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LovaCal is a supplementary syrup for dogs. It is a supplement for calcium and phosphorus deficiency for dogs. It is good for all ages of dogs. It makes puppies bones and teeth stronger, and helps with foetus formation and lactation in bitches. It is not a prescription supplement so it is safe for all to try and see the results for yourselves.

Strong Bones and teeth in puppies,
Healthy development of foetus,
Better lactation in bitches.

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Lova Bell is a waterless shampoo for your dog, it comes in two types- powder and spray. The shampoo will absorb all excess oil from a dog's skin and coat. By doing so, it helps restore a dog's shiny, soft coat and makes it easy for him or her to maintain it for an extended period of time. It contains natural ingredients that are safe for use on all dogs, even those with allergies or sensitive skin. It helps minimize the risk of dry, flaky skin that otherwise causes itching and irritation. It is also easier and quicker to use, within just a few minutes you can clean your pet with long lasting results of up to several weeks. Benefits: Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Itching, Conditioning ingredients moisturize hair, Excellent for animals with allergies and sensitive skin. To buy, visit us at view more »

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