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ApnaTrain Detection System ApnaTDS

ApnaTrain Detection System ApnaTDS

of an approaching train. The unit also relays the information to the Controller unit and all other Personal Alarm Units. The battery powers the system for 8Hrs leader which continuously monitors the communication & battery health status of the Train Detector and Train Alarm Unit. The health of these units can thus . apnaTDS is a highly intelligent and a versatile system comprising 4 modules; • Train Detector Unit • Train Alarm Unit • Controller Unit • Personal Alarm Unit Train Detector Unit Train detector unit is a battery operated train entry sensing unit. With a rechargeable 8Hr battery and robust design, it can be installed on the track in which the train is to be detected within 2 minutes. This unit detects the train entry and sends the alarm through wireless (RF) to the Train Alarm unit which in turn is kept in the work site. The battery can be charged using any available 230VAC supply . Train Alarm Unit It is a portable battery operated unit that can be placed besides the track at the work site. This unit houses a RF transceiver that receives the alarm signal from the Train Detector Unit and activates the audio visual alarm thereby alerting the staff at the work site of continuous working and can be charged using any available 230VAC supply. Controller Unit This is a handheld unit provided to the Gang men be monitored continuously. The Controller unit can also be used to raise alarms manually. The Controller unit has event logging features and memory . Personal Alarm (Wrist Strap) Unit The unit houses a beeper & a vibrator and can be worn on the wrist of the individuals in the work site. The unit receives the command from the Controller unit / Train Detector unit and activates the alarm. The battery powers the system for 8Hrs of continuous working and can be charged using any available 230VAC supply. Fail Safe Operation To ensure Fail Safe Operation, The Controller unit and Train Alarm unit continuously pings the Train Detector Unit. In case of low battery or Communication failure, the system sends a suitable warning signal to the Controller unit alerting the user. The Controller Unit and the Train Alarm unit acts as a backup unit with intelligence to perform each other's operation in case of any failure....

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