Chinese factory SENSOR SPEED ZS 04

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Chinese factory SENSOR, SPEED ZS-04
Deyang YOYIK is a professional high-tech company dedicated to generating units spare parts. YOYIK to DEC as the basis, and the East steam, East Electric, East pot, Oriental Areva and other units extensive and close cooperation, the main production for the supply of East East steam Dong pot special machine spare parts. Welcome customers to inquire! Deyang YOYIK supply power plant, steel accessories are as follows:

YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :
EH oil supply device HTGY6E.0
filter TZX2-250*10Q2
actuator inlet filter (working) W.38.C.0134
Pressure Switch RC778NZ090ZSS
SoftLogic control software MPROG-PRO0535E
filter SFX-110*30
LVDT HL-3-100-15
Filter LY-100/25W-5
oil-return filter XJL.02.09
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-T12(R)
Pressure switch RCA218MZ097Z/0-1.5MPA
filter ZCL-B100
LVDT Sensor RANGE:±50.8mm
HP ball valve QFDN20
Solenoid valve G531C002MS
TSI Module MMS6120
filter NLX-63*1
Armoured Thermal Resistance WZPK-160 Pt100 L=320mm
filter HXW-400*180
Integrated communication terminal ICTes03
Filter ZCL-I-00
filter SWUX-63*30
globe valve J41W-16P DN15
EH oil test solenoid valve 300AA00086A
oil filter WUI-A630*40FS
filter SFBX-1300*5
filter TZ-160*30
LVDT TDZ-1-150
Pressure Switch RC0113CZ097HYR
Steam Turbine Bolt Electric Heater ZJ-20-T15A
filter RFA-250*20
filter JCA001
filter IX-250*80
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-20-T2

Air filter BDE1000S2W1.X/-RV0.003
Solenoid valve DBW10B-2-5X/315U6AG24NK4
TSI Preamplifier CON021/916-240
filter QTL-6021A
Front cover DLZB820-R65-3
DDV valve SM4-40 (40)151/80/4010S182
Rotation Speed Probe CS-3-M18-L60
EH oil pump discharge filter HY-10-003-HTCC
filter ZL12AX-122/180
Pump shaft DFB100-65-260-03
filter WU-160*80J
EH oil supply device HPU-V150/A
air filter QVQI-20*0.25
300MW turbine DC Emergency pump motor coupling 125LY-23-5
MOOG Servo Valve D661-K4893
Cooler inlet valve K150DOF4CB3 DN150 PN16 D41H-16
pressure hose SMS-10/20-3048mm-C
filter TZX2W-100*80
oil filter CFRI-250*30
pressure hose S110-AC-AC-0040
EH oil Circulating pump motor F3-V10-1S6S-1C20
bladder 10l MOC: Neoprene & Butyle
sealing ring HB4-56J8-21
filter CZX.PH-40*10Q2
Diectional Valve 4WE6D62/EG220N9K4/V/60
EH oil main pump discharge filter DP602EA03V/-W
jacking oil pump discharge filter DZCX
Pressure Switch PS531SPP10/BB32N3/S3O
relief valve 98H 2.5"
pressure hose SMS-12/15-3048mm-C
bellows Pressure relief valve BXF-40F
Platinum Thermal Resistance W09A0946A
Speed Sensor DF6101-005-065-01-03-00-00
filter SFBX-160*3
unloading valve DPV001.0


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Dongfang YOYIK Engineering Co.,Ltd, (YOYIK) was established in 2000 and specialized in manufacturing spare parts for steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, turbine generators, hydraulic generators, boilers, Babbitt bearings, Fluorine plastic bearings, sealing material, insulation materials, wear-resistance material, pneumatic and hydraulic components including filters, pumps and valves, Hydrogen gas, Sealing oil, Stator cooling water system, Excitation system, electric motor repairing as well as all kinds of mechanical processing. YOYIK is the agent for Nugent, Hilco Hilliard, Sauer Danfoss, Titeseal, Eaton, 707. Business scope is not limited to Dongfang units, including many products for Harbin steam turbine (HTC), Harbin electric machine factory Co., Ltd (HEC), STC, SEC, Chengdu Power Machinery Works (CPMW), Shanghai Power Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd (SPEM), Shenyang Stock etc. YOYIK is the qualified supplier of Dongfang Steam Turbine works (DFSTW), Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd (DFEM), Areva Dongfang Reactor Coolant Pumps Co.,Ltd, China National Erzhong Group (CNEG). At same time YOYIK has provided a great deal of spare parts for Coal-fired plants, Hydraulic power stations, Nuclear power plants, Gas turbine power plants, Steel mills, Cement plants.. view more »

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