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Prolong Magnets For Pipe Line Systems

Prolong Magnets For Pipe Line Systems

for construction. The outer casing and the top cover, butterfly nuts and handles of the magnetic filter is made out of stainless steel (S. S. 304, S. S. 316 is passes through the filter, iron contamination gets arrested on the elements. This is removed manually after removing the top lid of the filter dropped from the sleeve on the bottom of the filter this is removed through the drain plug by injecting pressurized water. Customized Filter Designs:PML • Normally these filters are designed to take up pressures 5kg/sq cm. They can be designed to withstand higher pressure. • Maximum operating temperature 80C. They can be designed to work at temperatures as high as 200C. • In all Filters, best grade Rear Earth magnets are used )Types: • Manually cleaned - (NdFeB Magnet – 10500 gauss) These Magnetic filters are made up of Stainless Steel 304 / 316 shell with inlet and outlet flange connections and a drain plug. The filters are made up of high intensity permanent magnets (Ndfeb) made in the form of elements. These magnetic . • Self cleaned - (NdFeB Magnet – 6500 gauss) The self cleaning filters consist of sleeves provided over the elements. The iron particles get trapped over also makes custom designed Magnetic Filters to precisely fit customer’s application. Information required is following: 1. Type of fluid 2 the sleeve when the fluid is passed through the ilter. When the elements are removed along with the top lid from the sleeves, the iron particles get...

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