coating will be better.For back coating,please choose 2/2(two coating and 2 baking)process structure.there will be one layer primer coating and one layer finished coating.If for sandwich...

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