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After the age of 40 years we check our eyes regular basic that time doctor say, “You have cataracts.”
In simple wording cataract is layer in our inside contact lenses. Because of this layer our vision gets blurred. We cannot see clear that times we realize that we have some problem of seeing.
In healthy individuals, the light rays which travel into the eyes get through the pupil and lens and then focused on retina which is a lining of light-sensitive cells bordering the back of the eye. But now days it is not dangerous for human because of technology.
Micro incision phacoemulsification surgery is one of the latest surgeries available to treat cataract. Our surgeon will solve this problem using advanced instrument which is followed by the replacement of it with a bio-compatible intraocular Lens, ensuring a near natural vision. By this surgery patient early restoration of vision with an ability to get back activities within shorter time which is usually around 48 hr.
Before few years ago intraocular lenses (IOLs) were not introduced that time people use glasses to have clear vision after the cataract surgery. This is quite difficult to carry in daily use. But now a day’s ILO implements came and now we can enjoy excellent quality of vision with latest intraocular lenses.
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Global eye clinic is brain child of Medical Director Dr.Hardik Parikh. The very idea of having a state of the art eye clinic is to deliver comprehensive eye care under one roof. Global eye clinic’s founder, Dr.Pankaj Parikh a renowned and leading General Physician, left no stone unturned to make this eye clinic match world standards in terms of technology, doctors team and infrastructure. Global eye clinic is committed to make difference in eye care. One of its aces is a unique operation theatre which is of its kind in an eye centre. It’s a modular operation theatre with, AHU and HEPA filters making it ultra safe and hygienic. It is well equipped to carry out Microincision phacoemulsification with foldable IOL for cataract, Vitreoretinal surgeries, Glaucoma surgeries, squint surgeries, oculoplasty surgeries, botox for ocular conditions and sutureless corneal transplant. The equipment at global eye clinic is latest in its class. Most of the equipment are European in origin and give instant high resolution images. What benefits the patient is most of the evaluation can be done without dilatation. Conventionally all retinal examination needed dilated evaluation which makes the vision blur for 3 to 4 hours. However the Glaucoma and retina evaluation at global eye clinic (OCT, fundus photo) can be done without dilatation with equipment that gives precise, high resolution images and saves patient time. (somepatients may need dilatation and will be advised accordingly by the doctor). A few years ago, an MBBS student was exposed to the areas he could choose from. It hardly took him any time to realise that vision is of utmost importance to people and a major part of their life relies on it. An eye is one of those tiny parts of the body that play a major role. While reading this text, there is an imaginary voice in your mind. It is pleasant and has its own charm. Imagine a situation where somebody else had to read it out for you. The voice suddenly loses its charm, doesn't it? Small things like looking at your own palm, or staring at the blue sky, or may be the stars at night or, let's say something bigger, like looking at the mirror, or the face of a loved one are joys that sight gifts.. view more »

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