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Microswitch, as the name implies, it with a small size, and with very small action to execute instructions,and there are many kinds and hundreds of internal structures, which can be divided into different types according to different classification methods.Although the name of the microswitch is not often heard in daily life, in fact it has been applied to all walks of life and plays an irreplaceable role,mainly responsible for automatic control and safety protection in equipment requiring frequent circuit switching.

The micro switch of different brands in the market corresponds to different quality and service life.The quality of the micro switch is determined by the external hardware of the switch, the assembly technology of the manufacturer, the factory quality inspection and other factors,the mechanical life of the micro switch ranges from 30 thousand to 10 million,in general,the micro switch in international up to 800W times,some foreign brands can reach 10 million times.The reed material used by the switch is different, so the service life is different,domestic brands generally use beryllium bronze, tin bronze, stainless steel wire reed,foreign brands that can reach up to 10 million times, and their reeds are made of rare metal titanium.Consumers can choose professional and qualified manufacturers according to the budget when choosing micro switch brands.

XKB brand micro switch is divided into: waterproof micro switch, large micro switch, medium micro switch, small micro switch and more.

Characteristics of XKB brand micro switch: small volume, high sensitivity, tiny movement stroke, high stability, high load capacity, high temperature resistance, hard shell long life, suitable for various forms of operation handle, good waterproof and dustproof effect, certified by global safety regulations.

To learn more about the XKB micro switch, please visit XKB technology official website:

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